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Lessons From Traveling Around the World with Marcel Gnauk

Marcel Gnauk is a full time traveler. Throughout his travels he also works as a professional sound recordist, capturing everything from birds chirping to various toilet flush noises. Additionally, he and his girlfriend run an incredibly successful vegan blog.

In this episode I discover how he is able to travel full time, and what lessons he has learned from several years of living abroad. Marcel also explores some eye-openingly dark topics from his experience in the human trafficking industry. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:20 – The life of a vegan traveler and field recordist
10:21 – How to get money without asking for it
18:03 – The most beautiful sound in the world
28:13 – The most surprising thing about traveling full time
40:42 – The benefits of a vegan diet
1:06:30 – The social science of drinking
1:20:31 – What it’s like living with tourettes
1:43:07 – Experience as a journalist in the human trafficking industry

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The most interesting excerpts from this podcast:

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

The Most Surprising Thing About Traveling Full Time

What It’s Like Living With Tourettes


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We've got Marcel knock on the podcast today very interesting guy. And we're going to cover a lot of ground. In this podcast we're going to talk a bit about how veganism can benefit your mental and physical health. How can cure disease and how can aid you incredibly demanding High Performance Sports. As a competitive cyclist, Marcel talks about how that diet actually helped him perform, which I found very surprising.

We're going to delve into his business model very important business model which is becoming almost mandatory these days. And that as a business owner, you have to give out free valuable high quality content before you're able to monetize it and develop a business makin behind it, give to the world and the world will give back and then at the end of the podcast, it gets a little dark but it's something that needs to be talked about. We talked about his experience in the human trafficking industry.

We talked about what he saw and what he learned and just how prevalent it is without any of us realizing it.

It's very heavy

but it needs to be said

it needs to be heard

the mental architect with Sam Sebring no blueprint for peak performance.

Be the best you can be.

We got Marcel now he's got a lot going on. He's a professional vegan vegan blogger he's a another blogger. Oh, you're not though is that mostly a girlfriend? That does the vegan Enos of it. We don't have a blog. Yeah, guess blog isn't quite the right word. We have a YouTube channel but in a very delicious Instagram. Oh yeah. It almost makes you want to go vegan. Oh, yes. So Daniel.

Good thanks. Oh, okay so professional league and we'll just leave it at that professional league

and then you record a free to you sounds your your website is free to use sounds calm is my website. Correct? And then I think maybe my favorite part is that you're just a professional traveler. You just travel wherever the you want. That's correct. Have you pulled it off? How do you just travel all the time? I'm not allowed to travel all the time. That's not allowed. You know, I had a comfortable life before I traveled in Switzerland. And then I met Libby, my girlfriend in nice 2014 and she lived in LA by the time I live in Switzerland. And then we just decided you can have like a long distance relationship and drum by the way.

So some German or Swiss now I'm German, but I lived in SM okay, right. I heard the German is very, very different Switzerland, is that correct? Oh, yeah. The language can't even really understand with the same German can we learn German

you had.

Aaron Swiss Swiss German but in Switzerland, they speak three other languages like to have like Italian, French, and there's the other language that man, I just don't remember. How many languages do you speak? I rains a lot. No, no, no, no, no, no.

You know, it's, it's a dialect, right? This restriction they would say on his own language, but it's a dial every time I talked to European, it's, oh, no, I don't speak many languages. I speak five languages. Yeah. Now every time I speak to your fabulous So, so dumb German, French and English or, you know, not French not fluent anymore. But a few years ago, yes, I did this thing where sometimes when I go to bars, and I want to talk to girls, I have a thick French accent. And I say my name is jack. We and I am from dead works. I'm from the south of France. Sometimes I'm from Bordeaux. And sometimes I'm from nice. It depends on my mood. And then just 20 minutes and just go back to American and people get very, very upset. Oh, really? Oh yeah. They don't know you have actually.

And example, I've done that before, actually. Yeah. Whereas I was talking to a girl with my fig and I feel like you can tell pretty easily. There's a horrible accent. It's kind of like Pepe Le Pew. You know. Remember that show? Likely to do it with the. Oh, you remember that guy? He was like a little skunk. I'm good. was only trying to that lady skunk. You don't remember that one? You know? I mean, he was all in him in a pew. Yeah, I think I was learning

it. Maybe it comes to my mind. He's a good guy. He's the original player. Um, so yeah, I'll whip out the friend the fake French accent and then I think they get very attached to it. And so when it's taken away from them,

it can be a little bit sad. I know you put this a little bit down. Yeah, yeah. Most definitely. Uh. Actually, I don't even know if that lowers necessarily. You can adjust this. That's pretty much the closest okay it's a lame we like it. Yeah, it kind of have to arch your back a little downward dog. Yeah, top of the night. I do right now. Are you doing yoga? Oh, I do yoga but also self defense. Yeah, it was good to see you do some.

Crazy as self defense, what what kind you do? It's like the Tai Chi Kung, what's going on? I just started. Okay. At core combat. So your black belt, I've already publicized you is the, the self defense expert. Really? Yeah. God. I know the Nuvi started in Chiang Mai. No. I did. karate when I was was a little guy when I was 12. But that's it from 12 to 14. Then it heard and then I stopped it hurt. Oh, yeah. I mean, if you get really want in your face, let me ask you this, because I did Taekwondo. For a while and the place I went to it was really it was good instruction but is also a little weird in some ways. So for example, you were allowed to hit people in the head but not in the face that's that's a mining karate you can you get the points when you go right up front, right. So you could hit him in the nose or no, no, no, no, you know, like stop in front but here this is open field. Yeah, but I always thought those little unrealistic but I liked how they treat

train you in, in Germany, like the karate, like how it's set up. So you can't just go it's a it's like a real team where you have to join like in May or June. And then you learn the process from the beginning. So the most classes you just walk in, and then but there are also people who are a little bit more, um, how you call it to have more experience. And then you jump in as a newbie. So you bring the whole teen down, bring it down. So that's different when I learned so you have to be there at certain time in the month of the year. And then you start and you sign up and then you do well. It's interesting in one way, you bring a team down, but in another way,

I think it's kind of healthy to have a newbie around to beat up on and I know that sounds bad. I know that sounds bad, but I do a lot of jujitsu. And whenever I'm rolling with someone who's a lot better than me, I'm putting every single ounce of strength I have into just not getting murdered. And the effect of that is that I never try anything new. You know if I like

This new technique I want to do maybe I'm gonna do like some new like I'm a plotter some triangulate something there's no way I'm going to try it on the black belt. It's currently murdering me. I was watching a mini documentary maybe you could shed some light on this is about the adult film fully industry apparently. And poor and all those sounds are not real. Oh No they're not. They are recreated but they're still sound is always right it's a real some it's some type of sound if you have like meat cutting and yeah then that's what they were doing they were they said there were all these different little sounds yeah to make you know and so he's like well okay well this is how we get like the ball is going into the and he got like two pork chops like two uncooked pork chops and you just kind of like yeah made him go together and most is trick for actual, I think he got a pickle and a man as jar to get like the actual and there's there's some other ones. There are some other weird ones. Um, but yeah, basically the effect of what he's saying is like does not sound

How you think it sounds I haven't taken all of this with this subject I gotta get into it man that's where all the money's that no

yeah I guess you're you're not in it for the money if you're free to you sounds that's correct so were you recording today you are you just went to the went to the to the airport

uh huh that sounds tranquil but I had a hard time it goes I have a new record you haven't zoom h6 What a great record I have the same as well but I got a new one from zoom it f four so if you are a sound designer if you are a feud recording you know which one it is so it's a really nice brand new recorder

but there's so many setups so many it's not just like plugin and right now it has so much to learn so I was sitting there recording sound trying to record some try to get this thing started planes 123 and I couldn't really handle it because I had all these different microphones and then but what is this now in this

This it took me like 35 minutes to set up and then because I'm in the field recording Facebook group so I made a post disappointed in myself not trying to figure it out and then they supportive community that's what I love about recording sound the community behind is huge and super supportive but huge I mean not super huge like the vegan community or something more like a family that stick together and they help each other and they support each other and that's amazing and they just gave me some feedback and what I have to do what I can do and just immediately right it seems a lot more niche for sure is this all including people you know in the film industry and stuff like that Yes there is it literally just know that people that awkward planes no no no the I have friends who get Oscar love one public really casual just some casual friends you know, getting Oscars no big deal. Yeah, but they they sound designers right they using my sounds right? I just met them through

What I'm doing right now just like walking on the street into who you

know because that's how I met you. That's how you sound design. Yes I am.

tell how you how we met I just slid right into your DMS? Yeah you just sent me a message on Instagram as well you're a cool dude he had a lot going on there sound designer your professional vegan I am it's on your LinkedIn and everything professional 20 years of vegan see yes for years nobody what I was going to say is that it's a really nice and a great community and just yesterday soundly what is a huge cloud professional

sound designers or people who work for work in post production they using sometimes to soundly cloud where they can just pick up the sounds and yes yesterday all my sounds that I recorded on for you sounds and a lot that are not published on my website available for free on this.

So and how this works is amazing. So if you work on a movie, right, you have your Adobe Premiere or you have your final cut or whatever program and you work on a movie and you will need a special sound let's an ambient sound right? Then you have the cloud right next to you. And then you type in ambient St. Chiang Mai airplane just for example, boom that pops up and then you just drag it from the cloud into your timeline and you cut out the part that you want you can do this before in the cloud and then you work with it there is nothing else what you need to do there you don't have to be very about any licensing or can I use this privately or commercial that's all done it's all perfectly set up for you you signed up to the cloud you can use my songs for free that's awesome so even though the title of your at your website is literally free to you sounds are you making money yes at all with like, what is like affiliate links are now how do you monetize it? No, I don't because I don't want it. It's what

Most people who are doing like having a travel blogs, right or you know then they have like these newsletters and pop up signing up. I don't have that because I don't want to make the people go.

I know I had a problem. I made 1500 email subscribers in three months. What I think is quite a lot, right? But I, I felt like it's not right first. I don't even write new theaters. Sometimes I do if I have a new sound that is really exciting. But I'm not doing this. And I don't have anything to sell. So I don't need this. And I don't want that people come on my page and see what does this have to sign up or pop up? What is this? I know a lot about your website. It was incredibly intimate. I thought I know it sounds weird. I felt like I was sitting in the internet equivalent of your living room just like Hey, what's up here's my sounds are recorded these Yeah. And I showed up there were no like, ads or anything. No, no, I don't have any agile. What I have is I have a donation button coffee. It's linked to coffee and people who gave me let's say $5


And to do it almost every day so I make through donation a quite a bit of money that I can afford my equipment right and that's what I'm doing I used as money to buy new equipment sometimes we get the equipment for a discount it's a four from soon for example and but I still use this money that's what I was gonna ask is so the news you're on the zoom What is it now at four at four Yes Can you hear substantial difference but oh my god and what yeah my zoom h6 so easily. It's gradually like this thing. Oh my god. Is it perfect. The most of my songs on my website are recorded with the age six and the quality is insanely incredible for the price but this thing has 300 $400

right. And I was reading online at the same piece of technology 510 years ago. Probably costs like 10 grand Yeah, of course we come away as we always moving forward because you can always put this on what is this in 10 years, right? You can do this with computers. Oh yeah. And but

Yeah if I come back to your question so people do need almost every day through the traffic that come on my website every day so and then they leave me a nice comment so and you can all you can all follow it it's not secret or would you go as you say this this Pope buy me a coffee button you click the button and then you see how many people already pledged. You can see the comments from Adrian notes on Patreon. Kofi is a is a really nifty website really cool from two guys Simon. I know the founder. And so what he is this it's all free. You sign up with your co creator for creators, right? You don't need to be a sound design. You can be a painter or photographer. So you sign up with coffee and then you link it with your PayPal account. And then when you go to coffee, and then you say hey, I want to give this guy $5, $10

or $50 sometimes people give me $50 and I'm like wow, you must really like my sounds. Yeah.

