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Why “I Don’t Have Time” is Bullshit

Alejandro Meyerhans is an author that focuses on topics such as discovering your purpose, finding freedom and cultivating financial independence. He crawled out of poverty in Spain by building businesses in drop shipping and website brokering in his free time while working as a bell boy at a hotel.

Now, he teaches people how they can improve their life, and how they can discover goals that will make them uniquely happy, rather than blindly chasing money and status. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:56 – How to make money flipping websites
10:25 – Find happiness by redefining success
18:20 – Do drugs and alcohol take more than they give
25:02 – What to do before travelling full-time
46:35 – Why “I don’t have the time” is bullshit
57:45 – Making money out of your passion
1:08:55 – The difference between happiness and fulfillment
1:28:47  – The importance of being the creator rather than the consumer
1:43:39 – Money Talks: Passive Income and Internet Revenue
2:00:37 – How getting a good job will ruin your life

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Redefining Success – Stop Chasing the Wrong Goals

How to Make Money Flipping Websites


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I feel a shame because it's the only time that I moved to a different country and have learned

the lesson. I learned how to say you are beautiful. And do you have WhatsApp? That's all I have so far.

It's a long way. And that's all you need. Like,

it's a long way. I've tried it, and they just switch to English. I'm like, Oh, thank God, I've exhausted my tie yet. It's interesting. You seem to have an incredibly well defined list of what you consider to be success. If I asked that question to 100 people on the street,

I'd be tempted to say pretty much all the answers would be something along the lines of money and it would stop there, you know, maybe fucking pitches or something like that, like something off the top of my head. But it's not this incredibly well defined as having thinking through how long did it take you to come up with that list? Is it is it still changing, like wow. 1518 trice Yeah,

life I've gone to the topic lot. And nowadays I go to the topic of like, once a month I look at is it the system makes sense, this, this thing still make sense. There's something here we can trim because the less things you care about, right? The easy ways to be successful.

Oh, yeah. Right. If you care about a million things, there's gonna be a million desires. And once it's gonna be hard to fulfill, actually, a problem that I have personally is like, I have so many goddamn things. I'm interested in that it can be hard for me to just pick one thing and and zone in. Because pretty much every like self help book I've ever read. The commonality between all of them is to pick one thing in life and develop it to a point that it's absolutely fucking world class, find your purpose in life and make that amazing. Yum,

that's working.

So it can be a little frustrating. It's like, I want to do podcasting and comedy, and yoga and jujitsu and travel and all these different things. So have you have you had that experience we have this whole list of things have always be like, I, it's, I love yoga, but you have to get off the list. You know, because when you know, the most common

excuse for a lot of people to not do something is I don't have the time I don't have the time doesn't exist is not is not a real concept. What they actually mean is, is not high enough in my list of priorities, right? When I say I don't have the time to hit the gym, I'm actually I mean, it's not high enough. Emily's priorities, right? If I say I don't have the time to go back and do jujitsu or the Kung Fu, it means what it means, right? If I don't say, I don't have the time to learn, Ty means is not high enough. So when you look at things

that you want to do, and you look at the things that you're actually doing, there will be a dissonance, right there will be okay, from the list of things of what to do. I'm doing this three and this dude, but the rest I'm not doing it. And why is that you need to be able to do be honest with yourself. Why am I not doing this? August? I don't have the time. Is that true? But does it mean actually the other things that you are indeed doing a higher your list of priorities? Yeah, and if they are, why is that? Was that your own choice to have? I don't know. Let's say cleaning your house. I was like to say every day you spend an hour making sure your house is spotless cleaners out that says right, you'll be OCD

Was that your choice? Do you consciously choose that or is something that you've been doing for a while and you don't know anymore why you're doing it and it's just because your mom just to get very angry and you when you were a kid of your room wasn't clean and then you've developed this thing that you do then you need to actually dig inside your own subconscious and figure out wide wow wow, I'm actually doing the things I'm doing in life. Did I define that was the someone gnosis Cole that just took and I agree. Dab will do that. Right? Like, why am I going now this Saturday, they really want to go out as my friend say, it says, Now let's go on and for Yeah, and I say yes, when I autopilot, right? Because if you go on a Saturday, those like, what? Six, seven hours? What could you do with the six, seven hours? Something that makes you happier in your list of things you want to do? But you know what I mean? I yeah, let's go out. You have a great time. Fantastic. And then the next time they have a little bit hungover, right. And then during halftime to learn Ty No, dude, you just say yes I'm freaking out. Two pilots sold to someone else's choice because it sounded good. And because it was immediate pleasure. Why when you say you know what might be good actually, to go out this Saturday night. It makes sense we saw today but you know what, I really want to end fucking tie. So I want to stay home and I want to watch some videos on YouTube to land tie right? And the thing is, when you take that choice once and you actually do it

how you feel about that why you're doing it and the next day when you wake up say Okay, that was good. That was smart. That was a good thing. There's that mattered

