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Ajna Light Inventor on Energy and Psychedelics with Guy Harriman

You may have heard of Guy Harriman mentioned on the Dennis McKenna Episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast. After dropping out of med school following an intense acid trip, Guy Harriman found himself as one of the original founders of Steve Jobs’ company NeXT.

After founding NeXT and writing much of the software for modern day parallel processing, Guy quit his job to become a monk. He later went on the invent the Ajna Light, a device capable of stimulating natural DMT production in the human brain without the need for drugs.

Guy is a certified level three Reiki master, as well as a world renowned teacher in yoga, chi gong, tok sen, crystal healing, emotional healing, sound healing, reflexology, distant healing and craniosacral techniques. Some interesting topics we cover include:

00:52 – The healing properties of pyramids
16:13  – Thoughts on DMT
28:06 – Light and Darkness of the Psychedelic Experience
37:13 – The Acid Trip that Made Him Drop out of Med School
46:57 – Difficulties Rendering Toy Story
1:08:41 – Science of the ajna light
1:19:00 – How mental health illnesses begin
1:25:14 – How our memories are held in a frequency
1:37:26 – Your heart decides your purpose

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Discussing DMT with Guy Harriman – Inventor of the Ajna Light

Light and Darkness of the Psychedelic Experience

The Acid Trip that Made Him Drop out of Med School


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We have guy Harriman on the podcast today.

If you've listened to the Dennis McKenna episode on the Joe Rogan podcast, then you've heard about this man,

one of the original founders of Steve Jobs, his second company next in a lead architect, directly under Steve, he left that job to become a monk

came back and invented the odds and a light a device when used that stimulates D empty production in the brain completely. Naturally,

a devoted Yogi Qigong in Reiki expert we explore every subject under the sun. From psychedelics to energy work.

The mental architect with Sam Sebring no bullshit blueprint for peak performance

be the best you can be.

We're here with guy Herrmann. I'm I'm so excited for this one. You are your Yogi. your cheek on teacher. You're a master of human energy. You're an inventor. You were one of the first people and Apple is next. In next. Yeah, yeah. You'll have to watch the documentary to figure out the difference in my personal favorite. You invented the original light is that about sums it up? Yeah, I mean, I feel like that's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to you. I'm a generalist, so I'm a Python Korean

mean, Pythagoras. I'm so when I, I went to as a boy, I went to Jesse boarding school in England, just at the age of eight. So Jesuits are really hardcore. So we did six years I did success of Latin, and three is a Greek, but when I came across, maybe it's about the age of 12, Pythagoras I had a

Total connection we know about his triangles but that's about it. Well he was a music therapist

he trained in Egypt for 20 years his father was Persian and he was trousers he didn't wear it I can relate to that which I also wear trousers you do said why sometimes?

Well, right



he brought a lot of the

Egyptian wisdom to the west. So he was really one of the main bridges from Egypt. And Egypt, of course, is connected to the Vedic teachings. So you going back a long way in the wisdom social Pythagoras was Egyptian because I know he he's Greek but living out in Egypt pm for 20 years, came back out and then he brought back he he was a music therapist, so he's a healer. He heard the harmony of the spheres so he could actually in his hearing.

It's a clear audience. I guess he could hear the rotation

of their different planets. No way. But if you listen to NASA, NASA has recorded planets and spread them up. So with her in the audio range, each planet has a different frequency. The earth is amazing. It's like birds tweeting that DVD. We got a good one. It's really interesting, but each planet has its own signature. So what are you talking about its vibration, and so he intuited how to do that he also knew about the heliocentric solar system so unlike everyone else, this is that you took that five 600 bc

he said, Yes, the sun is the center of the solar system and the earth is a bowl it travels around it 2000 years ahead of is a bit ahead of his time with that one you have but he was but he also invented the monarch so the monarch mother does a stringed instrument Manassas one

