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The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Marcel Gnauk is a full time traveler. Throughout his travels he also works as a professional sound recordist, capturing everything from birds chirping to various toilet flush noises. Additionally, he and his girlfriend run an incredibly successful vegan blog.

In this episode I discover how he is able to travel full time, and what lessons he has learned from several years of living abroad. Marcel also explores some eye-openingly dark topics from his experience in the human trafficking industry. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:20 – The life of a vegan traveler and field recordist
10:21 – How to get money without asking for it
18:03 – The most beautiful sound in the world
28:13 – The most surprising thing about traveling full time
40:42 – The benefits of a vegan diet
1:06:30 – The social science of drinking
1:20:31 – What it’s like living with tourettes
1:43:07 – Experience as a journalist in the human trafficking industry

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The Most Surprising Thing About Traveling Full Time

What It’s Like Living With Tourettes


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She showed me this this vegan lifestyle by just seeing it I just saw it and said oh so you don't need this why so she explained it why and I have to read some drum I know sometimes you see it I tried I keep you down oh yeah I have to read I keep it down what are your tax I mean notice Oh my tix are not vocal might take some tutorial but I can control it I control it right now the pain is there but I'm controlling and interesting and then I don't tell yeah because I'm really focus but I could I could make it worse but I'm you know I keep it in check and then it's fine and that's because of my vegan lifestyle really in the sense that eating being gave you discipline where it at the no I actually just ain't changed my my my whole behavior right the pain factor went down then that takes went down and it has a lot to do with with the animal protein and but to come to this man I thought it right and he said you know what I want to try this out I and I'm not just like half half right I say I tried out boom hundred center next day and since today no animal products nothing and I could see after two months I could already feel something changed me right I'm at my work where I worked I was always

like very like him but I was very calm and easy going right and so when conflict this right because I did a lot of trouble shooting so I had a lot to do with


who you know troubleshooting height in my company


my gosh and then I I really felt I get so much easier in this and also with my tix at home because if you alone You always different Right. I mean I'm alone. I'm like probable. So I felt that that helped me. So there was for me to one factor number one. That league is a good thing. Then the second is my sport. I did competitive road cycling. So I'm not just like getting out there half an hour and come home. No idealism helped that. No, no, wait, wait, wait. So I had 50 I drove like between 15 and 20,000 kilometers per year. Right. So it's a lot so. And I did competitive rotini. So I did almost every weekend I was on a race and I could see that my how'd you call them when you train and then on the next day you like Oh, so normally you like so my, what's the English word recovery, the recovery is even shorter. My recovery usual and one of my friends that I train almost every day because he lived just close to me. He could see how how I beat him on an in every survey like this is the spring is on the on the on the hill not just like in two weeks now that took like three four months but you could really see because we always train together but you could tell that did difference is already huge. It was Reason number two why I say vegan is a good thing. And then because of social media, you get more into you. you inform yourself more about what's going on in the world. What does veganism mean? It's not only food, right? It's It's It's It's way more complex is way more things behind that people are not aware of. So I i filtered this right I let it go let it come to me right so i read all these articles and they don't they well wow this is so for the animates right just for example for the news for the planet for the environment and there's no way I would go back so first was my own health right to read sport and for the environment. Animals planted all these things and there's no way why would back that's incredibly

interesting. When I think of veganism. I don't necessarily think of it going hand in hand with like competitive athletics. You know, when I think of

when I think of, you know, a competitive road cyclist. Yeah, and this might be misguided but I think oh, you probably need some meat in your diet or you probably need

you know, animal products

your research where's the protein originated coming from? Right I had someone say that exact same thing on the other podcast today.

The Vegan she he know he wasn't a vegan but I told him I was like, you know, I think vegans might love you and he said vegans love makes he went on this rant about how word for word what you just said. Where does protein come from? It originally comes from plants and it just gets digested by animals and then it gets turned into protein that way because he technique food protein Yeah, exactly. Yeah it's just a weird very weird form.

Yeah and it's not only how much content is is you'd some beans beans has way more protein broccoli has a ton of protein seeds or

yeah being spotlighted as a means. Right right. Chick just turn it around. Look at the ingredients check your proteins and they're like oh wow. Well that's

what no idea I've kind of been struggling with

because I enjoy like doing like weight lifting and bodybuilding and and strongest man in the world is have eaten yet. Really? Yeah.

No.. Oh, yeah. Of course. Who's the strongest parent at the mountain? Or? No, nothing on this guy from Game of Thrones. that other guy out. What is his name? You're talking about? Thor? youngest guy in the world. I forgot who he was. No, but there was one guy he's German is huge guy. And he was he was the strongest man in the world. And he's a good, right and he's vegan. Oh, yeah. You know, Hamilton time. And now what's the Formula One race? Hamilton Hamilton. He's a vegan. And I like so many celebrities. vegan. It's called more and more and more people going Vienna. And it's interesting. I like it. It's

a good movement. No, absolutely. It's, it's a fantastic moment. Because that's one thing I've kind of been struggling with. And that and again, this is probably misguided as well. But that I do weightlifting. You know, I kind of enjoy like having a static physique and like having big muscles and things like that. And what they teach you in the bodybuilding community is you need to eat a shitload of meat and you need to bulk up right, I woke up, you know, chug some milk, that's the way to do it. And then even things that are vegan that I don't necessarily want to eat like rice and potatoes and things like that

they recommend eating those as well.

