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Is Marriage Necessary

Nubian Speakin is a sex therapist and erotic poet. Through years of counseling couples, she has developed a keen understanding of the strings that hold a relationship together, as well as the factors that drive them apart.

In this episode, Nubian acts as a arbiter of the female mind. She carefully dissects what makes women tick, and presents it to us on a silver platter. Moreover, she gives keen advice on how to work in cooperation with these subtle nuances. After this episode, you can expect to replace the arguments in your relationship with flawless communication and incredible sex. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:41 – How money affects your relationships
7:45 – Is marriage necessary
1:04:33 – Better sex and relationships through honest communication
1:27:41 – How to stop arguing in a relationship
1:37:39 – Keys to a successful relationship
1:45:20 – How to get over a breakup
2:05:12 – Attract higher quality women by changing your location
2:10:45 – How to find your purpose

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How to Get Over a Breakup – Advice From a Sex Therapist

How to Stop Arguing in a Relationship


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In fact, I have been going through a mini existential crisis and that I've been trying to decide whether, yeah, a bit of a crisis. I've been trying to decide whether or not I believe in marriage in general. And let me clarify that. Because when I say that you're alone, like people, people get a little bit confused. So let me clarify. I definitely believe in spending the rest of your life with a single person that I definitely believe that. So I believe I'm not just trying to it for the rest of my life. I don't think that's a good idea. So I guess you could say, I believe in the idea of spiritual marriage, you know, definitely. However

way I like to explain it is, let's say we had an alien race who's studying humans, they discover us and this alien race was the same as us, but they didn't have the emotion of love. They just didn't have it. Love was not a thing in their race, and you're trying to explain marriage to them? Well, the only thing they would really understand it to be as a financial contract.

Because when you remove the feeling of love and romance for marriage on paper that's what marriage is it's a foundational concept financial cards which seems weird to me why is it that it's I meet a girl and I trust you I love you I won't have kids with you let's get this official in front of the government just in case we decide and my boyfriend says the same thing it's a it's a contract that paper is a contract um. But like I said I think it was created in the states to be what it is a contract it's all about money why is it so expensive to get met was more expensive to get a divorce but it's so easy to get married so basically your sign that letter to say okay it's yeah and I do agree what were you saying as far as the whole spiritual yeah I believe that I believe you can be connected with one person and it seems to me that you can like the way I would probably go about doing it with my current worldview and I'm sure it's Bible to change than a week because I'm

Of course, I'm 22. Oh, wow. You're young and dumb. Don't forget dumb young. And what's your admit that? Well, see, I'm trying to fix it. That's why I'm bringing really cool educated people like podcast. Okay.

thing or two. Okay. Okay.

So maybe you can clear up this whole marriage thing for me. That would be awesome. Because if you said, okay, Sam, you had to get married tomorrow, which, hopefully we don't do that because there's no one I want to marry. But let's say you did, I would do something. What they call like a commitment ceremony, right? So what you do is like a marriage. You invite all your friends. You invite that aren't you? Hey, whatever. So funny. A open bar, whatever, all the same, but you just don't sign the paper yet. Just don't say some funny. My point was to say, it sounds like a smart man over there. Very smart. And I think that's what gets me I'm big on intelligence. I love to have a boy he's funny. I should mention he when I met Larry. Y'all were like younger like united front.

over in the corner of the room I walked out I was like What is that like class couple over there just hyping each other up and

you say that because they say that about us in the states I don't know what energy we put off where people but they just Lauer a couple he is absolutely funny um. I love that he could give me a different look on things that's what makes it interesting funny skit honey I you know people say oh find something yeah we have a lot in common but I think more so that he's he's more worldly so he's been around because he he said he was a professional basketball player so so he's

coming It's all coming together through all these country then he much younger than I am and he's matured mental the wise you get what I'm saying well I'm glad you're able to see that because

here's the thing I've noticed that in general women are much less concerned with like superficial aspects of men like they they look on what's on the inside

They're not worried about how you look, blah, blah, blah. They're worried about your soul. But I found there are two exceptions to this rule, generally speaking, and that is height in age. If you are shorter or younger, you can hit the road. From my experience. It was shorter and shorter or younger for you that Yeah, you know, maybe, maybe it's just where I'm at in life. But you know, it's so funny. Like, I might be talking to a girl I got, I had this the other day where I was on a date with a girl, she was a short and no shorter than me, which was good to have that I had the height and we were talking and it was going okay, it was going well, and we started talking about astrology. And so she asked, okay, how old are you? And I said, 22. And she's like,

you're so young. I took the thing and I was like, how old are you? 25. Oh, oh, no, I get 30. I know I've gotten that when you're you know what's funny? Oh my

god. She was 35 and then in the dude was 30.

One she kept saying, oh, he's younger,

younger when I say younger, younger. Yeah, yeah. No, I don't. Um, I really don't. I used to know what I'm talking about though y'all and I get it you know what? It's very superficial with the women. They don't overlook the short guys and

the age how you're saying, Yeah, I actually understand the age thing more than the short thing because age is generally pretty indicative of your personality. If you're older you're probably going to be a bit wiser anything. That's right. And that's where my views came from before because my whole thing is I didn't want to date guys that were younger than me because I'm my intellect is it's it's up there. So I got jump on meeting someone that is much younger than me. I gotta I gotta sit it out. I got to see where their mind is. And the only person change that is him. I was gonna say it's

Seems like if that's your point of view, he would have to hit it out of the ballpark. Oh my god, you know, like a gap.

If you took the intelligence that you'd find except for someone your own age, and then you hit that level I'll bet you wouldn't even think about like he would have two home runs slam dunk that. Yes. In terms of intelligence. Yes. Good job, Alex. Well then, yes and yes. Bring him on

you saying thank you. He loved that because he always takes credit that's like yeah, read books

place in 15 countries..

I've traveled the

world yeah okay. So come back to the marriage thing because I'm curious a point of view Do you personally believe in marriage? Um. I believe I'm with you the whole spiritual and connection and to be together I believe in that part of it. I don't like the definition that United States say on marriage like you say the whole paper but I believe in a spiritual union I want

Do I think I want that I think that connection is far more than okay we're gonna buy this dress and sign this contract so everybody can come and eaten you know and celebrate to people and the money it takes just goes I forget the average cost of marriage but it's like 15 20,000

more up in there it's up there so what happened you're miserable day you know what I think it takes away from that whole thing because most women when they're getting married they're just worried about if their makeup are going to be messed up my hair my gal is he gonna faint Am I gonna fake they're just worry about the whole ceremony but they realize your art back to get married to this person. But connection a god lilacs instead of origins, so it's all. It's all. Tell me now. Exactly. Marriage is over. It's over. Because that's what they was thinking about. They was thinking about impressing others. But I believe that marriage is about your your own connection with that person. That whole spiritual thing. It shouldn't be about everybody.

When I say I want to get married, yes I want to be spiritually bonded with who I'm with. Not necessarily Oh, we gotta sign this contract to this that you know.

Sam is an ambassador for personal growth. When Sam started to take action towards a better life, it wasn’t long before he was hooked faster than Captain Blackbeard’s left hand. Years later, Sam strives to produce change in others similar to the identity level transformation which occurred within himself. His aim is to break fulfillment down into a series of straightforward steps, and introduce it into the life of anyone who is willing to embark on the path of action, education and ownership.