I know it's such a great and just I when I worked in Switzerland, right, I made a decent amount of money every month, right? So you get this money at the end of the month and you're like, yeah, that's what I what I deserve right? Or I could deserve a little bit more does matter. But now I don't have this anymore, right? I have my savings or fine but now I'm appreciate $5 like if somebody pledge $5, I'm like, wow, this guy or this woman doesn't even need to do it together and use the sound but it do it and it's and I really appreciate it right and they appreciate what I'm doing. And so it's a it's a win win, right? It blows my mind. How many communities are supported through exactly that people just donating and supporting it? I familiar with twitch twitch TV which is the game are you again? Yes. Oh my god is

huge man. Huge millions and millions of dollars. It's absolutely massive. And it's all

donation based. It's all donation. It's insane. I was looking at the figures of what just one streamer makes this guy named ninja play this game called fortnight, which is just hottest right now. People, right?

We're talking about the minimum that he amounts just from subscribers, which is where you pledge like $5 a month. He's pretty much guaranteed to be a millionaire at this point. It's just ridiculous. And no one has to give money. And even still, when people know how much money he's making, they love him so much. Yeah, he's just killing it on fortnight, or whatever it is. You watch that guy playing it is still giving money. It these are these are I call them like, how do you call these people? They're like, they just love what you do, right?

And then some people call the nerds but these are the people who are who actually say hey, I give this guy a $5 or I give him $10 goes I just love it and now show me a travel blogger who writes a blog post nobody only because there is no real there is it just you read a blog post right you see the photos on nice but what's the real value

You behind right you can read this you can use this information for yourself but creating real value and making it real impact you have to give a little bit more to the community and I do this with sounds yeah it's interesting because in one sense the blogger is creating real value I mean they're teaching you but it's not quite as tangible as what you're doing is you're you're literally giving something they can hear and in debt can use with it in their actual project whereas you read a travel blog or any blog for that example there's a lot of work that went into that only telling you a lie is just bad if you come on my website and you read my because my girlfriend she's she's American native when she has no time to so I just write a travel blog is badass your YouTube channel least is awesome Are you with the videos yeah oh yes. She said thank you. But we stopped making video and stops oh yeah what I'm all my almost a year ago so sweet though. I know it's it's it's good stuff. And Libya. She's a she had a master's degree master in cinematography, and she's also a high end

Wedding videographers if you give us one, right? It looks so good. Yeah, she, she knows what she's doing right? You give her a camera and boom. Give me a camera,

but give you the mic. There you go and put y'all together doing video and a mic. Oh my god. So what is the most beautiful sound you've ever heard? Oh, that's a good question.

I really like the Howler Monkey, just from Costa Rica. Mahler monkey. Oh my gosh. I boo

the howler monkey and from Costa Rica. Beautiful. Wow. And one of my famous albums they've just blow up. Is my toilet flush around the world. I know it sounds ridiculous. But do they vary that much? And how they sound Oh yeah, totally different. Especially also when you go over the quarter and in his condo ended it goes the other way it does. I know if I if I played you, too. Sounds one of the toilet flushing clockwise and the other have a flushing counterclockwise. You'd be able to identify maybe not the blind code.

Pepsi tastes tests maybe not but it's more about the visual if somebody from Sydney who's working on a on a movie Oh tell me you got video these toilets as well no no no but if he or she works on on a video and there is a toilet and then you're just want to have an authentic right now come on my website and Nancy Oh yes, he has a counterclockwise totally. So I've only been able to find clockwise toilet sound fully. Finally, someone up counterclockwise. It's a difference between a toilet in Vietnam and a toilet in in the US. Have you

found one of those holes? I did? I did. But I didn't record it. You didn't go I just record the flush just the flesh I don't know the whole Don't you have like the bucket of water next to this. Put that in there. I thought about I'd be afraid of getting on my microphone taken into the bathroom. I like that microphone and be tainted from then on.

Kind of like the squat? Not gonna lie. No, I'm a pro squatter, you're not a fan of the squat. Nope. Well, let me get real with you. So okay. squatting fully, I don't think is the move. You know if you're out in the woods, not the best, in my opinion, kind of hurts the thighs or if you're, you know, in one of those holes in Vietnam, but let me tell you what's perfect in the middle. Have you heard of the squad party? Now you don't have a squad Tea Party. I don't even know what it means German somewhere you are in for a ride. So basically what you do is you sit on your toilet and I mean you could use anything Squaddie party theoretically you could just get a box but this is just marketed to look very beautiful and it looks like you got it from IKEA has made a bamboo and just this little stool that slides under toilet, you slide it out and you take a and elevates your feet. Maybe about unless I mean foot on the ground. Right. So okay, you're sitting on a toilet? Yes. normally sit in it like a chair. Do your thing. That's all right. It's an okay experience. Now you have a stool under you that you put your feet on and so now your feet are about an extra foot.

okay hi around right and so you're still sitting on a toilet but you're technically squatting and I've got to tell you man once you squat you don't go back just in terms of the quality of your

I'm being real again you're giving me a look right now. Like you don't believe it but no okay, more comes out it comes out more easily and they did a study if you squat I'm not making that if you squat every single time you or something like 30% less likely to get colon cancer

that's pretty big. I I will research that it's well if you look at like the history of, I feel like we're not really designed to write ya know it's hot especially you in the garden or you're sweating yet. Yeah, but it's good. You don't have to have the headphones on if you don't want it. Yeah, and I good.

You have good microphone hygiene as it is some people they'll just they'll go all the way over here.

You're pretty good.

But seriously, though. squatting. Okay? If you look at how we've pooped for millions of years as a species, we've always squat, you know, I'm saying, that's kind of how it's designed to be. I'm very passionate about. So I feel like the people needs know. So let's say you're standing up, right? I stand up in a field that you're, you're never shoveling my hand. You're a shovel, just whatever it is, you're doing standing in your day to day would you be able to while standing? Of course not. Of course not. You can't do it. Like you literally couldn't get it out. And so that's kind of how it's supposed to be. Depends on the consistency That's true. If you have been eating some of this Thai food that we've been eating you could definitely standing up yesterday we got some food and I still have a little bit of a stomach ache up poisoning. No, not food poisoning I think was too spicy. Sometimes if it's too spicy. My stomach doesn't really like it will tell me didn't get Thai spicy. That's not the move. I can't hang. It's it's

It is spicy. There's a thing if you say he in Thailand or Vietnam lift him and I'm you say, I want spicy. Leave Luke get spicy. Oh, and even if you don't want spicy, you say just a little spicy. You get spicy? Oh yeah. Bad.

great restaurants. Yeah. Standing up. So I actually looked it up. I looked up

a diagram of the colon. So you got your colon, right? You can imagine it kinda like this long tube.

And then do you do it? The squat know that you're talking about the cleaning right? But the tube and the bud the tube and the but you know of any cleaning your. Oh, what is the name of your thinking of a

What's with water and a not a not a colonic? A colonic is the serious that's what I mean. Come on. Yeah, a colonic there's there's a lesser version. I can't think of the name right now. I actually did get that one time you did this a will. So what I did, actually, it was kind of a whole situation I did an adverse situation Yeah, I didn't. Apple faster. is only at apples for three days. Oh, you should.

Good corporate on face especially when you hear it. Oh my god. Coconut fest maybe? Yeah, we did it. Yeah. How was it? Oh, it's great. It's It's amazing. You if you do it five days, so you get the water in the meat. Yes. No, no, no.

Only the water. Oh. Yes.

And your coordinates upgrade here. So you should try and just really look it up going online and check out coconut planes. I did a bone broth fast. Actually, you wouldn't like that. You're vegan? Yeah, nevermind. Um, how did sounds like already

had a lot more like protein and stuff like that? So I wasn't quite as hungry the apple fast was actually really really, really hard. And there's so much fiber and apples. I don't know how we keep getting on the topic but there's so much fiber and apples toilet flush so Oh yeah. You started it man. Yeah, you should break this up somehow.

This is just be the episode. Um. Yeah, no. I I more than I thought was humanly possible.

Yeah. During during the apple fast actually because I just figured out I was eating apples. And then you could only like a few a day. I mean, you can only eat so many apples so much saw. How do you call it the wrong word? I forgot the English word for Apple has a lot of fiber. No, no, no, no.

What's the word? I don't know the word in English right now. Describe it.

It's that I can't describe it. You can't even describe it. The word because I know it is. It makes me sound so stupid, right? No, no, it's okay. Your English is better than mine. I've actually had that several times with. I'm sorry. It's the German would saw that. So I just stayed in German. So we will translate it and put it in the in the show notes. Yeah, we'll figure it out later. Yeah,

happens to be often when people who are non native English speakers, they actually have a much firmer grasp of English than I do, because actually taught English. You know, you may be talking about dramatics. Yeah, the same in German. Same. Yeah. And it's very embarrassing. Is it Oh yeah. I think my name

Get better because of better because of Libby. Not the most Germans. They have this German English. Like, Hello. My name is Matt Hale. And I can pump. It can be a bit much. Yeah. You're very flowing. You sound like you've been speaking English for a while. Oh, my gosh, the last three years. Just nonsense. Did they just teach you English from very young? Yes. When I always

you have grades? Right? seventh grade, fifth grade?

I think I was 910, 11.

I think when I was 11. We started having English and with with no, yes, yes, but not really outweighed when I was at 710. 10.

No, no, we started when I was 10. And then with 11. I had French day see. I mean, they started technically teaching me Spanish a little bit. My Spanish is non existent. I think the quality of English

language who if you look if you already know English, it's pretty similar. I mean, compared to something like Thai. Are you kidding me? Have you seen the alphabet over here?

Yeah, you know, you have to think differently, right? Your brother, he lives here, right? He speaks Thai does he know he teaches English classes are taught fully in English, but he was explaining the Thai alphabet to me the other day. And so I'm gonna this up. But they have they have 22 vowels in 40 something consonants. I believe I might be getting that wrong. Um, they've got a lot. And so basically the way they do it as he put down

a bell,

and then excuse me, you put down consonants and then you put the vow either Up, down, left or right of the continent based on the context. So you kind of like decorate the continents like a Christmas tree. And so the effect of that is when you read a word in English or German, it's like cup see up all the letters are an order that's not true and tie. The consonants are an order but the vowels are somewhat out.

of order and you have to like figure it out yet to learn it. It sounds like everything. Yeah.

