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How to Make Money Flipping Websites

Alejandro Meyerhans is an author that focuses on topics such as discovering your purpose, finding freedom and cultivating financial independence. He crawled out of poverty in Spain by building businesses in drop shipping and website brokering in his free time while working as a bell boy at a hotel.

Now, he teaches people how they can improve their life, and how they can discover goals that will make them uniquely happy, rather than blindly chasing money and status. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:56 – How to make money flipping websites
10:25 – Find happiness by redefining success
18:20 – Do drugs and alcohol take more than they give
25:02 – What to do before travelling full-time
46:35 – Why “I don’t have the time” is bullshit
57:45 – Making money out of your passion
1:08:55 – The difference between happiness and fulfillment
1:28:47  – The importance of being the creator rather than the consumer
1:43:39 – Money Talks: Passive Income and Internet Revenue
2:00:37 – How getting a good job will ruin your life

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Why “I don’t have time” is Bullshit

Redefining Success – Stop Chasing the Wrong Goals


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Let's get it started I'm here with my boy Allah honcho Meyer. Hands of man. You got so much going on on you know where to start. affiliate marketing expert, website broker digital nomad, freedom writer. Does that about summit? Oh, that sounds about right. Yep. regeneration dude


Yeah, so what, what is taking up most of your time right now? Is it a brokering websites? It sounds like we're not really some,

I do two main things. One is the work that I do for the company I work for, which is human proof designs. And for them, I do two main things right, I do all the lead generation client acquisition so I designed finals and around the pay traffic, and then Dom D owner who's got a portfolio of websites and I manage that and that's affiliate websites, although we have some late at display ads, websites as well. And just content websites, blogs, pure content, and not like services or, you know, our own products is just affiliate or ads and about 14 sites on the portfolio right now. And now also manager, you know,

let's say we read ceiling with our website with a website, okay, we sell it non, we cannot grow anymore. But then there's also always chances to buy all the sites, get them in the portfolio, improve them and keep on growing that so that's what I do for them, right? For the broker Empire is not really like a broker other people's websites that I try to acquire websites to have good room for improvement and for growth, then we get them into the portfolio and we increase the value essentially. So basically, you keep your eyes peeled for kick ass websites that are potentially undervalued. Yeah, you buy them,

you pimp them out, and then you resell them. Yeah. So So how do you pick a website that is potentially undervalued, in your opinion, that has value that can generate traffic? And then how do you how do you pimp it out from there? How do you generate more money off of a website you get?

So essentially, when we look at affiliate sites, right,

there is really no ceiling when it comes with all in businesses. So it could be a blog that's monetize through affiliate and that doesn't really have a cup, right? This is how much money you can make, period. The only limit is your own ceiling. Right? How much money are you able like you or me, or that guy there is able to make from that side. So when I when I see a website, I see okay, besides making $1,000 per month, let's say right with Amazon and and that's all he has going right. And I see this is a from what I know, can I make this a better like, Can I make the mobile view more optimize? Can I change maybe get into a different affiliate program to have some better pay out like a niche dependent affiliate program. And now let's say say aside about dogs, you know, dog food and whatnot. Can I get into Vegas rock dog food? Yeah, and I get into an affiliate program that face better than Amazon. Yeah, okay, listen, you see we, are this this side run any ads? No, right? Does it have content that could be monetised through ads, like info content? How do you do this? Or dog training tips and stuff like that, like things that are no revolving around products? Because then you have late if it's about a product, you only want to talk about the product and affiliate links. But if it's info content, can we put ads on that? Yeah, right. And do we know networks to pay? Well, hey, we can make make, let's say $10 per thousand impressions. Yeah, how many impressions is that side of the side, getting 30,000 impressions a month. That's $200 I shown in to buy it, put ads on boom, from 1000 goes to 1.3 thousand in literally three clicks, put a piece of scrape on the header. That's it, right. And then you hold it aside for six months. And so if you can do that, I didn't super easy win. So it's what we know, right? be zero conversion rate optimization, or better pain and affiliate programs or better layout, better flow better SEO. Like if I look at the site, and the site is working for this, this, this and that on page one, page two, whatever. And I look at the site to say yeah, we can take these four things off, we can take the sidebar off, we can put links here we can build some more links to the speech and the speech and then hop ideally everything should go up and Frankie's go up traffic goes out revenue comes up so if I see room for those things that will take the site and we work on it. Oh that's been quite recent. We only just started doing that been doing it with site that we already had that will just sitting there doing nothing just getting dust and it was like can you just take responsibility for that and see if you can improve them to show under that so is it common to be able to find a site that someone has put a lot of effort into but they haven't put effort into monetizing it because it seems to me like I was a content creator and I developed like some type of blog or something like that I would put a lot of effort into monetizing it and there be kind of a high price on that website is it is it common to find blogs things like that where it's it's kind of under price and you can get in there and then just flip it around and get a lot of affiliate links on there and monetize it easily

