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What It’s Like Living With Tourettes

Marcel Gnauk is a full time traveler. Throughout his travels he also works as a professional sound recordist, capturing everything from birds chirping to various toilet flush noises. Additionally, he and his girlfriend run an incredibly successful vegan blog.

In this episode I discover how he is able to travel full time, and what lessons he has learned from several years of living abroad. Marcel also explores some eye-openingly dark topics from his experience in the human trafficking industry. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:20 – The life of a vegan traveler and field recordist
10:21 – How to get money without asking for it
18:03 – The most beautiful sound in the world
28:13 – The most surprising thing about traveling full time
40:42 – The benefits of a vegan diet
1:06:30 – The social science of drinking
1:20:31 – What it’s like living with tourettes
1:43:07 – Experience as a journalist in the human trafficking industry

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The most interesting excerpts from this podcast:

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

The Most Surprising Thing About Traveling Full Time


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So you haven't Well, I guess you have no basis for comparison. So you haven't experienced any difficulty socializing without no never especially people who had to read should have most of the time problems with socializing with people, right? Most people stayed home depressed using a lot of medical minds I'm in the Facebook group for to read people and when I see sometimes how when I read the comments of somebody sent mine they killed himself in the next week right so it's pretty pretty terrible and then I'm like wow man, I have to help these people right on how can I How can I help How can support them right so some people who have to read they know me and know what I'm doing so they use me as an example it's possible right and no, I was also a soccer coach not because somebody asked me because I went there I went to concerts where I lived in Switzerland is Constance is Germany pricing Switzerland and one day when I was 23 I thought you know there was a pretty good soccer player when it was a kid and when I'm when I was an adult so I think I want to teach so I went to this to this team right and I said I want to be sorry coach What do I have to do okay we have this team for you I trained in one and a half years was amazing they put me in a school it's not just that you go there in Germany that ruins right and you have to to go to school and and you learn it and you always in situation with people right and I had to read at this time a little bit harder than now I was never an issue for me it was never is all I have to read I can't socialize now was never it was because I'm always self confidence. Right? I have self what's the word self confidence? That's what I always had. Doesn't matter what happens if I know I want to do something just do it. And if not, if somebody said Oh no, you can't do it okay and move on to the next thing so if you don't mind me asking like what are your tix in Tourette's? I it's more like shaking my head turning around in my spine. Sometimes they jump up in the air or I do some funny noises. Like on the phone. I'm like, you know, like when I talk with people. Sometimes I talked with the important people. And then it was a song. I didn't know something. I yeah, there's something. There's something going on over here. Yeah, it is. I didn't know what was that. Right. And these are my most he takes his like, shaking head rolling eyes. You know, people think it is blowing them off all the time. Just rolling your eyes. Yeah. Like, like,

oh, that guy was an. Like rolling his eyes. Yeah.

Oh, there was a time when I did this a lot. And people really thought and so No, I have to read. I tell the people what I have. Right? Some people don't know what it is. And then I explain it. Especially when I was at the Navy. Right. It wasn't a German Navy for five days. And then they fired me because of Tourette's. Because to read. Yeah, really? Yeah. But it was because it seems like a bit much was it? No, they don't. Because it's the problem is on the weapon, right? They just, Oh, I got it makes sense. They can't have the risks. Somebody with red is on a weapon. And then something happens. You can tell them everything. Because they know I have it under control. It doesn't matter if they know you have to read. They can't keep you in them. In the military. Are there particular situations which cause it to come up more? Yes, right now, like when you're talking, talking. And when I'm when I get a little nervous. A whole. I stumbled with words, then I'm like, then it's coming. And then I have to

just re re reset. And then I'm back. So you kind of like learn how to control it? Oh, I have to have it. Since I'm four years old. R is that is that common with people threats that they're able to learn how to control it? No, that's, that's the minimum. Because when I talk with you, right now, I can take the pain from here. The tank my my AP sender is always in the head, like between my eyes. So like, it's not here anymore. It's already gone. It's already here. My foot. It's already my left. And then I just take it out and put it in here. Put it in here. And I do this. It's gone. So I keep me focused at my head doesn't shake. So you described it as pain. It's always pain. Yes. It's like when you use your fingers, and you put your fingers in your temples, right. That's the right word. And you pressed us in. And then just precedent This is the painted it always it from inside out

all the time. Except when I sleep when I do sport. That's why sport is a huge factor in my life. Without sport, it wouldn't be that good as well. So I have sport is anybody like focused on something else? Yes, Lee correct. Or you know it in Germany, we had, we have no speed limit on the highway, right in some parts. But like 100 and dirty and then to 60 year when I'm on on German highway and drove like to 50 to 60, nothing goes I'm so focus you have to be you have to be in your brain. It's just like there's so much going on. Did your brain can't even realize that you have to read so you forget it. But then when you come home, I was never able to relax. When I'm on a race on a cycling race. Something there's always so much going on around you. You have to concentrate on the by your hundred people around you. You go in full speed between 40 and 50. Sometimes 6070. Depends on how fast it is. And then you come home or you go in your car. And then the most fuel to just not me that goes just like

to read. I can relax. That sucks a little bit. But


you ever tried meditation? I don't. Libby is a huge meditator. She meditate every day twice. And she can she can really she's gone and but I calm because of the pain. Right? But it's what I tell myself. Oh, I can't meditate. Right? So that's the thing about can try it. No, you can tell yourself not to try and and I'm more the person that I don't want to try it first. Meditation is what I think is it's not for me, right? So I didn't try it yet.