Sounds right school to you. You can sign up for the visa. And then you hang out here. Well, I think I'm just going to be an ignorant firing for the three months that I'm here. I've learned how to say no,

thank you. You have a cup of cup. Somebody cup is Hello. That's all I got. Yeah. So how do you support yourself while you travel? How long have you been traveling three years since? Yeah. How have you pulled that off savings? Just straight up savings? rate up savings?

That's actually a more reasonable answer than a lot of people give around here. A lot of people out here I kind of like oh, I'm a digital nomad, I have some some crazy auto currency. Bo bought Bitcoin back and it was 30 cents or some like that. That's fair enough. If people have it then to heaven, but I'm honest, it's all saving states. No tricks.

There's nothing else I like that because I think it's a lot more relatable than saying oh, I'm a I'm a crypto guy the next people oh sorry yeah but yeah yeah it's something that you know people can wrap their head around it's like I can save money you can do that it's if you have to say it's the next thing the next point most men we lived to be lifter three months in Orange County what is a pretty expensive place to live and because Libby shut some weddings to save up more money shot 25 weddings in three months and actually 26 and one wedding was also in Brazil and

what was going to say yes and then when people in California Monday asked you or how can you afford traveling around the world right this question already brings me down Lego okay but then when I said it savings, how can you save money? I said sorry if you haven't figured out yet how to save money. How What do you want from me? Right? I can explain it's a simple math right you have your income.

You have your outcome, just make sure that you don't spend more than you are. And that's it. It's simple. I think most people intuitively understand that. But they struggle to find the discipline

to actually save the money. You know, I'm saying

probably, I don't know. I don't know other people. I guess it just kind of comes down to what your priorities are. Because I meet people all the time. And I tell them about how I travel or tell them about how I lived here, there. And the reaction nearly every single time is just, oh God, like, I want to do that so bad. I wish I could do that. And because I'm the same as you, I don't have some crazy online business. It's just savings for me.

And yeah, but I tell them is you can do it. You can totally do it. And it's like, they almost just, they don't believe me in a way I tell them. Okay. Yeah, there's always like some type of this house I have the more easy excuse. I'm sorry.

And I'm sure you had excuses, don't you? You will pass them. I mean, everyone has an excuse if it's useful one.

In the sense that like once when you have the idea of, Hey, I'm gonna go travel full time.

There wasn't the idea. The idea first was we do it for one year

there was like in 2015. And then, but then we, we really enjoyed it right? We didn't start out with coming from Europe going to Asia, right? No, no, no, I had my own camp of an ID huge camper man. Oh yeah, the van I beautiful vehicle never traveled for months around Europe. And then this time we we figured out first when you live with somebody that you know, like a year less than a year when you live in the camp. Um, and then you can really

you can really see how we work together really well.

You gotta get along if you look. Yes. And that's what I was trying to say. Yes. And but you also figure out what you really need in life, right? Because the van van was full with all my stuff from my apartment from my

From my place, right? Because Oh, I probably need this neat. It's neat. This, but then actually, you see what you don't need. And then we. What don't you need? What? Don't. What would we not? Yes.

What is it? What did you find that I thought? Oh my gosh, I had so much clothes. I had seven bicycles. But I didn't had the van. No, nothing. No man, just like it was my home. I was a road cyclist and I had mountain bikes at a time machine. I had you had a time machine? Oh, yeah, I've always I did try a lawn. I did try it. Long time to go back in time. Oh, we call this entire

time. I was gonna say, I gotta try out this time, every bicycle. That sounds bad as it goes right in the future.. It was a great bike. And so I got rid of all these bikes, right? I have only one left and it's in my friends. He has his own bike shop and it's just hanging there waiting for me. Sometimes when I go there. I take it right now he in Chiang Mai. I have a friend who is a road cyclist. I don't know if you watch main stories.

was just two days ago with him

hanging out driving around. But then when we came back to the starting point traveling for months, then we said, Wow, that's really cool. And now we we are set right now we are. The mindset is right? We love traveling and then we went to Japan and in Japan we had no idea what we're doing right? How should we get around everything's a little bit more expensive than we thought it is. But then we rented a camper in Japan and travel for 25 days around Japan and the campaign we just did, just like before we came to Costa Rica a month ago, right? Oh my gosh, I didn't know where the time goes. Two weeks ago. We came from Costa Rica one month before we live two weeks in Japan in the camp is can see this on our Instagram account. You can see all the photos and

it's the best way of traveling. And then we did the whole Southeast Asia Tour, I'd renting a motorbike gain apartments.

Trying to find ways how we can save money, right? Because I can easily spend a few thousand dollars and then that's it, right? So you have to stay looked at your savings are still in a nice comfortable spot and

that's what it is right so it was a kind of difficult giving up all your stuff all of your clothes all of your bias because we tend to kind of know it wasn't now It wasn't because the decision that we made was in January and we start traveling in May 2015. So the process of getting rid of stuff like the stuff before the stuff but it's interesting, right? Because you still have stuff you have like this all these

clutter. clutter is is the right word, all this

, right? So 10 was hard. I had two cars so I had to get rid of foreign car then I had I had only my audio that I sold two days before we start traveling. I sold my Audi and there was just one gone and then


We started but there's the process you have to tell your boss he'd want to travel around the world and I'm pretty happy So what did you do before you oh I worked in a in a in a really good company in Switzerland what it did is not necessary but it was a really great job and if I ever anything happens to me I can always go back right well that's good you can always go back because that's something I think a lot of people struggle with and that they have whatever Awesome job that they have whatever career path they're going down

and I'm sure you know if you quit in most cases you can go back to some capacity maybe not the exact same depends on how you do it that's true don't flip off your boss and yes Show me your and balls yeah

you know I have this dream and then they're super supportive said it five times five months time foreman time to find somebody else right. Did I can train into that control. What are we doing and that worked out well. Yeah, um, but I think what what

Folks, a lot of people up is that you have like this career path, you're progressing down,

and everyone has some type of dream for a lot of people, it's travel. But for a lot of people, somebody else, maybe you want to be football player, maybe you want to start a podcast, but you want to be a comedian or something like that. And

part of what stops people from doing that whatever it is, your dream is, is the the fear of actually starting on a particular dream. Maybe you want to get into stand up comedy or something like that. The actual fear of getting on stage that's one part but I think the part that would me up the most is the fear of leaving behind something that already knows kind of a sure thing and

potentially throwing that away and in the sense that you're already going down this good career path. It's kind of laid out for you, you stick at this company you've got a good job you're already making good money everyone's very, very proud of you. You know your mom and dad and everyone said, Oh, Marcel, you're working the job at the bank or whatever, you know, you get you get kind of like this.

recognition from everyone for doing that. And it's kind of the easy path.

And it could be kind of hard to just say no and say you to the easy path and actually chase your dream.

Yeah, if this is the case for some people, there you go. Not for me. But the way you say it. You make it sound like you just there's no problem. No, because I can go immediately right now to another destination. When I lived.

I left my home place in Germany. When I was 17. I was always on a go right? I lived in the south of Germany. I lived in the north and I went to Switzerland. I lived in the middle I was always on the on a on a I was always the one who want to go see something right. And yeah, and then we know when I met Libby, I already made the decision before we met with my friends I want to travel around the world I just don't know when and then I walked on the permanent unless in these

There saw this woman with an old hazard blood camera standing on the beach making photos. And I was like, Wow. This is a Haslett blood This is a very old an array A camera. So somebody who who knows what a hassle blood is knows you can't just take a husband and make some photos. You have to really know what you're doing. Then I talked to her in France because I'm infringements he's like oh I didn't understand me right but her mom was there as well. So I talked with her mom in French but she speaks way better French than I do. And then we just had a nice conversation. I invited Libby that's her name coming with me to this technology event because I was there because of a technology vendor Libby shot a wedding so then we had a wonderful time and this techno event where my friend I and she asked how do you say this my friend she and I know that's a tough one her my friend and I her and I because in Germany we never use say yeah

isn't in the email to ask? The donkey always calls himself first. So the donkey always calls himself first. Yeah, that donkey sounds like an. He needs to think about other

and then yeah, but okay though we had this this is really an amazing night on the beach with technology with people. It was fantastic. So Jen, she flew in the next day back to LA. And then she came back two weeks later, the elite shunning the wedding I was part of the waiting not part of the wedding. I was just there five days hanging out with her when she came back. We just took the car and drove around Tuscany, right. It was beautiful. Few weeks later, I just flew already to LA we did a road trip one month around California It's beautiful. And then there was already It was amazing. I flew back to Switzerland and then it was asked you would you like to travel around the world and she's like yeah, I always thought about doing How long have you guys been seen each other at this point? Not long. Like how is a five months? Four months? That's a good amount of time. Let's decent that's I guess that's enough to know.

Yeah my travel someone


passed Skype at some point all right was via she lives in LA I lived in Switzerland that's a bit of a jump so actually it's kind of scary that point yeah so when she came to first you know like coming in flying over to LA traveling with somebody that you just know a few days traveling one month in the car on the California that's already a commitment right or this already like a jump into yeah they're kind of scare me like what if I don't like what if I don't didn't realize they smell and a lot like there's all kinds of problems that could arise

Oh my God, that's a nice thing I would think but um. Yeah, I don't think about it till they show up and they start farming everywhere. You're like, Well, this is a problem that the vegan sloppy joes and I'm going now.

Yeah, I wasn't. Oh, and then she turned vegan knows you.

did nobody turns me vegan? Yeah, yeah that's that's a bad way. But she influenced you. She She shows me She showed me this, this vegan lifestyle by just seeing it. I just saw it and said oh so you don't need this Why? So she explained it why, and I have Tourette Syndrome I know sometimes you see it I tried I keep you doing oh yeah I have to read I keep it down what are your takes I mean notice Oh my tix are not vocal. might take some Mutare but I can control it I control it right now the pain is there but I'm controlling and interesting and then I thought oh yeah because I'm really focus but I could I could make it worse when I'm you know I keep it in check and then it's fine and that's because of my vegan lifestyle really in the sense that eating being gave you discipline or the no I actually just changed my my my whole behavior right the pain factor went down then the tix went down, and it has

A lot to do with with the animal protein and but to come to this my I thought it right and he said you know what I want to try this out I and I'm not just like half half right I say I tried out boom hundred percent and next day and since today no animal products nothing and I could see after two months I could already fear something changed in me right I'm at my work where were there was always

like very like him but I was very calm and easy going right and so when conflict this right because I did a lot of troubleshooting so I had a lot to do with

people who you know troubleshooting height in my company

oh my gosh and then I I really failed I get so much easier in this and also with my tix at home because if you alone You always different right i mean i'm alone I'm like baba baba

So I felt that that helped me. So there was from in one factor number one, that vegan is a good thing. Then the second is my sport. I did competitive road cycling. So I'm not just like getting out there half an hour and come home. No idealism helped that.

No, no, wait, wait, wait. So I had 50 I drove like between 15 and 20,000 kilometers per year right. So it's a lot so when I did competitive Rotana, so I did almost every weekend I was on a race and I could see that my how'd you call them when you train and then on the next day you like oh so normally you like so my what's the English word recovery the recovery is even shorter my recovery usual and one of my friends that I train almost every day because he lived just close to me You could see how how I beat him on on in every survey like is this a sprint is on the on the on the hill not just like in two weeks.