And I've kind of been going through like this existential health crisis and the sense that I want to be muscular and have an attractive physique but I also want to be legitimately healthy I want to be the type of guy that's 100 years old and he still has complete range of movement of his body and he's very very healthy no disease and things like that and I believe that the best way to get there as a plant based diet

yeah you go you have your answer now you have to but I get your mindset over that you're really do it so you think that I don't have to sacrifice bodybuilding and things like that. Oh, you know so many bodybuilders are vegan you know john Venus is just for exam I know you know john meanness he's a big YouTuber bodybuilder and just go watch his videos you know I don't have anything to do with the YouTube vegan community there's a lot of scandal there are a lot of people who just want to make some some dollars but I think john leanness is is I think he's a pretty good guy. But I don't know so

a few years ago and watch some videos and he's a vegan bodybuilder you're vegan. Do you also consume um, or grains and things like that? You know, I'm like wheat and gluten. Oh that's

obviously what I'm getting it

Yes. Yes. Right. And sometimes yes but Libby almost no glue and punch there's also a thing right you we avoid paranoid as much as we can. We're in a lot of oils quite frankly like vegetable oils canola oil a lot of it is a lovely just we just made this one post on Instagram and it's just a lot of people responding to the last photo because we ate at one restaurant and was so oily go everything or smiley and it makes you so tired right it makes it just tired and if you just have too much oil in your diet and you know they also sneak a bunch of sugar and MSG into the food yes I

don't know if you've noticed that that's why

we go into the league being restaurants because we there's one amazing being kitchen it's right next to my mo just giving you a little heads up in case in Chiang Mai says you internally and she makes always on almost all organic product. And when you have the Burmese sell it she makes all by her own and she tells you exactly what is in it and what's not. And but many of the vegan restaurants and if you use happy call what is a great app for vegans, vegetarians or people who have dietary restrictions, they using these up you type in vegan and then all the vegan vegetarian restaurants, vegan friendly restaurants popping up and

they're almost to the one button with great reviews. You just go there. You say I don't want any sugar, or please avoid oil. But you have to make it really clear. Please avoid oil and nor MSG. And there's all we don't use MSG. And

I think

I hope it's that they don't use it right. I give you a nice

documentary. You should watch you should go on Netflix and look for rotten and then rather than listen. Yeah, look about the pharmaceutical

is up. It's up. Anyway, the point is, I've been told all my life that I need steroid creams. I need immunosuppressants that will potentially

me up permanently. Um, and and costumers and things like that. That's not what I need. Actually, there is a massive, massive, massive amount of evidence pointing towards diet as being the sole cause of psoriasis. And in fact, the sole cause of a lot of very similar autoimmune conditions. The, the, the root of the cause of something called leaky gut. You ever heard of that? No, I'm basically the I can, you can imagine what it is basically, it's, it's called like intestinal permeability, and that through eating all the time. And through up your gut microbiome, all the bacteria in your gut, your stomach lining gets thousands and thousands of tiny, tiny, tiny little holes in it. So that toxins that you eat in your food actually go out into your bloodstream, and then your body sees that in has an autoimmune reaction to it, attacks it and tries to fix it and just happens to you. Yeah, there's where like rice comes from, and a bunch of other diseases like Crohn's disease, an eczema and, like certain types for arthritis. You

do anything against this. Did you try anything? Yeah,

so I cut out Unfortunately, my diet is actually pretty right now because I I moved to Thailand. And that's not an excuse, but I kind of have to test

everything is Yeah, right.

Exactly. I know. I know. I know. I'm a bad man for

the thing about you know, you can tell me all these things that i i don't know about your your disease. Right? But you don't need to tell me anything about why vegan is good. Which I already know. Yeah. But if you know it, or if you if you think you know it, now it's up to you to switch to the gear and use it for yourself.

Oh, yeah. Oh, and I did for about a year. Um, I completely cut out all the. So I mean, there were some major things, you know, no grains of any kind, no sugar of any kind of alcohol of any kind. No red meat, no fried foods. The list kind of went on and on. And then you also I have to supplement it with like, healthy things like fermented vegetables in like kombucha and things like that and take like probiotics. p 12 Yeah, exactly. And I think to have shots and there are a few other things and my psoriasis went away. There you go. So why is it back it went it just because I've been treating myself like a ego Laura's especially because I got into bodybuilding and stuff and I was taught you need to eat meat and potatoes to get big and I did get big oh yeah it works Don't get me wrong it's like they're right

then you just yeah exactly but you're not actually you know side if you have like a nice body and you can see that the structure right

You should have seen me before I was traveling around the world I was like I feel

good now

are you ready I'm sorry read like super skinny or no I wasn't always as I was on my mind I show because of the trial and because of all the swimming I was like so and I still I did all the sport every week right it's another thing why being so cool in the last three years I buried on to any exercise how I did it before right so that I come home at four or five and then three four hours on the bike right no but I still keep the body I still have a great body I have my my nice little six peg nothing fancy but I still think fancy just a six pack not hard to get in just like you know like all my my my my my I'm normally if I wouldn't be being I would travel and don't do the same sport I would probably

get a little bit more weight on little chunky so it'll too much Pad Thai probably too much oil and then and then that's it and then you come home after three years of traveling or four years and you like well I'm so unhealthy you know the the being lifestyle being died while traveling around the word keeps me in check. Well yeah, that's kind of one very excuse that I've always given myself to eat unhealthy and that I am traveling and in a small way it's it's true but it's mostly not true. But what I tell myself is that food is part of culture and that you know when I go to Thailand Oh, I didn't know if you go to tiny bit numb. How to do people look like you do a pretty good day look pretty healthy, right? Or that very same. So what do you want to tell the people in use? No. in Texas or somewhere else.

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