um. No

all that sure but like I said the site might be monetized and the owner My thing is really no well monetize but there's more but then the owner has Richie's seen enough knowledge and done to why he knows that's the best he can do and he thinks that's pretty fucking fantastic you know and of course in his pocket by the way which is the kind of course in the podcast

yes of course I expect you to guess if you don't curse I'm gonna be upset with you okay

yeah I didn't know as a little boy podcasting right so I thought all right I am doing great and decide is making $1,000 per month and to these best knowledge that is fucking fantastic but then I look at it say you can do better as soon as soon as I have a site I Carlos I'm making a few grand a month and I look at is I have no freaking clue how to make more money from this weapons aid and he's very heavily monetize you know he's got ad just got affiliate links

a build a list that guy like few thousand subscribers on the list I run another affiliate offer through Clickbank to that list and I've just reached a ceiling on like two and a half grand a month I just couldn't cross that I don't seem to be able to cross it maybe I sell it and in three months time I log into the site and see Oh son of a bitch right

right that's what you had to do right and then then you own is making five animals right well there you go. right he knew better so that's that's what we're looking at. That's interesting

before I met you I had no idea that websites tended to get passed around quite as commonly is this I kind of always just had the impression you make a website that's your website like that's your baby now

but the thing that would scare me about buying a website let's say it's a car whether are dog food website or something like that I feel like I wouldn't be able to generate content for that website you know if it's the type of website where you can just kind of rest on your laurels and you know chill with the old content that'd be one thing but if I bought a dog food website like I don't know shit about dog food like have you ever had an experience where you buy a website locked in terms of making contact I managed to side about your girly stuff like why the best selling leggings off last year what are the best selling leggings and last year Alexandra period sell

on Amazon apparently

the affiliate links right now let's get those leggings

actually dropped some links on that site to my own store when I was testing leggings because I also involve you test

them on yourself I assume yeah

I take all the pictures from a cell with some pink lagging

on the side to get your Instagram and here at the every legs and everything

no so like you don't really need to care about the topic or know anything about the topic because that skills that you actually need at different ones so if you can do keyword research to find topics around the interest to the niches at the website talks about if you can find other topics to talk about and you can find a writer you don't need to know so you can outsource the content yeah absolutely

absolutely have to do your local dog food expert out of 200 posts or sell my site in the costs I wrote the first the links don't go stale they don't say well I guess helmets

and I recommend the best home is of the last decade like the best time is of this year right it's like the best home is that ever went to the market and those models on a motorcycle I'm curious what helmet you or I didn't take a ride and with an Ellis to Spanish helmet about he is on my best yeah everyone

talks about pretty good so how would you recommend someone gets started in affiliate marketing because I think a lot of people have this idea affiliate marketing it's it's kind of like the digital nomad go to four hour workweek go to would you say starting your own blog generating your own content is the best way to get started just write about something you're knowledgeable about

you definitely can do if there is money on the niche right like

because most people wouldn't think like motorcycle helmets like that's where the most about nice by the way money is

not good it's about an issue because people do a lot of research online and then they go to a physical shop to try on the helmet yeah true right but I didn't know that at the time so I pick up botany she can you make money with you know a helmet which of course you can do right or a motorcycle accessories but every niche is a bit different they have a little nuances and that one in particular and there's many similar issues that people will do all the research online then they go to the actual store see what's available from this list of five homers that they found that good and again or they buy this out of reach returns and refunds because the film is there the feet is not right so you lose your commissions if there's a refund some yeah but so the way I did it right the way that it is a found four or five websites that we're talking like they were all about affiliate marketing and SEO and content and that was human proof designs. com cloud living calm digital marketing. com galaxy into my co guy Charles floated a coda UK that's SEO it's an SEO centric blog. But there's a good source and at that time, that was niche pie. There was a dude from Pakistan built an affiliate website and brought it from zero to $30,000 a month at them in less than six months. Yeah that's another six months that's how common is that that's one in a million okay what everyone listening is like that's gonna be me. But the thing is, when I read the case study I was I thought let's do it. Let's do this right? We want to say oh yeah, you can make $1,000 after one year of effort

my shown short term minded me of a year ago, two years ago as I yeah, listen, look nice. $1,000 a month after one entire year of working alone. I understand. Yeah, this fucking fantastic

Yeah, you put $1,000 a month. How long will that go on? Is that like, 10 the next 10 years that for the rest of your life? Will it eventually fizzle out? I guess you can't really predict it.

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