Know that took like three, four months but you could really see because we always trained together but you could tell that the difference is already huge. There was Reason number two why I say vegan is a good thing. And then because of social media, you get more into you. you inform yourself more about what's going on in the word. What does veganism mean? It's not only food, right? It's, it's, it's it's way more complex is way more things behind that people are not aware of. So I,

I filter this right, I let it go let it come to me, right. So I read all this article and they're like, Wow, this is so for the animals, right? Just for example, for the news for the planet for the environment and there's no way I would go back so first was my own health right to read sport and for the environment, animals planted all these things and there's no way why would

that's incredibly interesting. When I think of veganism. I don't necessary

I think of it going hand in hand with like, competitive athletics. You know, when I think of

when I think of, you know, a competitive road cyclist, yeah, and this might be misguided but I think, oh, you probably need some meat in your diet or you probably need, you know,

animal products, your research, where's the protein origin and coming from? Right? I had someone say that exact same thing on the other podcast today. The Vegan she he know he wasn't a vegan, but I told him I was like, you know, I think vegans might love you. And he said, vegans love me actually went on this rant about how word for word we just said, Where does protein come from? It originally comes from plants and it just gets digested by animals and then it gets turned into protein that way because you eat technique. Food protein. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. It's just a weird, very, very weird for me. Yeah. And it's not only how much pretenders is huge some beans, beans has way more protein broccoli has a ton of protein.

seeds or

yeah been spotted as a means right right chick just turn it around look at the ingredients check your proteins and they're like oh wow well that's what no idea I've kind of been struggling with

because I enjoy like doing like weight lifting and bodybuilding and and strongest man in the world is a beacon yet really yeah no oh yeah of course who's a strong scaring the mountain or no nothing on this guy from Game of Thrones that other guy out What is his name you talking about Thor youngest guy in the world I forgot who it was now but there was this one guy is German is huge guy and he was he was the strongest man in the world and he is a vn right and he's vegan oh yeah you know

Hamilton time and then the Formula One race Hamilton Hamilton he's a vegan and I like so many celebrities vegan it's got more and more and more people going Vienna and uh. It's interesting. I like to

Good to good movement. No, absolutely. It's, it's a fantastic moment because that's one thing I'm kind of been struggling with. And that and again, this is probably misguided as well. But that I do weightlifting. You know, I kind of enjoy like having a static physique and like having big muscles and things like that. And what they teach you in the bodybuilding community is you need to eat a shitload of meat and you need to bulk up, right, I woke up, you know, chug some milk, that's the way to do it. And then even things that are vegan that I don't necessarily want to eat like rice and potatoes and things like that.

They recommend eating those as well.

And I've kind of been going to like this existential health crisis in the sense that I want to be muscular and have an attractive physique but I also want to be legitimately healthy. I want to be the type of guy that's 100 years old and he still has complete range of movement of his body and he's very, very healthy.

No disease and things like that and

I believe that the best way to get there as a plant based diet

there you go you have your answer now you have to but I get your mindset over that you're really do it so you think that I don't have to sacrifice bodybuilding and things like that whole you know so many bodybuilders out energy and you know john Venus is just for exam I know if you know john Minas he's a big YouTuber bodybuilder and just go watch his videos you know I don't have anything to do with the YouTube vegan community there's a lot of scandal there are a lot of people who just want to make some some dollars but I think john leanest is is

I think he's a pretty good guy but I don't know so a few years ago I watched some videos and he's a vegan bodybuilder you're vegan Do you also consume

or grains and things like that you know a lot of like wheat and gluten oh that's

I think

See what I'm getting at? Yes, yes. Right. And sometimes, yes, but Libby, almost no gluten and palm oil. There's also a thing right? You we avoid paranoid as much as we can. We're in a lot of oils quite frankly like vegetable oils canola oil, a lot of visa lovely. Just we just made us one posting on Instagram and it's just a lot of people responding to the last photo because we ate at one restaurant and was so oily or everything or solidly and it makes you tired, right? It makes it just tired. And if you just have too much oil in your diet, and you know, they also sneak a bunch of sugar and MSG into the food. Yes, I don't know if you've noticed that that's why we go into the remeeting restaurants because we

there's one amazing being kitchen it's right next to my mo just giving you a little heads up in case in Chiang Mai yes you in China and she makes always on almost all organic product and when you have the Burmese sell it she makes all by her own and she tells you exactly what is in it and what

Not and but many of the vegan restaurants and if you use happy car what is a great app for vegans, vegetarians or people who have dietary restrictions they using these up you type in vegan and then all the vegan vegetarian restaurants being friendly restaurants popping up and

they're almost

to the one button with a great reviews. You just go there you say I don't want any sugar or please avoid oil, but you have to make it really clear. Please avoid oil and no MSG and there's all we don't use MSG and

I think

I hope it's that they don't use in right you're at the end you really don't know if they put it in or not. But you just

told the truth. Yes, but mostly do and they lost chain we lift in Chiang Mai two years ago

and the change is incredible. He said there's so much more options over two years ago already was the digital nomad

Unity was small. I remember going on Friday to healthy be was like five people 10 people 15 people now they have to rent another place to F like hundred people's there is like this SEO community that I want to go because I'm going to learn a little bit of about SEO. This is very interesting. But there's no that's the search engine optimized. Yes. Yes. Yes. I just want to listen right and see what's new there, right.

That's very interesting. Whatever. The community is

good. Yeah, we're the number one digital nomad community in the world here in Chiang Mai, I guess. I guess they'll get it. This is where people come to. Yeah, I was sitting in a restaurant the other day? Tim Ferriss is like it's to Paris here. No, but this is where they are right? Johnny? fd, right. His his. Yeah, like, dear friends of the four hour workweek. Yes, the Bible of every day and every so everybody comes to you

just just pray to Tim Ferriss at night.

Check probably but I am I'm not a digital nomad and I don't want to have anything to do with this. Oh you don't know i'm not i mean i mean you say you don't want to have anything to do oh no that was so the wrong term I mean I don't

know what's the word? I'm not so I don't identify myself as a digital nomad over the community okay what do you identify yourself as just as a traveler just Marcel

Marcel ended up yeah um well I'm not quite done talking about the speak and stuff oh like it's it's it's super interesting so you said

cured probably isn't the right word but it I would never use the word significantly reduced your symptoms oh yes of course it's there is that a common experience with people have gone vegan diets and and that it cures or a significant J. Crew Yeah, it remedies it helps, right? Yeah. Because I personally

that a lot of diseases today are based in our diet and nobody gives credit to our diet. Oh, would you eat what you put in yourself? Right is

you are what you eat, right? So if you eat a lot of shore stuff or if you go to any grocery stores and you just don't know what's what's in it, and you eat all these, you just use you know, we always say don't eat what your great grandfather didn't eat. Right, right. If you turn around the product and you can't read what it is what it means cycle blah blah blah. He data that other that other I don't think that helps you write in your body. No, that's I would never eat these.

No. Hundred percent. Um, for example, I have psoriasis, which is kind of it's kind of like, similar to try this psoriasis. What it's just like something you get on your skin. Basically, it's pretty common. Oh, two to 3% of people have it

I've been going to doctors since I've had it since I was like, what, like five years old.

I haven't gone to doctors sells five years old. And ever since I was five years old, they keep trying to, you know, push some steroids cream or something like that. And most lately they've been pushing these things called a immunosuppressants, right, so. I don't know if you've seen commercial, actually, in Germany, they're not even allowed to have commercials for medicine on TV. This is a weird American thing that we do. We're allowed to have commercials on TV for medication, which is very, very strange. So we have these commercials for things called, like still Lara embroil and like that

it's these injections you get that literally suppress your entire immune system just just across the bat because they've determined that psoriasis is like an autoimmune condition where your body's kind of attacking itself

in these shots are so bad for you. I mean, you're literally shooting on your immune system. It's insane. The side

effects in these shots are v. Nicholas to how much is one of these shot? That's an interesting question actually if you don't have insurance and also there's there's some weird convoluted channel you can go through where the manufacturer pays for it some capacity if you have neither of those things you are to hypothetically pay for it yourself something like $20,000 a shot.

Wow. Yeah, it's completely non realistic. I give you a nice

documentary you should was usually go on Netflix and look for rotten and then Rodan and medicine. Yeah, look about the pharmaceutical so it's up. But anyway, the point is, I've been told all my life that I need steroid creams. I need immunosuppressants that will potentially

me up permanently. Um, and and cause tumors and things like that. That's not what I need. Actually. There is a massive, massive, massive amount of evidence pointing towards diet as being

The sole cause of psoriasis and in fact, the sole cause of a lot of very similar autoimmune conditions. The, the, the root of the cause of something called leaky gut. You ever heard of that? No.

Basically, the I can you see, you can imagine what is basically it's, it's called like intestinal permeability. And that through eating all the time, and through up your gut microbiome, all the bacteria in your gut, your stomach lining gets thousands and thousands of tiny, tiny, tiny little holes in it. So that toxins that you meet in your food actually go out into your bloodstream and then your body sees that in has an autoimmune reaction to it and attacks it and tries to fix it. And this happened to you yet is where like psoriasis comes from. and a bunch of other diseases like Crohn's disease, an eczema and like certain types for arthritis. You do anything against this. Did you try anything? Yeah.

So I cut out Unfortunately, my diet is actually pretty right now because I, I moved to Thailand and that's not an excuse, but I kind of have to test everything is Yeah right. Exactly. I know. I know. I know I'm a bad man for that's that's the thing about you know you can tell me all these things that i i don't know about your your disease right but you don't need to tell me anything about why vegan is good which I already know yeah but if you know it or if you if you think you know it now it's up to you to switch to the gear and use it for yourself. Oh yeah Oh and I did for about a year

I completely cut out all the so I mean there were some major things, you know, no grains of any kind, no sugar of any kind. No alcohol of any kind. No red meat, no fried foods. The list kind of went on and on. And then you also have to supplement it with like, healthy things like fermented vegetables in like kombucha and things like that and take like, probiotics people. Yeah, exactly.

And thank you to have shots and there are a few other things and my psoriasis went away then you go so why is it back it went it just because I've been treating myself like a you go

especially because I got into bodybuilding and stuff and I was taught you need to eat meat and potatoes

to get big and I did get big oh yeah it works Don't get me wrong it's like they're right it's like that then you just yeah exactly but you're not actually outside if you have like a nice body and you can see that the structure right

You should have seen me before I was traveling around the world I was like good now

you see me I'm sorry. Read like super skinny or no I wasn't always is it always been my my my show because of the trial and because of all the swimming I was like

so and I still I I did all the sport every week right? It's another thing was

Being so cool in the last three years I buried on to any exercise how I did it before right so that I come home at four or five and then I'm three four hours on the bike right now but I still keep the body I still have a great body I have my my nice little six peg nothing fancy but I still like fancy just a six pack not hard to get in just like you know like all my my my my my I'm normally if I wouldn't be being I would travel and don't do the same sport I would probably

get a little bit more weight on a little chunky so it'll too much Pad Thai probably too much oil and then and then that's it and then you come home after three years of traveling or four years and you like well I'm so unhealthy you know the the being lifestyle being died while traveling around the world keeps me in check. Well yeah, that's kind of one very excuse that I've always given myself to eat unhealthy and that I am traveling and

in a small way, it's it's true. But it's mostly not true. But what I tell myself is that food is part of culture. And you know when I go to Thailand Oh, I didn't know if you go to Thailand, Vietnam, how do people look like you do a pretty good day look pretty healthy, right? Or that very same. So what do you want to tell the people in use? Nolan takes us on somewhere else. No, I actually got dude. I lived in Amsterdam for a year and I actually never got like a culture shock. When I went to Amsterdam. I flew in and I felt right at home right off the bat live there for a year and have you been answered him. It's very very Damson very, very similar in most parts of western Europe. People look good people. They're tall. They're. There's slim they bike everywhere. You can imagine if you ever been like Copenhagen very very similar oh yeah up there. And so for a year I was just so used to everyone just looking good all the time. They biking rather look good. I flew. I flew back to America. Not only did I fly back to America, I flew into Houston.

