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How to Get Over a Breakup – Advice From a Sex Therapist

Nubian Speakin is a sex therapist and erotic poet. Through years of counseling couples, she has developed a keen understanding of the strings that hold a relationship together, as well as the factors that drive them apart.

In this episode, Nubian acts as a arbiter of the female mind. She carefully dissects what makes women tick, and presents it to us on a silver platter. Moreover, she gives keen advice on how to work in cooperation with these subtle nuances. After this episode, you can expect to replace the arguments in your relationship with flawless communication and incredible sex. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:41 – How money affects your relationships
7:45 – Is marriage necessary
1:04:33 – Better sex and relationships through honest communication
1:27:41 – How to stop arguing in a relationship
1:37:39 – Keys to a successful relationship
1:45:20 – How to get over a breakup
2:05:12 – Attract higher quality women by changing your location
2:10:45 – How to find your purpose

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How to Get Over a Breakup – Advice From a Sex Therapist

How to Stop Arguing in a Relationship

Is Marriage Necessary


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