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Redefining Success – Stop Chasing the Wrong Goals

Alejandro Meyerhans is an author that focuses on topics such as discovering your purpose, finding freedom and cultivating financial independence. He crawled out of poverty in Spain by building businesses in drop shipping and website brokering in his free time while working as a bell boy at a hotel.

Now, he teaches people how they can improve their life, and how they can discover goals that will make them uniquely happy, rather than blindly chasing money and status. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:56 – How to make money flipping websites
10:25 – Find happiness by redefining success
18:20 – Do drugs and alcohol take more than they give
25:02 – What to do before travelling full-time
46:35 – Why “I don’t have the time” is bullshit
57:45 – Making money out of your passion
1:08:55 – The difference between happiness and fulfillment
1:28:47  – The importance of being the creator rather than the consumer
1:43:39 – Money Talks: Passive Income and Internet Revenue
2:00:37 – How getting a good job will ruin your life

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Why “I don’t have time” is Bullshit

How to Make Money Flipping Websites


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Well, I

really like the post that you wrote, I was actually going to ask you about your defining success article, which was just fucking sick. I wrote that you read that article last night, and I was just fully erect the entire time I was reading it. Um, so basically, the concept of the article is that everyone has their own definition of success, and that it's important to find your own definition of success, rather than just kind of subscribing to the definition of success that's kind of taught to you. Yeah. Is that is that the idea? So how would one go about finding their definition of success? That's the part that is the hiring. So we all struggle with, yeah, no,

absolutely. I mean,

let me put it this way, right. The general point of view about life is that a secure life an easy life is a good life, right? And, yeah, to a degree that did work, especially for baby boomers. And, you know, the generation of my parents, for instance, the quite all by the way, they're willing to talk from the 70s. So, you know, this is really a huge generation gap. But, um, they did look at life in that way. If you can get a good job, nice house, nice family, that's a good life. And yeah, that's what turns you on. And that's what when you resonate with, that's a good life. But then millennials came along, you know, and we don't look at life that way, right? We care a lot about freedom and discovering stuff and experiences would just look at life in a different way, right? Every generation that's a Gen Xers are gonna look at life in a different way. So for us, but just doesn't cut it that doesn't doesn't work, right. And, and you see, cuz a lot of people like they join the workforce and just extremely unsatisfied and they go and watch Walter Mitty and that I crying on this on the cinema goes with what to do, right? And so what happens there what what is the dissonance between the life that you've been sold and the lie that internally you want don't do not really able to define it that you haven't really found find like how does this life looks like a lot of people want to travel and a lot of people want to see the world and middle a conscious and that that but that's very generic statements and a lot of people start traveling and figure out I actually don't like traveling actually, traveling sucks, you know, being on a bus for 17 hours with 100 other people are not 50 cedar bass. It's not really all that cool, right? But you don't know until you do it. So

this is all to say, how do you come about defining what success looks like for you? And I mean this is not like I had an inspiration when I was eating mentally I just read a bunch of books and put the things together and I saw okay this is a good exercise so for me was ok what makes me feel good in life right? Why do I resonate with do actually care about life? Do I care about having a friend's house No, it's okay I can be in a 20 square meter room and be happy all the other thing all the other boxes are checked right I don't really care what I'm ads for as long as it's clean and mattresses comfortable. You know what I mean? But I don't give a shit about high end food because I my food you know, food so you know what I mean? I I'd rather live somewhere okay, but know that can wake up every day and eat you know, started out. Yes, Instagram material. This is awesome, right? Because that's what I care about. So if you stop being honest with yourself, and try to know yourself and define what things you care about in life, things that makes you happy things that makes you feel excited when you wake up in the morning with a prospect of doing this one thing are you excited? Or you let God right first case good, you should do more of that second case, you should stop in a way that

now of course is not easy, right? Because you get sold on the idea of you know, go to high school, go to college, get a good job, whatever and all the pop culture around you is selling you the same stuff you know, go to the gym get feeds into his girlfriend buy a car buy a house not success well not necessarily right that's what turns McKenna was saying culture is not your friend probably meant pop culture yeah the majority of the culture around you it's not your friends because they're going to sell you a lifestyle and a set of interests that will not necessarily resonate with who you really are

yeah cultures trying to make money off those Affiliate Marketing Leads. So they're probably don't have your best interests at heart.

Awesome. AKA time on both sides of the equation myself. Yeah, but then I just want to be sold about

the Buddhist marketer like buy this shit. But you don't need it. Exactly by this by this shit if you really want it. Yeah, exactly. If these leggings will make you fulfilled.

Yeah, exactly. So

that is something I was thinking about. When I was coming here. I was thinking how did I actually find my answer? I was thinking about it because you want to ask me this one. And and then I remember video from Casey nice tat right? And something that he said a few times on his blog. Yeah, that was the way

how I came about finding what I cared about was by doing something that I hate it a lot. And that made me miserable. And that's the time when I was working in a hotel. And I was a seventh actual name on the contract. Seventh of the house damn servant has low house dinner, seven of the house. I was in Germany, and I hated the job with a passion. It was super high stress, super high tempo, like 300 rooms in the hotel. So you have 300 bosses. Plus you're the lowest monkey. So everyone else on the hotel can ask you for shit. Meaning this few hundred people or 10 hours every single day that can ask you for anything that you can only say yes. So are people asking you for stuff, right? You're a servant, of course, your seventh. And so I had a beeper and the people would ring like every 30 seconds and every time he had to go to a telephone press zero, say my hands, what do you need? notes me go to this room, go to this place, go to the ball, go to the restaurant. Go here. Go here. He was a child. Sorry to bust my ass off running the entire house and a four year and a half. And on that time, all I could think about is how the fuck do I stop doing this? How do I find something that makes me feel the opposite of how I feel right now who said what how I feel right now every day after work is first shooting myself and then drinking myself today

cuz she was maybe the opposite order drink first and then shoot yourself? Yeah, a little right. But

I didn't want to feel like that. Now. I think that that was the best thing that could possibly happen to me I was the best thing and I've said a million times the best thing I've ever done in my life was to actually immigrate to Germany and do that thing that I hate it just keep pushing me to an age in which is either I find a different life for myself or I'm miserable like this other guy that's been here 10 years is because I see him and I

still alive so in your opinion what is the difference between you that person who's been there 10 years because I mean I have plenty of good friends who who work $8 an hour as a servant or McDonald's or something like that and they never quite like find that fire that motivation or that path inside of them to get out they don't they don't really see the light at the end of the tunnel was there something that happened to you there is there something where you were like oh shit i can make money with affiliate marketing was there like a light bulb moment? Oh the whole or is it just like a personality thing where you're just just fuck this every day until I could literally couldn't take it I just couldn't take I saw a lot of people have a lot higher tolerance

to shit so they can take a lot more shit before they break down there will eventually break down you know what I mean? People break it down and they turn to alcohol so they keep doing the shit that makes them admissible every day. But then they get drunk every single night right. That's very that's very

very common and do not drink very much

um, when I do something a lot and I'm slowly cutting it down. Hello. I just got blasted last Friday. Well, you have to worry

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