Houston is not what you want to fly into when you're used to skinny, beautiful people all the time. I think I might be getting this wrong, but it's like a second or third most it's a very overweight city. It's, oh, it was bad. And I just,

it's weird. Because when I grew up in America my whole life

in having these obese people, it was just so normalized. In a way. I just, I almost didn't see them. It just my my brain didn't pick up on them when they walk by and then I flew the Houstons I hadn't if you're obese if you're morbidly obese. What it's done. What does obese mean? So you have overweight, right? And then they have obese it's one step beyond overweight. It comes from the BMI scale the body mass index scale, which is where you kind of divide your weight by your by your height, which is kind of a stupid scale. I have 21 it says where I had 21.4

Yeah, yeah, you're on the scale. It's kind of a stupid scale because we have a lot of muscle it's gonna say overweight. And so it's a weird scared. We're not fat shaming. Yeah, exactly.

I don't care if somebody has oh yeah exactly i mean be healthy if you can but

anyway so yeah I flew in it was just it was shocking because in Amsterdam if you're morbidly obese it's people almost look at you funny you know it's like what would what you're if you're 300 pounds like whoa that's weird but healthy people up there huh yeah

yeah yeah it's good time I liked it up there so

what has been the most surprising thing about traveling all the time

and anything shock to you or have you just been at home the entire time I'm know I'm mostly on the road but

can you What's the most surprising thing about traveling all the time we had any like oh cool shopping What have you not expected how easy it is how easy yeah how easy it is how to get apartments for

Some, especially compared to Europe, compared to other places, and especially in Southeast Asia, you just walk into condominiums. You say, Oh, you ever apartment here just for example, and they say yes. And then the next day you move in. Boom, you have it. You go to a rental car rental company, get your car, get your motorbike immediately. There's no like big contracts. And

that's, that's what's surprising how easy it can be to get a play a place, try to get the place in belly try to get an apartment and barely know you have to line up with 25 other people's if you're lucky. And then they decide who wants to get in. Is this just an Asian thing though? I think so. I'm in the other countries. Let's say in the US. For example, we had Airbnb Right, right. What is simple but it's way more expensive. We had this in Costa Rica, Japan is simple you just get a camper van.

Just for example Cyprus was just other side of your in Cyprus was easy to Facebook groups for real estate believe you just go on Facebook and you get your apartments on Facebook, you line up your your realtors and then you make an appointment and then you show up and then you say, Okay, I take it there's no Oh, sorry, we have 10 other people no First come first.

That's what I like. That's kind of what I always tell people as well.

He's you know, I studied abroad for the year and Amsterdam and I would come back and I tell people about that and they say, Oh, I wish I could do that. I wish I could do that. And it's just like, dude, you can you can do it's really not that hard. I it's really traveling you travel. It's not as hard as people make it out to be.

I mean, the initial flight over there that's a little pricey. You know, it can it can maybe cost you like $1,000 to get to the other side of the world. Some a lot cheaper if you really shop around Houston to Chiang Mai with Qatar Airways.

315 Are you kidding me? Yeah it's one way it's right now just yesterday checked again Who? Qatar. Qatar was a great airline What? Yeah you flies with cheap. So these this during the offseason or something I think I paid right now six or 701 price when you play with China right? Oh yeah yeah your time so my bags and everything is not

very particular body airlines I probably should be too. I thought my podcast equipment was a goner. When I showed up and they said my bag to. I thought I was being scammed. Honestly, I got off the plane and some dude just came up. He said, Hello, who are you? And I said, Oh, I'm Sam. And he said, Oh, your bags are gone. And like, I just landed in Thailand. And so I was constantly you know, on edge of being like, old off as a white guy. And now the great thing

Sorry for interrupting your good. I just had this in my head. When we came to Chiang Mai in the airport and I saw a suitcase was broken.

A guy came up to us and said, Oh

You know what? We can fix that? Just give us your hotel or apartment where you live. You pick it up. And then the next day we bring it

next day they come. took our suitcase, fix it in one day. Bring it back. No, no. No discussions. No. Like, oh, you just said, Okay, if you can fix it is fine, right? I don't care of order to $250,

suitcase. No, I want money. No, no, no, if you can fix you can fix it and they fix it. Perfect. No discussion. I love that. I think the time might be the most laid back culture of anyone I've ever met. There's so chill about everything. No one gives a known as a no one gets angry about if you smile and you and you don't make them angry. You have no issues will also I understand to be a very very non confrontational culture. Very, you know, if you get up and

I think I was traveling with someone and you know, we were at a restaurant

It took them agreeably an inordinate amount of time for them, we get our food is like two hours or something like that. And the person we're with, kind of like, got up in the face of the person who is serving us, and

nothing horrible. Just like, you can't do this. You can't, you can't treat customers like this. And just they were it was just uncomfortable on a level that I just never seen before in my life. It's just so so non comedy. You just don't do that over here. Just crazy. Sorry. What are you talking about? confrontation? Oh, yes. People like if you have a problem with someone, you don't get up in their face and tell them about it. No, there's a taste thing you you you you don't make trouble with the tie

first you don't know if they know more about say everyone's gonna whip your over here to their super nice until you give them a reason not to me. Yeah. And if there's a fault, it's your fault.

It's it when you move on. That's also what you learned. in self defense. You try to avoid conflict anyway. In what country if you can

avoid conflict avoided there's no reason to stress about it. Yeah The best way to win a fight is to not get in one yeah perfect and that's why we traveling around the world three years no conflict nothing got stolen yet we never got scammed because we follow one simple rule or like several routes but one of the rules is always I'm at home before 8pm anywhere where we are always all the time all I of course if I'm just in a summer restaurant and Evelyn just try to find a way that home and I gotta get the out of here know what I mean by that is I'm not joining any night lives really do not drink no I don't drink I never drank alcohol drink know that sometimes. Maybe never joined your whole life my whole life not even a single drop. That's very very interesting. tasted it was no like I never I never. I don't do this. It's interesting. I recently given up drinking action. That's great. Hold on. You and Tony. Do Oh my gosh. Do you know how old am I?

36 3636 look vegan. Yeah, he goes, look. 36. He looks good, man. It's also reason. No kids again. There you go. Yeah. You know, kids are gonna look awesome.

I just told, because, when we and Houston, we visit Libby's friend and she, she has just a baby right now, and,

and you just hang out with the baby. And I was like, I love babies. My own baby, then it changes. Well, you know, it's enough. You being vegan 100% is one reason you look good. You know, another reason you look good. You don't drink that. I don't think people quite understand how much drinking ages you oh my gosh,

I see this all the time is crazy. Like,

if you look um, they're hard to find. Don't get me wrong, but if you find like a 40 or 50 year old sorry, um,

who has doesn't drink and I'm not talking about like a 50 year old like hasn't drink for the past year. I mean, I mean a 50 year old who

Has not drinking for the past 30 years,

unless they've really treated themselves like in other ways, which is rare if you don't drink because that means you take care of yourself. They look amazing. In fact, it's, you kind of realize what a 50 year old is supposed to look like, versus what they almost always look like, because it's insane. how prevalent drinking is. How, how hard is it to find a 50 year old that hasn't drinking in the past 30 years? That's you're gonna find me when I'm 50. Yeah, that's true. That's true. So why did you make the decision not to drink? Oh, always. When I was a kid, I always saw there was one moment in my life when there was like six years old and there was this beer bottle on my great use a great grand mother, right? Like I'm like the very very old like my mother of your grandma. Yes. Right. And there was beer bottle on the table and I just went there and I just sniffed on it.

It was so disgusting like

I can't even describe I was a kid right but I know it was so disgusting I said my say I would never touch anything what is has something to do with alcohol? Because I asked when he says it's alcohol alcohol bad never I kept it until today just one ministry moment right? Because a lot of people

think that same thing when their kids and my friend and they just end up drinking my friends that I surrounded myself with then I'd like tough cool you know I'm a drinker. cool dudes don't they're just like easy chill sporty people like me that alternate never drink alcohol. So I also surround myself with the right people, right? If you surround yourself with the wrong people, you can get in trouble. Well, that's one thing I was going to ask you in that

one thought I kind of had my head when I quit drinking and for the most part I I'm very

Very grateful. This turned out not to be true. But of course, it is partially true. One thought I had my head is that

drinking is a social glue. It allows people to come together. I mean, some people drink because they literally enjoy the feeling of being intoxicated.

But I think a lot of people drink just because other people drink and it tends to bring people together and it's much brings people together. Exactly. You're doing sport even on a Sunday and you are together it brings people together. There's things that bring people together. But drinking is a big one. And it's kind of an easy out in the sense that it's much easier to hit your friend up and say, Hey, Marcel, you want to come grab a beer compared to Hey, Marcel, like, you want to come over and talk about your feelings, or two hours or just kinda like a weird thing to say, you know, two dudes don't really say that to each other. Like, at the very least, we need to go get some food or something like we have to have some excuse to hang out and so drinking provides people an excuse.

To hang out, it's in it. I usually I usually see that it's not actually about the drinking

usually just have a beer and you hang out. It's about the connection you have with with some people. It is actually about the sad, I think. Yeah, it is a little sad. And so,

uh. So we have to stop you there's an airplane creates a lot of noise loud airplane that's I love this garden. But that's the one problem you steam. It was the first plane or the second one so they changed the flight patterns in the day coming over here. Yeah.

And so I'm just a random thing.

I didn't even know how it looked like. I should have checked the camera net the day of too much headspace. Oh, you look good. You look real good. You like vegan and unhealthy.

But yeah, that's one thing I was afraid of when I stopped drinking. And that I felt like I wasn't really going to be able to make friends anymore. I know that sounds like a weird thing to say. But just my entire life. That was how I kind of made male friend

Especially in that what's a male friend Friend with another man, you know,

male male like me like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

ma le um, because, like with, with, with girls, they're usually a little bit more chill actually about not having an excuse. If you have a girl like, Hey, you want to come over and talk to be like, yeah, you know, they're down. But for some reason, men kind of feel uncomfortable doing that with one another. And so I was definitely afraid of that. That was the that was the main thing I was afraid of. When I quit drinking. It wasn't actually giving up the actual act of being intoxicated. Even let us feel nice. I didn't really care about that. What I cared about was giving up social opportunity.

Okay. And what I found was exactly what you said in that, you know, drinking people's bring drinking brings people together. But so to sports. So does podcasting. So it is working towards a common goal. Um, well, you know, just be honest, yeah, to be honest, brings people together as well. I can call my friends at war. I have a problem here. I wouldn't even use the word be.