then you need to write that down that these that these one choice to yesterday off staying home and lending Ty versus going on getting drunk and Zoe's was actually a good thing so the next time someone has anyone got tonight like you know what not been there already taken that decision right by myself and I found out option be staying home Merlin tie makes me happier

so you literally write it down to remind yourself like yeah yeah

obviously because there's a million voices around us the whole day everyone your friends your family your body you want to do this you want to do that let's go here so this was that right now your sister calls you age do you want to do a quick Skype this Gil that you try and shy this do you want to do FaceTime baby yeah I'm saying yes to people just because it sounds nice or like immediately would make sense you saying no to yourself to the things that actually matter to you and you keep looking at the list of things that you want to do start a podcast Lana language or whatever la yeah I'm snacking on those haven't hit the gym this week. What What were you doing what I wanted 17 candidates get your priorities straight mate.

That's Mary gonna do tender. You might as well do 18 like go balls to the wall with it? Well, I think one thing that a lot of people struggle with and let people don't realize this is their ability to say no to people. And it sounds like you've cultivated that ability

to have you Oh, you're still struggling today. Of course it was just because I

am as well to me and I'll try and I think

I'm better than most people but even still, you know, if my brother a good friend hits me up and they say hey, you want to come out? It's very very difficult to say no. Or if I do say no something funny I noticed is I have to give some type of bullshit excuse you know I have this one friend back in Amsterdam Her name is Vic and anytime you'd asked me to do something like hey, you want to go out and she didn't want to do it? Like a big you wanna come to the club? just be like, No, I don't want to do that. So I'm not going to do it. And it will it wouldn't boom,


can see that you're not allowed to just say no, you have to say you have homework assembles like he's like. I don't have homework. In fact, I'm probably gonna sit at home and watch Netflix and fucking eat soup. And it's gonna be way better than going to the clubs I'd rather do that in Australia. Well I didn't know that was an option

I didn't know you're allowed to do that go there you go. That's that's why a lot of people don't know things actually an option I didn't have to go to college do not have to go out at night does nobody want to do that? Just Say No. But then I get it because the outside pressure is being right it's all your friends your family control government this now I want to do this do this do that right so he pounds several times in your brain so when it comes to the decision making time like yo if I do that though everyone says you shouldn't be doing that's what everyone else is doing. So you say you have all

these aspects in your life let's say of health and wealth and friendships and in sexual issues blah blah blah blah blah and you only have saved 18 hours in a day if you're you know not sleeping all that you should so you basically the way I see it you you have two options you can either strike a balance between all these you know have pretty good health have pretty good wealth bubble a law or you can fucking kill it in one area it's I'm going to be a god damn millionaire or I'm going to have six pack abs I'm a fitness model or I'm going to fuck Victoria's Secret models all day long so do you personally and for most people do you think that success and happiness can be found in striking a balance between all those things or do you think you'd be better off to just pick one thing in zone in like crazy like Jocko style just completely go for it

well you don't care

as much

I let me rephrase you don't get has an equal amount of shits about everything some things we give 20 somethings who gives five sheets doesn't mean you don't give a shit right you do care about those things like being healthy and chugging hot girls and whatnot but how much do you care about I think and that thing that's the amount of Fox and an effort you should allocate to which things in proportion to how much do you actually care about that so if you're always the we all want to have good relationships and and will have you will want to be fit and we all want to make a lot of money but when you look at those because that's pretty much the three things that really matter in life you know having good human connections of any kind of be friendships would be sexual doesn't matter really

being healthy because as soon as you not healthy nothing else fucking matters is just this truly free la a couple days ago my wisdom to was killing me and I couldn't think of a single or the thing that I until I go to the dentist and

your wisdom teeth that you haven't gotten them out yet yeah I got I got this one oh yeah oh yeah unless

last week but I will say she was so painful I couldn't think I couldn't think I couldn't listen to anything because he was just saw the struggle I couldn't even sleep right so if your health is not there nothing else matters right if you're healthy then could then everything else can build on top of that building you know

and making money again it's a flawed concept How much money do you need to make and what for right so if you know how much money you need to make and you know what for Are you gonna buy someone else's dream like I don't need a sports car but I want a sports book right cheaper right and I don't need to shock Victoria secrets models I really don't need to fantastic but you still need to be nice be nice but exactly like a mansion in Beverly Hills would be nice. I don't need it. Right. So

well friendships like meaningful friendships and having parents in my life that I know I can trust and that they know they can trust me.

Sam is an ambassador for personal growth. When Sam started to take action towards a better life, it wasn’t long before he was hooked faster than Captain Blackbeard’s left hand. Years later, Sam strives to produce change in others similar to the identity level transformation which occurred within himself. His aim is to break fulfillment down into a series of straightforward steps, and introduce it into the life of anyone who is willing to embark on the path of action, education and ownership.