But sometimes

I do it but not meditation. I just sit there and what I think is kind of meditation. But I'm not really listening to like me music or light or being like, really focus by my friends or my friend, my best friend. He goes to silent meditation twice a year, he goes Japan or he goes to Belgium song you bear. So if you ever think about making an amazing Silent Retreat, meditation retreats or you go to some you bear in Belgium it's a casa was like it it really costs like no other causes and monastery and they do amazing

meditation there is interesting because it seems like it would stand to reason that would help pretty substantially because I get very, very similar from meditation that I do from sports. Because I think you summed it up very, very well in that when you're doing sports, you can't really focus on anything else. In fact, that's what I love most about sports. And I think you get it more from from some sports than from other sports. And that's the reason that I like Brazilian jujitsu so much because there's literally a big man attacking. ringing, right? Yeah. Like grappling and, and. And Submission Wrestling, right? So you have a large, sweaty, muscular man trying to murder you. He's trying to choke you out, or break your arms or kill you. And that is such an immediate problem. And I played like, Ultimate Frisbee back in high school and stuff like that. And now you're running around, you're pretty focused. For me, it's not like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you can be having the same worst day of your entire life, your entire family can die in a airplane crash, and while you're doing Brazilian jujitsu, you legitimately won't think about it, because you can't, because if you do, you're gonna die. That guy's gonna kill you. And that's what I like about it so much, obviously, the physical aspect, but also the mental aspect, and that you can't focus on anything else. And I get a very, very similar feeling when I meditate. And when I clear my mind, and I just become the observer of my thoughts, and I don't judge my thoughts, and it just kind of like, let them go by the wayside. It's not quite as powerful as Jiu Jitsu, probably because I'm just not experienced enough meditation. I would assume that like a girlfriend, Libby or let's say, like a monk or something like that can can clear their mind almost to the point that I can in jujitsu?

Yeah, I found it to be super, super helpful for all periods in my life. You know, like when I'm feeling anxious or angry about something, or potentially feel like you're feeling like a triptych.

Welcome. Not that I can compare to Tourette's because I don't have it but when I'm feeling angry or anxious,

I can kind of put myself back in the place where I was meditation and I can tend to let those thoughts kind of go by the wayside a bit more easily

so I'm curious would be helpful maybe I you know, maybe I tried someday Yeah, but it's all the thoughts coming in and out right I always had to think about something is this sound you know like if you want to talk about sound again somehow or you know like traveling where we're going next was our next project these things

so I have always thought right I just want to always create right away what can I do next? What can I do? Yeah, you seem like quite the go getter. You seem you seem like you kind of go against I do more work work or what my friend always said, you just do things to keep yourself busy. And that's totally right. And that's what I love. If just people listening right now. Is there always traveling or? Yeah, but I still work my off. What? It's not paid, right? I just do things that I love. Yeah, where do would like 1415 hours sometimes. So you just sit on your computer. You know, you edit your sounds? Are you out in the field recording? Listening? That's all something that you do, right? It's not just like traveling one place to another place. I think that's kind of boring. I want to observe the place where I am. And that's why we also love staying longer in one place. Not just like, keep on moving. That's that first. A lot of money goes down. If you just travel almost every day. You have to use a train plane or car anyway. What your new spend money all the time. But when you are grounded like we are here on our place. We have a beautiful place here in Chiang Mai. We pay about $700 a month what is amazing is like one of the paying 700 a month

yes but it's a lot for Chiang Mai all and out it's you must have a nice house plays

a huge pool a 200 a month for the house right now we have we have huge pool of fitness we have sauna it's a condominium oh nice but it's not like it's it's one of the most yes it's one of the best best places here in Chiang Mai to live and

was going to say yeah that's what we do and so we saving money by staying here

Well that makes sense um. But you can't stay in a place like that like like for for because this is too noisy and you know there's Libby has a lot to do with editing because we do also other stuff for other people because we use me mainly just when we lived in Costa Rica we shot 25 years there and now these videos have to be edit so she needs focus She needs a good place to live that's why we choose living in a nice place if not we could just live anywhere else right right but right now we need we need this is this really nice surround needed we can Oh, let's do an hour sport. Boom. down to me.

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