So it has a single string. And he

did the mathematics of harmony. So, for example, the third is the, you know, the ratio of two to one in the, in the string. So places and his first got to figure out all the scales and all that. But he knew that the human body resonated to that. So he would help people heal through playing these perfect pictures. So Pythagorean tuning

is really amazing stuff you know, it's a

they'll all the numbers add up to nine Okay, there's a whole matrix of them so it goes up you know what he what he did goes on and on and on until very, very deep wisdom and Plato came out the path agrarian

tradition and also palm entities who is like, I think to philosophers down from Pythagoras. So was this

This sound healing information, Was this something that he got from Egypt? Or was this his own creation? I'm sure it came from the traditions, but I think he was very good at mathematics. And yes, we're going here on a mathematical as well. That's what he's famous for. At least he's famous for that as Greeks tended to do a lot though, but this was definitely if you look at the Great Pyramid, it's all green stuff they knew about the theorem and it's encoded into the the geometry of the something I'm curious about. I was on your site, which, if y'all haven't been Delano yoga, calm, definitely check it out. You were talking about I believe the healing properties of pyramids. Yeah. What do you mean by that? How the pyramids specifically have

I can set them very simple way

cons and permits

concentration flux density, so Okay, for the dummies like me, what is a what is flux

density. If you take a magnet, okay?

the flux lines, the lines of magnetic induction chance, okay? If they're spread far out, you don't get so much effect when they're brought together, you get a strong effect. So for example, if you take,

I don't know, if you saw the sugar light pyramid

center is the black one

right on top, you can feel the three gigahertz standing wave.

That's because the resonant frequency of that pyramid. When it's concentrated, the point is a lot stronger. So it's literally an analog way of amplifying energy lines.

Oh my goodness. I didn't realize there's so much going on with pyramids. There's a lot going on, except there's a lot going on don't know about in general. Well, that's the amazing thing about

Natural philosophy

there's a huge amount that we don't know about. The only thing we do know about is the hubris of mankind. I'm thinking that we're the intellectual superiors

the previous civilizations, but are we not, we are definitely not. I mean, who's better than us Bosnian pyramid okay? Bosnian pyramid the spheres there and I stood on top of one of them I have some of the spheres that are made of the local material. So those fears nature doesn't make perfect spheres.

I have a video on my phone actually, which is showing a three meter sphere that they just starting to uncover when I was there last year. So

Sam as manic it she discovered he was studying

Mayan pyramids and got his PhD there, went back to Bosnia and was driving on the freeway, and Nia Sarah haven said, hang on, that looks like a pyramid.

good actress car and had a good look and then started excavating in early 2000s in that no one had found this pyramid before it's covered with a you know so as underground

under about to me to sit down Well that was a good find but you the shape is still there so he ducked down with some volunteers found 30 pieces of cement 90 degrees you know in other words nature doesn't go 90 degrees and might do by chance once but not several times jigsaw puzzle pieces three interlocking sets

that must be made in place and they use the clay from the mountain and I've got a video that I just took of him on the phone of him saying if you look over there that mountains have gone they were using the pebbles from the

rivers that were there and the aggregate as aggregate and we use in place of binding agent and we use line display is three times stronger than any cement we can make. That is Claire's, there's it this page

so he's got their their clay dialed in pretty well. So he said, then the architect, the archaeologists and in Bosnia said, Oh, this is not possible you know, you're an idiot will shut you down. So they made the top because he was a legend that it was natural, or were you saying this is man made? But far too old? They found the carbon dated

leaves that were in between these last 27,000 years old. Damn,

no way. That's what they said. So they said, Well, this can't be right. Because we're that most intellectually Yes, but say this kind of changes the start date, so to speak of civilization because

One way it it's an interesting question When did civilization start and you can you can go off of a lot of different criteria but one common way we do it is okay when was the first major building built that's what a lot of anthropologists choose to use and so if we figure out bosnia had it going on I think right now he said around 12,000 bc well does is the is the current capacity to pay in Turkey so that's it's around 10,000 yeah yeah some around so the miners drivers when when the flood happens, what civilization was this that they were the sameness and Tennesseans Okay, so they came from Siberia, like Altai and sorry, like backhaul and the Altai Mountains. They also went

to Korea so surveillance now the Koreans at 30 I was just there last week and a couple of weeks ago

