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What It’s Like to Drink 3 Liters of Vodka Every Day

Mark Owen Mcguire, original bassist for the band Asking Alexandria, has battled with addiction on a level that few people have experience with. With alcohol as his drug of choice, at his peak he was drinking 3 liters of vodka per day.

Mark describes what life is like when one drinks at that capacity. He also details the seizures, heart attacks, and severe hallucinations he experienced when during his several attempts at quitting. Weather your use of drugs and alcohol is severe or mild, this episode is filled to the brim with insight and tips to control your sobriety, cultivate willpower and master your life. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:18 – Going to jail around the world
17:48 – The Asking Alexandria bassist experience: Two million followers and a cycle of self-destruction
30:47 – How to break addiction
36:44 – Finding your purpose against all odds
45:30 – The importance of being rejected and the subtle art of not giving a fuck
57:12 – Drinking until you pass out and talking to invisible dads
1:07:04 – Embrace your sober self instead of your drunk alter ego
1:17:15 – Why going through a breakup is a massive opportunity
1:22:40 – Surviving anorexia and addiction: Be brave and ask for help
1:49:17 – How to choose your friends more wisely

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Asking Alexandria Bassist Describes Touring with the Band

How to Break Addiction – From Alcohol Seizures to Sobriety


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Can I ask what substance did even the most obvious alcohol I'll go yeah I'll call was um. I'll go put me for I put myself for hell with alcohol you know and I did kind of dabbled in everything else at one point or another.

But uh, you know, alcohol took me Yeah, alcohol is a


Yeah, alcohol is an especially hard one. I've actually kind of been put not kind of I have been quitting alcohol lately and I, I've done so successfully so far. But the thing that was most difficult about alcohol, for me at least was how attached it is to socializing social. So here, here's the thing, you know, you can be addicted to or something like that.

And it's very, very, very physically addicting. You know, I mean,

the withdrawals that you'll get from are usually pretty in comparable to alcohol. And so when you quit or whatever drug on you have to deal with that, but

usually, unless you're hanging out with with the very interesting crowd, you're not going to go out on a Friday night, and I was like, No, come on just one syringe of just once or ends of. And I mean, you're a rock star. So maybe it's a little bit different.

But with alcohol, you know, you quit alcohol, and it's absolutely everywhere. Well, I mean, yeah, it is a way Okay, so we'll do the, the alcohol comparison. Yeah, because alcohol

there's only two uh, there's only really two drugs that well, you become physically addicted to that you become like, there's a point where you cross a lane and your body relies on that to survive. So whether you want to stop or not, you're in a place where you can and that's where you go. You need medical doctors and stuff due to drugs or benzodiazepines, I'll call

Ben's owes me is that like opiates? Yeah.

No Benzema Benzema was like Xanax and law stuff. You can get over the counter, you know, volume and stuff like that benzer was an over the counter here in Thailand. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's unbelievable. It's hard to leave a doctor's appointment. Easy, like, take that stick around. But those two you know, You know, I've a lot lot lot of friends, addicts and suffer suffer really, really badly. And I think alcohol sort of, unless you've been through it really gets sort of left in the sidelines. Because it is so out there in society. But alcohol withdrawal if managed, if you manage that wrong, if you've been drinking long enough, and you just thought you will die is really know it will kill you. Whereas when you're not likely die, withdrawing from arrow would actually kill you. I call the trolls.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. No, I have had two heart attacks. Really an alcohol withdrawal and the mess manage alcohol withdrawal. Holy. So were you at the point where you just drinking like first thing in the morning? We'd all be Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I you know,

I thought was all that was my purpose with alcohol was just drink, drink, drink until I pass Oh, and then wake up and drink drinker. So I didn't want to be alive, then want to be awake.