Oh my gosh. I remember when I when I was was young in one of my coworkers he always asked me can you bring me some cigarettes? If you go to lunch break

Of course he was my he was like how do you say to boss from the boss the like three boys supervisor right in the boss no like he was a supervisor of myself and and and hope people is emotionally if you go to lunch Can you bring me some cigarettes?

There was for me like the worst thing in the world to do so of course I had to do because you can see no right so I went there to the cashier took the cigarettes now always said they are not for me. Not for me. Not for me. I promised I don't smoke the same article. I would never buy alcohol because I would just feel myself so embarrassed putting a beer bottle

or when I had the cigarette I was so embarrassed having these stuff on the on the and everybody can see it right. Everybody can see it. No, I wouldn't.

Never set myself into. You know, it's so funny I did with the cigarettes horrible when a lot of people stopped drinking and I kind of felt the same way. Sometimes

we would actually feel the opposite thing. You feel embarrassed when you have a beer around you on the checkout counter. Um. When I quit drinking, and let's say I go to a club or I go to a bar, and everyone around me is chugging beer. And I'm sitting there with my glass of water like a idiot. That almost feels embarrassing. Really, actually, when people start tooling you and like Oh, why aren't you drinking? Weren't you drink? Why aren't you drinking? It can be

can make you feel like an outcast in a way other people makes it more starting a conversation. So what why do you don't drink right? And then you have a conversation. Why? And you can tell them why exactly somebody died because of alcohol in your family. What is the reason why you wouldn't drink right now? 100%. I've actually found that you You nailed it. That's the key to success because I

I've totally given up drinking now. But earlier, maybe two years ago, I kinda sorta gave up drinking. But it's more for diet reasons. It wasn't like this huge thing I was doing with conviction. It was more

it was when I was like curing mice, right? So it's like I talked about my leaky gut. And an alcohol isn't good for you. So saying, Okay, I'll call I probably shouldn't drink and I didn't drink it. Nine out of 10 times. But the thing that I found interesting was when people would say, oh, drink, drink, drink.

Weren't you drinking? Are you drinking? I would say, Oh, you know, you went to college. Yes. So you had all these? Yes, yes. Exactly. It frat parties and bars and stuff. And so so people would compensate hell, why aren't you drinking or any drinking? And I would just kind of respond Oh, you know, I'm just I'm not like really drinking a whole lot right now. I would have no conviction behind what I was saying. Cuz I was kind of drinking but not really, you know, and like, sometimes maybe once a month, I would drink and so people would sense that and they wouldn't really take what I was saying seriously.

You know, I would say, I'm not really thinking right now. And they'd say, oh, bucket drink, like, you gotta drink, you should drink, do a shot with me. But now when people say,

why aren't you drinking? I say, Oh,

I choose not to drink, because it doesn't serve me anymore. In fact,

I used to want one thing I say that the people find interesting is I used to, you know, rely on alcohol is kind of like a social crutch. You know, I would like go to a bar, and I'd want to socialize with people. And, you know, maybe I would look to alcohol to make that easier now that I don't have alcohol, I find that like, it helps my social skills that helps me grow and helps me maintain like deeper relationships with people. And so when you get that response to, oh, why are you drinking

people get kind of floored they get almost like taking it back and then it's not even about the drinking anymore. They want to delve into that topics. It's really interesting. That's an interesting thing to say. And they say, Oh, well, like how is your experience changed? And then they don't even really push you to drink anymore.

Yeah, I already have another thought in my hands. I was just waiting.

For this stops, I

know it for me is is more like I'm always proud to say because for me is is more like how I present myself, right? If you see, I don't drink alcohol you like, but if you say, Oh, I don't drink alcohol. Whoa. Why'd you come out? Like, like,

over there? Okay. Okay. Although, although it's all how you present careful not to sound like judgmental. I do sometimes. Yes. I'm so proud of myself. that exact thing. So I make other people feel a little bit more than Yeah, I know. I know. But sometimes I'd like I think it's based on the context like we're sitting out here. And like this beautiful garden. You can sound judgmental about drinking, get away with it, because it's so I would do the same 10 people out there. Sure. Well, that's what I was gonna say is like when you're doing it, like in a bar, and everyone's drinking and I would do it really, would you? Oh,

yeah, totally. How has that gone over for you? Oh, I didn't do it yet. But I will. You would. Oh yeah. Well, that that's true. I guess you say you don't go out after eight days. Oh,

but I would totally do it because it's just how it

Do it and how and liberty as you would say, because what I'm I have no filter. You know like if I talk with people and especially if it's not my own language I just don't have no fear. I use words that

for American people or English speaker native English speakers, I wouldn't. Oh, did you really see that? Oh, right words. Here's some good legs. Like some words, right foot for me is just a word. So I just push it out. Like what I say it in a typical German direct way. I tap Dr. The person's is crushed. But I I really didn't mean it. But it's just like how we say things right? Sometimes. I mean, it just sometimes it's just meant German, you know, so you haven't? Well, I guess you have no basis for comparison. So you haven't experienced any difficulty socializing? Without No, never, especially people who have to read should have most of the time problems socializing with people, right? Most people stayed home.

depressed using a lot of medical minds, I'm in the Facebook group for to read people. And when I see sometimes how when I read the comments of somebody saying when they kill themselves in the next week, right, so it's pretty, pretty terrible. And then I'm like, Wow, man, I have to help these people right on how can I How can I help you? How can I support them? Right? So some people who have to read they know me and know what I'm doing. So they use me as an example. It's possible, right? And no, I was also a soccer coach. Not because somebody asked me because I went there. I went to concerts. where I lived in Switzerland is Constance is Germany. Pricing is Switzerland. And one day when I was 23, I thought, you know, there was a pretty good soccer player when I was a kid and when I was an adult, so I said, I want to teach so I went to this to this team, right? And I said, I want to be sorry, Coach, what do I have to do? Okay, we have this team for you. I trained in one and a half years was amazing. They put me in a school system.

Did you go there in Germany ruins right and you have to to go to school and and you learn it and you're always in situation with people right and I have to read at this time a little bit harder than now I was never an issue for me it was never is all I have to read I can't socialize no was never it was because I'm always self confidence right I have self what's the word self confidence that's what I always had doesn't matter what happens if I know I want to do something just do it and if not if somebody said oh no you can't do it okay and move on to the next thing so you don't mind me asking like what are your tix and Tourette's I it's more like shaking my head or turning around in my spine sometimes they jump up in the air or I do some funny noises like on the phone I'm like, you know like when I talk with people sometimes I talked with the important people and then what was the sun I didn't know something I there's something there's something going on over here.

Yeah, it is. I didn't know what was that right. And

these are my most he takes his like shaking head rolling eyes. You know,

people think it is blowing them off all the time. Just rolling your eyes. Yeah. Like, like,

oh, that guy was an. Like rolling his eyes. Yeah.

Oh, there was a time when I did a lot. And people really thought and I said, No, I have to read. I tell the people what I have. Right? Some people don't know what it is. And then I explain it. Especially when I was at the Navy. Right? It wasn't a German Navy for five days. And then they fired me because of Tourette's because of to read. Yeah, really? Yeah. But it was because it seems like a bit much was it? No, they don't. Because the problem is on the weapon right? Take just I guess it makes sense. They can't have the risks. Somebody with red is on a weapon. And then something happens. You can tell them everything because they know I have it under control. It doesn't matter if they know you have to read they can keep you in them in the military. Are there particular situations which caused it to come up more? Yes, right now like we're talking

When I'm talking and when I'm when I get a little nervous or I stumbled with words, then I'm like,

then it's coming. And then I have to

just re re reset. And then I'm back. So you kind of like learn how to control it. Oh, I have to have it since I'm four years old are is that is that common with people threats that they're able to learn how to control it? No, that's that's the minimum because when I talk with you right now, I can take the pain from here the taint Mei Mei Epicenter is always in the head, like between my eyes. So like it's not here anymore. It's already gone. It's already in my foot. It's already my left. And then I just take it out and put it in here. Put it in here, and I do this it's gone. So I keep me focused at my head doesn't shake. So you described it as pain. It's always pain. Yes. It's like when you use your fingers and you put your fingers in your temples, right. It's the right

went and you pressed as in and then just precedent This is the painted it always it from inside out

all the time except when I sleep when I do sport that's why sport is a huge factor in my life without sport

it wouldn't be that good as well so I have sport is that individually like focused on something else so yes Lee correct or you know in Germany we had we have no speed limit on the highway right

in some parts but like 100 and dirty and then to 60 yeah when I'm on down the German highway and drove like to 50 to 60 nothing goes I'm so focus you have to be you have to be in your brain it's just like there's so much going on with that your brain can't even realize that you have to read so you forget it but then when you come home I was never able to relax when I'm on a race on the cycling race something there's always so much going on around you. You have to concentrate on the bike your hundred people are

You You go in full speed between 40 and 50, sometimes 6070. Depends on how fast it is. And then you come home or you go in your car. And then the most few that just

not me that goes just like

to read. I can relax. That sucks a little bit. But

have you ever tried meditation? I don't. Libby is a huge meditator. She meditate every day twice. And she can she can really she's gone and but I calm because of the pain right? But it's what I tell myself Oh, I can't meditate. Right? So that's the thing about can try it. Or you can tell yourself not to try and and I'm more than the person that I don't want to try it. First. Meditation is what I think is it's not for me, right? So I didn't try it yet. But sometimes I do it but not meditation. I just sit there and what I think

thing is kind of meditation. But I'm not really listening to like me music or light or being like, really focus for my friends or my friend, my best friend, he goes to silent meditation twice a year equals Japan or he goes to Belgium song you bear. So if you ever think about making an amazing Silent Retreat meditation retreats or you go to song you bear in Belgium it's a castle was like it it really cost like not cost and monastery and they do amazing

meditation is interesting because it seems like it would stand to reason that would help pretty substantially because I get

very, very similar feeling for meditation.

But I do from sports, because I think you summed it up very, very well in that when you're doing sports, you can't really focus on anything else. In fact, that's what I love most about sports and I think you get it more from sports.

From some sports than from other sports, and that's the reason that I like Brazilian jujitsu so much because there's literally a big man. attacking. Shake. ringing, right? Yeah. Like grappling and, and. And a Submission Wrestling, right? So you're you have a large sweaty, muscular man trying to murder you. He's trying to choke you out or break your arms or kill you. And that is such an immediate problem. And I played like, Ultimate Frisbee back in high school and stuff like that. And now you're running around, you're pretty focused. For me, it's not like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you can be having the single worst day of your entire life, your entire family can die in a airplane crash, and while you're doing Brazilian jujitsu, you legitimately won't think about it because he can't because if you do, you're gonna die. That guy's gonna kill you.

And that's what I like about it so much. Obviously the physical aspect but also the mental

And that you can't focus on anything else. And

I get a very, very similar feeling

when I meditate. And when I clear my mind, and I just become the observer of my thoughts, and I don't judge my thoughts, and it is kind of like, let them go by the wayside. It's not quite as powerful as jujitsu, probably because I'm just not experienced enough meditation.