And I decided to stop and phones very quickly that that was no longer an option. I had crossed that line. And I'd went to the doctor and they're like, Listen, you got you can't just stop your heart will stall. You know, you know. Yeah, your body doesn't have a heart attack, your body becomes physically dependent on on, on alcohol to survive. So when when you get to that place where you can just easily so desperately don't want it anymore. But you you're there. You know, you can't just stop. You said a wean off of it. What's the trick? Yeah, I mean, one or none. Whiskey. And I've run I've always and loving the gospel, you know, always a hospital or a treatment center, because I needed that medical detox. I tried to detox myself and I would recommend it to no one is the most horrifying, painful thing I you know, the, the hallucinations star they audit trails. Oh, yeah. Really, really vivid like the type of hallucinations uh, the most up one I had about 10 years ago and some stuff that going on family wise and I just started to say that that was done you know, I didn't know a lot about alcohol addiction or anything at that point and I decided right I'm done I'm just gonna drink myself to death that did not happen you know, it turned out to be a much longer and more painful experience than I expected it was and eventually run out of money and so I was withdrawn and I started to hear things you know when sort of similar to what someone on math with would describe the entire

annoy Yeah, yeah.

So I would see things that were very real and why one in particular I was sitting in the spot and I lived in this empty flat by this point it's sold everything

and my dad has walked in the door and I'll talk to my dad for like five minutes and I you know, I figured it just

come to see me Come help me or whatever and these whatsoever and I've got up to go and follow him and he's not there so I've realized that he was never there no you know he's not it's not actually there and I'd heard the Bota I'd go ahead and him yeah I heard the boats and stuff and I was expecting anything that in 10 says oh no I guess

yeah I guess I was like I will never forget this till the day I die I realized that he was never there my lips. Inaba, Dobie, you know like he was never there. I'm in Scotland to this point. And so I went into the bathroom. And this is like horror movie.. So I've got my sink. And I've got my mirror, right. And I went down to like, I'm splashing water on my face, and whatever. I'm like, wake up from this. And I put my head up and behind me, is me. Right? I am. I am standing basically looking at me. But like, that's really skewed. Weird version of me. Right. And I've turned brown done. That's gone. And I've walked into the kitchen of certain against the cooker. And that appears in the doorway and just there and it is real, you know, to me, and not moments I could reach out and touch this thing. It is real. And it was terrifying. Like, and then there's the palpitations and the anxiety and the just everything that goes along with alcohol. Withdrawal is a waking nightmare. It's horrible. You know.

I but people don't know. I had never heard of hallucinations I'd never heard of. Are you kidding me? It's cold. delirium tremens. Yeah, delirium tremens. Yeah. And I went to a bar named delirium tremens. And that makes it sound a little less fun now

is is terrible. I mean, obviously, it depends on how much you drink. Hey, like I the time. How much were you drinking? Just I was at my worst, I would be on two to three. Two and a half really is about a day. Holy. No.

God. Really, really, really bond.

I don't even think I could get that down. Really? I'll give you a million dollars to drink three liters of vodka today. I don't know if I can get it down. I mean,

we're talking over a 24 hour period, you know, no, don't know what bro I struggled to drink three liters of water over 24 hour period. You know, I know. I know. It's like kiss

if you talk to you know other people as well. You'll hear similar stories and I sort of things you know, the you hear a lot of arguments for like, the odd the addiction thing is like being a genetic thing. And I've never really believed in a lot but I don't think so. I don't know. I don't know. I don't like

people like that where you could they could drink every single day for a week and then they just don't give a after that quit.

But I mean, that's kind of like a normal person. You know, that wouldn't be the story for me. Like if if I do one on during all of them? You know, like scientifically proved that there is an addiction gene? Yeah. Oh, the prisoners uh, just publish it. I knew like it's always been classes like a disease and that but I think with in terms of the amounts and stuff I always thought you know, my casual drink I seen a meme and it really made sense to me I was a little love means you know like oh yeah means gets time Oh games there's nothing better by eating on the daily but I seen this one then it was basically said like your bloods boys? You're all boys. And thing is my casual drinking. Yeah. And it made a lot of sense. It was like, Yeah, I actually know a lot of people that could do like a bottle of vodka. And one night You know, it's like, and that's just the morning for you don't even got into lunch at that point. You know, you know,

actually far from the drift there. And that's, that's really sad. But yeah, no more. You know,

how long have you been sober? Um,

bar that little one week where I sort of went off the rails six months six, seven months is good. But you know, I've been I've had period I've had most of the last six years I have been sober, you know, but when I go off it I go out to binge. Oh, very really depressingly bad like this. It's hard to find humor on that you know, it's it's not it's not pleasant. And again, and it's again, one of those things that is self destructive. But it's the thinking that gets me there. So that's why you know, I keep track of the thinking and what am I going to do to their home I give them

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