I would assume to like your girlfriend, Libby, or let's say, like a monk or something like that can can clear their mind almost to the point that I can in jujitsu?

Yeah, I found it to be super, super helpful

for all periods of my life. You know, like when I'm feeling anxious or angry about something, or potentially for you like you're feeling like a triptych.

Well, not that I can compare to Tourette's because I don't have it. But when I'm feeling angry or anxious,

I can kind of put myself back in the place where I wasn't meditation, and I can tend to let those thoughts kind of go by the wayside a bit more easily.

So I'm curious would be helpful maybe I you know maybe I tried someday yeah but it's all the thoughts coming in and out right I always had to think about something is this sound you know like if we want to talk about sound again somehow or you know like traveling where we're going next was our next project these things

so I have always thought right so I want to always create right away what can I do next what can I do yeah you seem like quite the go getter you seem you seem like you kind of go against I do more work work

or what my friend always said. You just do things to keep yourself busy. And that's totally right. And that's what I love if just people listening right now because they're always traveling or Yeah, but I still work my off right but it's not paid right? I just do things that I love. Yeah, where do would like 1415 hours sometimes. So you just sit on your computer. You know you edit yourself.

Sounds Are you out in the field recording, listening? That's all something that you do, right? It's not just like traveling one place to another place. I think that's kind of boring. I want to serve the place where I am. And that's why we also love staying longer in one place. Not just I keep on moving. That's that first. A lot of money goes down. If you just travel almost every day. You have to use a train, plane or car anyway. What your new spend money all the time. But when you are grounded, like we are here on our place. We have a beautiful place here in Chiang Mai. We pay about $700 a month. What is amazing is like one of the things 700 a month. Yes, but it's a lot for Chiang Mai. But it'd be solid out it's you must have a nice house plays a huge pool in 200 a month for the house. Right now we have you have huge pool your fitness we have sauna, it's a condominium. Oh, nice. But it's not like it's one of them most. Yes. It's one of the

The bed best places here in Chiang Mai to live and

was going to say yeah this will be doing so we saving money by staying here

Well that makes sense um. But you can't stay in a place like that like like for for because this is too noisy I don't know if there's Libby has a lot to do with editing because we do also other stuff for other people because we use me mainly just when we lived in Costa Rica we shot 25 years there and now these videos have to be edit so she needs focus She needs a good place to live that's why we choose living in a nice place if not we could just live anywhere else right right but right now we need we need this is really nice surround needed we can oh let's do an hour sport boom town. Swimming

Fitness Studio CD most of your working in the apartment these co working space

yeah like that.

Ah, come on. Really, literally.

You scarf these coworking space first. I don't know. You know. Like to be honest. When we lived in, in Vietnam, we went to a few places you're more distracted because they're always people coming in or then talking. Are they doing stuff or moving stuff around? Or just being able to have another person in your vision?

Totally distract me or and I'm somebody who? Oh my god. You can distract me in a second. And I am a man. Or you can you can. Like I love to talk. I'm a talker. I could talk for hours and attend. Somebody comes here. What are you doing? We're doing you

two people chat at this co working spaces. Oh, no. Probably not done. And and,

um, so. Yeah. co working space. co working spaces. Yeah, they're

they're all right. Yeah, I like them. I like that. I like the free cake. I don't Yeah, I don't like coworking space because they just distract me.

distract me from what I'm doing. And I can be easily distracted. If you somebody and you come in and co working space and you see me as a hair, what are you doing? I would take my son my stuff on the side, and then I would just talk with him for hours in my stuff just but I need to focus, right? So you're easily distracted, but you get a lot done. How do you stay productive apart from just you know, removing yourself from situations like that, you know, do you have like morning routines that you go after? Or how do you get so much done? Oh, I don't have a routine. I just wake up at six sometimes 530 and tonight Just go go and do my things. First check my emails for it shouldn't do But it's just kind of routine, right? When you check your emails. That's what I'm doing and responding to all the comments all the new people that coming on my website and leaving comments then I respond to them or if somebody almost when I wake up they always people pledge money and then leave me a comment leave me and then I respond to them make sure that they have all what they need what they use.

To have like, they get a special link from me when you pledge it's not just like that you give me money. And that's it. Now there's, you have access to my whole sound library. 66 gigabytes,, and

unpublished, unpublished and published. And plus, you can use all my sounds as a big thank you on a public domain. So me test no license this license free and royalty free.

Well for this huge and my library is worth few thousand dollar. Yeah, exactly. Well, people can steal it easy to find it. Oh, easy. I'm sure if you get the link to one person that they can do whatever they want. They can just download and chop up what they need and can resell another libraries especially if you if you are a nomad or if you somebody who

really wants to make money. Right. And I think that's the main point that I was going to say it's about people really want to make money with silence. They just don't realize where they are.

Our p o sorry there are people in Peru right now the making a photo and making maybe a YouTube video with the stupid licensed free music What I would never watch after five segment with turn it off if there's some kind of a weird licensed free music that sounds absolutely nothing like the place they are so super unattended it's done five cents I'm gone and

but they don't know the value where they are if you are in Peru in Junger there sounds from animals that libraries pay a fortune I work with a sound library pays me for one minute 100 US dollar pair, minute each sounds but it picks up other sound library pay you $5

but then it's not under my name. It's exclusive, they can use it on their library. So just that you get an idea that sound is not just like, oh, it is a song now there are libraries who pay a fortune for yourself. So it's gonna say it sounds like I wouldn't.

Most people get into recording ambient sound for the money that when I think I'm making money I don't think of going to the jungle and recording animal sounds you know you know and I said this is the gold the sounds good yeah you know

you can use a doc sound effect doc stop barking sounds you use the sounds of as a high quality or recorded you can use the sounds to create an alien sound and horror sound effect door squeaking just going audio blocks go and audio jungle sound snap going all the sounds and you will see sounds and listen to sounds that just yesterday I was listening because I recorded an amazing an American football stadium marching sounds

in in Orange County was great. I just was listening to it and then it was just see let's see how much people pay for marching. Sounds right? So went on different libraries and there's like $5 for one minute so it's a regular price tag upon five and then I was listening to it.

There was wind there was his was too much gain and then I think like

people really sell these and that's why I became a sound recorder I think we never talked about how I became yeah How did he become a sound recorder and we worked on a project about human trafficking and Cambodia oh mm hmm we walked in Cambodia but did you doing sound on that project? no no we did videos about human trafficking also in Atlantis yeah online you can watch them and human trafficking situation on there. Or it's horrible. Oh, yeah, it's horrible. Certainly trafficking when it comes to to the tourism and stuff. It's horrible. Or we also went to Atlanta. But anyway, when we are in Cambodia made this this project work on this project. I was just looking for sounds right, like to make it more authentic and

I couldn't find anything. I could find something but it's way too expensive for the budget or there was some kind of licensing right did I

Don't understand and I was just not good enough.

So then I had this h1 it's like the little brother of age six like little zoom hundred dollar and then it wasn't cm read and then I just walked around and cm reap that was this pond full of it like wow like a little little not frocks is the kind of weird anymore it's it's all on my on my websites from one first sounds

and then I was had my iPhone headphones in it and I was sitting there and listening and I was like

that's kind of a meditation right you listen to the sound right and I was so like


it's a totally new word it just opens to me right you can see things with your eyes but then what you listening if you go in a movie and you listen to an amazing film. Why is the movie amazing? Mostly because the sound because the sound creates emotion. It makes you said makes you happy makes you a

Makes you scared if it's a horror movie, right?

So same when you go out into nature in your records on you listen to it, it's like it creates an emotion right? It creates a feeling it's like amazing and then I fault I have access to the sounds that people who are working with sounds just on half right? They're working post production working on a movie sitting in studio all day long and they don't have these x's I make I give them the chance to have access to the sounds and then I started recording but now it's time How can these people find me such as like, oh I make it sound and then I put them up you can sell them immediately marketed you have to find a way to make the make yourself you have to get yourself out there right

and that's what I did. I had a YouTube channel with the sounds I had like immediately riches up on YouTube. Like just I just post sound with some videos and photos but it wasn't enough.

Especially if you wanna if you want to have like real content because if you make video and stuff you can really give the people in an idea but then I taught to Libyans Libby Can you make me a website and then she because she did the whole website and then I want to make the people feel what I feel and see what I see I wanted they understand where the sound is coming from so we created the website and we had to find namely nomadic sounds worldly sounds freely you sounds living just like in five minutes well that's the one said free this free as long as it yeah they love it but sometimes stupid thing it's free. It's it's right but not my sounds. They're not. They're like really high quality recorded and I do a little bit of editing but I keep it as raw as I can. Because for somebody who really knows what he's doing. I have no idea what sounds before I just record

I listened to it and if it sounds nice good to me it's fine

and sound designer somebody sound engineer he it's like you give them a photo right somebody who knows how the editor for us in the raw file is a perfect if you start editing the photo and you make it overexposed here there there's nothing they can do like deserve death photos doesn't it's the same sound right so using the raw file as original as you can and then they they happy and that's what I did so I created this website and then I now I have the website right I have this website so what what next then you have to find out what people use sounds that's the hardest part that's the hardest part where do I get find the most of just the film industry it is not only defense ministry the most the biggest industry to use the sounds the video game industry. Oh, the video game. Oh my gosh. Be about that. Yeah, most people don't think about it and it's even bigger.

Because you make more money with videos then with movies that makes sense, because the film industry, they're going to be getting sound on set when you're recording. They've got the sound. I mean, they might need some extra sounds debt, you know, they've got it Naughty Dog with video games. Yeah, they need everything they need to sound but they have Naughty Dog, for example, they go into China and record the ones. So you were originally into videography with this trafficking business. What? Tell me Tell me more about that. What is the trafficking problem projects? Okay, so when we lived in Chiang Mai, we met people that having a drop shipping store, like using drop shipping. So we made a really nice connection with somebody and they lived in in Seattle,

and then he asked us because we are in Cambodia, if you can make a project for them for the crowdfunding campaign to use awareness to raise money for trafficking but against, right? There's a lot of people in the background who worked at a pretty famous

Then we said yeah we can do that. So where did you go and do a documentary and we did like four video three videos for what you learn

oh gosh it's nothing you want to talk about it's interesting i mean it's it's something you have to do you use like people aren't quite aware of how bad it is

it is bad is everywhere oh my gosh if you just say human trafficking especially Atlanta and we're talking about it and net about Asia is talking about Atlanta Georgia states it's the biggest and it's it's a hub for human trafficking. Atlanta Georgia Yes You're kidding me? Yeah it's huge what yeah this is the main hub people getting for for the United States or for the info oh no it's all for the United States but international is one of the biggest in the world lanta Yeah. It's just random Oh my gosh. Man via in Atlanta and we had all these resources and we had to make this video or we we did you get so much information that we as traveler couldn't even have

Handle because you dive into a word you're not made for, right? Sorry for that. It wasn't. We did it. We did it in Bangkok. We filmed in Bangkok, it's more about filming, right? You film and then you use the information you put the information is text into the video, and then you present it. And I think it's good and it's it. So,

but the information that you absorb, then you would figure it out what you learn to just blows your mind, right. And when we are in Atlanta, we drove around this very, like, areas, Libby and I just to travelers, and we went to of course, it was around the universities I think since 10 years. I was like, very like their science with no cruising so I don't even know what's in you know, cruising, cruising. So we went there and we filmed it. And then we saw it right you see real gangsters they're not people who just like trying to be tough no debt off and leave we had the camera and in this moment we said we can't do that. You know, if they think that's a then it's over. So when we step back from from

Making videos a daytime so we did some in and nighttime then we use we use whatever VIERA right to do it at night instead of the day. That seems like an even worse side now we drove around some kind of like red spots you know like we're like prostitutes walking around right? And then it's also what you can see in the video The How the did Atlanta come to be the human trafficking capital the world I liked it because airport in the word like the most it's not the biggest but it's the track that the airport with the most people coming in every day is like 60,000

a day. What the that's not what I think of when I think of it like oh yeah, I just think of like chick fil a. You know now when you when you want to make your research, you just type in human trafficking Atlanta and also when I think of human trafficking, I

probably have this I always think of it as being more prevalent in countries like Cambodia. Oh yeah. countries like Vietnam. No, no, no more potential.

Surely you know countries with like thriving red light districts you know no it's not only the Eastern Europe social media is is the biggest trick to get young girls tricked into the human trafficking because I'd say there's a there's an Instagram account right as a cool dude right and a lot of money Ferrari and then this is let's say this this young girl from Florida who has trouble with the family who dreams about all well it's just right well your Instagram account so cool as no problem I can bring you the you can come to come visit me it's actually an example of what really happened there was this young girl from Florida who flew into Atlanta to meet this guy he just took her put her in her one of his houses and in the basement There are five other girls and then she had to dance and one of these bars right

there you go. It's Christ so they take the passport they say if you don't do what I do then I heard your family right.

This is also looking around airports youngers solo travelers to should be aware of the situation that everywhere where they are they're always surrounded by these people could take every year they're hanging out in in airports a train station and it just looking for women that did you can easy target right

you don't have any more more so and in there they get easy target if there's a girl who looked said something like that it's easy and then they get so so easy tricked into this society it's it's crazy and Atlanta is the biggest so it's

literally kidnapping because Miss yes correct I mean I knew there were levels of human trafficking and I knew that there is a law the Moines it's crazy there's a huge human train Des Moines in Iowa that's there is a there was a human trafficking hot What the is that

These centers pop up for human trafficking It's so random but yeah when I thought so

you know everyone's seen like the whole taken movie with like Liam Neeson and things like it's totally what happened these kind of thing oh yes of course it's not just as I told myself that um. You know modern like that was a little bit over exaggerated you know so so that literally happens just straight up kidnapping is that the more common way to do it because my my understanding the more common way for it to happen

would be maybe you convince a girl to come to a foreign country and and she comes willingly and then you're not necessarily holding her there with force but typically they hold them there with like mental coercion and that they don't know anyone Ah, rock you. They don't know the language of the country and they were promised work and maybe like legitimate work and then they say, Okay, well that work doesn't exist the only thing you can do is and and i mean

They're both incredibly up when I thought of human trafficking but I thought more commonly be more like indentured servitude like that and that someone brought you over and now you're like it's really up situation it's hard to get out human trafficking it's not only right you can human trafficking and can be all you can be tricked into into like mess working spaces right better side so now you you work here for the next 50 hours you don't get paid let's say for example in Cambodia you work for a company that you have to make the shoes or the T shirts but you not get paid but it's also human trafficking trick from other countries and then they work in a country we have no passport have no perspective and then again if you don't do what we're doing then you know so it's not only saves human traveling is so much more so much more in depth also slavery modern slavery so much and and in the more we got into in depth in this demo depressed living I was we got we like we had weeks

To get out of the space and we lift these five days in Atlanta working with them and having all this information shooting all this Bureau, we just felt, especially Atlanta is not a very safe city. You just, you just, you can't just walk around down the street

there was hard and shooting in Bangkok like in the in the in the red light districts we just did beer right so we didn't really we didn't do any undercover stuff for them of course not but just shooting Bureau and absorbing informations there was a little bit too much and we shouldn't have done in You shouldn't have done um. Because for our own safety would we put ourselves in a risk because these sorry because this this is an this is an environment or this is something would

this is this is a serious thing, right, right. Yes, you is people well, what I would say is that what he did was courageous.

sense that if everyone had that mentality and that you you did put yourself we did it and on Sunday of doing that I mean again very very dark world and I'm sure it was super scary at some parts well I read a post you made about how your

now I'm sorry though someone else someone else a friend of mine had a car stolen in Atlanta I thought that was you for a second but but yeah um

you put yourself in harm's way and it's very very tempting to not do that but if everyone has that mentality and that oh I don't want to put myself in harm's way then you're never really going to garner exposure for these issues and I mean the people that are really in harm's way or the people being trafficked you know i mean you think you're in harm's way that's trying that like it gets a lot worse yeah I think it's good that we did but I don't know if I would do it again not to put the same setup that we had. It was just Libby and I and then this the

The guy who asked us to do it right but there's so much more than it should be so much more because they're this that when we talk about you want to me there's so much more ideas just that should be more people involved it should be more security more and there was just like

I don't know how to say it

all we have to cut this somehow way up front because I am totally stumbling now and I hate stumbling No it's fine I think it's interesting is it not for me so we have to find record we cut this right now now this is the people's

no no I don't want I don't want that in the end in the end but yeah that's really scary Were you able to

help any of the people know that I'm just had to document that's it's another thing hooked me up. What would really made me a little bit is normally we said we meet up with an organization right?

In Atlanta and then when we when we said when we went to the University where this then this one university it is this one director and she wasn't there she was on a conference I think was somewhere in in New York and Oklahoma where was a conference of a human Treviso nobody was in the town in Atlanta who can can give us more information who can set us up with other people that we can have an interview nothing and then the guy who hired us he said you know what just shoot some bureau be doing the rest it was more like or now we have to we have to create something right so we didn't have any we just shot Bureau and drove around all these dangerous areas what was kind of a disappointment because if I want to do something where I don't want to really do it right but then at the end we switch just Libby ny who who worked on that thing. And then at the end, Libby just all the editing all the texts and then we gave them the video that takes a lot. It's amazing. It's great.

Then they use it for their Kickstarter campaign and then with this money what they making they supporting

organizations against human trafficking that's where the money goes to the finish the documentary or is this just all this stuff is all no no no nose is all all the US online on YouTube where can we find it we just type in wise giving human trafficking wise giving Why is giving up it's why is giving dot com it's still the website. Why is giving Were you able to actually interview people who are involved in human trafficking? No,

it wasn't really organized. It's kind of like a bummer. Yeah, um, I guess I've just kind of diluted myself into thinking that

hopefully that's less common in places like the United States.

Oh, so it's, it's, it's way more common than we realize I'm not now I'm kind of sitting there thinking like

how much have high unknowingly interacted with

Women who were

in the process of being trafficked and I didn't even know it yeah it could be your friend your classmate it's not even the dead captured it could it could just your your your friends sitting in your class and you have no idea maybe she's see works she is a slave right but you don't know it because these people have so much pressure on them it's crazy yeah that's so scary it's it's all around it's always around and in because we did all this documentary I know it so I always aware of the situation right if you land in airports or something I'm always looking around and I talked with the with an officer in in in Houston with one of the How do you call them teach it you know, like the immigration Yeah,

and we just talked about that. You know, sometimes I will have a conversation within the US here What are you doing, what are you doing why you're saying and then I had like a 10 minute conversation and and then we talked about human traffic.

They say we are totally trained to see these things and especially Atlanta when you land in Atlanta you will see signs about if you see something Call this number because it is such a huge thing in Atlanta I know it's especially bad

in the coyotes that are bringing illegal immigrants from Mexico over to the United States

I heard I heard a statistic

I have no it up but it was something along the lines of if you are a woman who's being smuggled into United States like Cody's yeah something like an 80% chance of getting on the way in it's gotten to the point where

it's literally expected

when you get smuggled into United States and it's almost seen

as like a form of payment

when he is horrible and and it's so up because it's just these it's just these people that are just trying to put some

putting food on the table you know they're literally just trying to go somewhere where they can work and earn money earn a normal wage. The most of us are just born into their we were born into a country where we have the opportunity to work and be given enough money where we can eat and be safe and have food and shelter and clothing. And in order to get themselves to that place that we were naturally born into. They have to submit themselves too late

It's insane.

We're getting pretty doggy and now we're getting very, very dark getting very dark. Holy. I did not expect all that I should have said saying we booked on a project but then I bring up No, I think it's it's very, very interesting. I think it's something we need to

raise awareness about because, you know, we have awareness about certain issues. We have awareness that people have malaria and diseases. We have awareness there's hunger because nobody with the exception of

Certain weird areas, nobody really has a vested interest in hiding the fact that people are hungry. Nobody has a vested interest in hiding the fact that people have malaria unless you're in like North Korea or something really weird. Usually it's pretty public information. But with human trafficking, people have a vested interest in ensuring that nobody knows no, the less that people know about this, the better. So I am glad he brought it up. Okay. The more that people are able to talk about it and have a dialogue about it, the more people will be aware about it. And the more that people can actually start to see it. Because from the outside looking in, it's probably pretty subtle. It's probably a little bit hard to notice. But I think it was this time last year when we did the video.

. It's almost a year ago because I started with my video sound website a year ago.

It was in May.

Yeah, the human trafficking project must be around this time so it

It's a spirit you pretty Is there anything that we are like our listeners can do to like support the industries? Like Are there any charities? Oh yes. Yes. Well the best ones because oh you know in the charity industry there as you know, charities are a lot some are better than others you know, I don't know you know not to look it up No, you you can, you know, look it up figure it out. Yeah there's this um, this is really sweet program called the Center for effective altruism having getting the name right there. Awesome. But basically what they do is they vet charities, so they go out and they find

the list of like the best charities that they recommend donating to,

and I highly, highly recommend anyone who like wants to donate to charity. Or maybe you want to donate to human trafficking or something. Go on their website to find a charity first because you want to talk about some really up. There are thousands of artist charities out there were these charities

Are cropped up in such a way that the owner of the charity is actually profiting more than the, the cause you're trying to help.

There are a few really bad ones I'm like, I know the the the Susan Komen Foundation and

in the United States like that, I looked at the figures of how much

like the CEO gets paid it, it's for its for cancer. It's like a cancer charity, the CEO of Susan Coleman, she's a millionaire it's absurd it's absurd how much money she's making. So yeah, just make sure you're finding good charities and donate to a good cause. It is for you guys you wanna exactly go on this website and check it out but hey man, it's been about two hours Really? That was a good talk yeah two hours thanks so much for coming on man. Oh my god. I wish we weren't a five step where can we find your YouTube page or Instagram you're free to use sound Where can we find you so my website is free to you sounds dot com youtube channel is Libby and Marcel Instagram account is Libby and Marcel.

Facebook pages free to use sounds or Libyan Marcel These are my handles our handled very very cool if you want to check it out Marcel professional vegan professional badass thanks much for coming on man yeah thank you for having me here peace and my voice gets pretty low right now oh yeah you got to very low we'll see you guys later Thank you for listening to the mental architect I am your host Sam cb. If you enjoyed this episode go on down to iTunes and smash that review button so hard that your finger falls off

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