my friend who lives there said to 30,000

Practicing shamans in Korea. So what exactly do you mean by shaman? Because usually when I hear the term shaman throw around, I start thinking of Ayahuasca and things like that that's actually a

strict definition of shaman is somebody from that region of Siberia who works with animal magic in particular trance states and bringing in animals and working with people in altered states so

the Koreans their language this friend of mine we both had this Russian friend who Alexander and he he when he came to Korea said hang on these people are using words that sound like the ancient Siberian from from this area so there's people clearly came to that but they also went to

capacity correctly tapping

and they I think they brought Syrian or

Considering Guru is used in it's an Ma Ri and when I was in Turkey it was all a lot going on a year and a half get but

we did a roof ceremony so so what a Syrian Rue and serious ma vie certain mana oxidase inhibitor okay so

much aiming ma mana mean oxidase inhibitor

we have mana oxidize inhibitor in our body to prevent us being stoned the whole time oh well let's take that out that we don't need that so you do that's what it sounds pretty useless so it is Syrian guru and be Kapisa recap he is the the root part of

I was going huh alright so last night I was can be made from a bunch of different plants I was going

itself it I mean the strict name I Oscar is the Veritas, the very damn TMT

and be happy Bannister relapses Cappy. So they happen to choose those two things. One is the source of the GMT which is a very den thing. And then the other one the beak happy which is the inhibitor.

So when I put Dennis McKenna on the national light a couple of years ago How did he like it

he's a little video yeah he loved it he was right up his alley

I won't go down that road really liked it. So he talked to Steve Burke, who's one of the top TMT researchers and see buck said Well, why don't you just do an Ma Li and then go on the line.

So Dr. Chris who you met at the light party last Saturday.

He makes what I call it he got into a lot of trouble because I called it

But good name though it's a cool thing you know marketing better than he does like that name you know the people want now he loved it but PayPal shut him down the man didn't like it the establishment so he got screwed by PayPal but

it is decided list to Syrian room as well

as be Kathy because some people respond better than the other but the idea is you do that then you go on the light and so last night

we did

came over to prepare to you know probiotic dinner

and like kimchi and computer for Dave them high tea and then both Harrison and

Angel went on the light and an angel have been on before and she said the visuals are way way stronger which is very common. Um. So increase the effects yeah so you said the Ma Li

Almost implied without it, we would just be high all the time. Is that implying that our bodies just naturally producing GMT all the time? Yeah. So it sounds like Ma Li is what still inhibits the TMT affecting us. Which allows us to be in the beta state where we can actually talk and have it have a productive product is rolling all day. I mean we could have the DMP podcast another day but I don't know how productive it would be excited

when I was last time. I was

to say, working with plant medicine, so the mushroom kind

I decided, Okay,

I made sure nobody's around. And I I kept my video camera and I thought, How bad do I sound when I'm playing music?

And it was pretty bad.

I mean, what's good, but it was really bad. Yeah, good and bad news for you. When I listen to it. Yeah, yeah,

I bet at the time you thought you were fucking they say ladies. Yeah, I learned on the job. No, it's doing I took my frame drum and stone nice and I was singing crazy Native American stuff.

But the you know the mental side I think so I was on the mental side nice now we're on the architect side oh yeah straight mental so level we need the mental to balance out the architect rentals fun that's great don't impose it on other people don't know well it's don't don't get horrible suggest say hey yes mental side over here they've had them to there and let them discover yeah the mental side

So okay, well let's talk about the edge in the light just a little bit. So actually, let's let's back up because I think the background that led you to discovering the national night I kinda want to know about that. So I originally heard about you on the Joe Rogan podcast I'm sure you realize that you're mentioned on there.

So they're talking about this guy that helped found Apple apparently it's an x which is kind of its centers can ever remember yeah exactly Apple slash next Steve Jobs company and then he decided to go be a monk and then he came back and he invented this kick ass light which basically you lay under it and it's awesome by the way it flashes lights in a very amazing pattern that I'm sure you understand way way way way better than most people because I mean you invented the thing and it produces TMT it stimulates the empty production in your brain does that right yeah and does another time

you you produce the empty last night and the night for the night before the night before we will be sleep really dream, yeah, john chavis, his good friend of mine and he came

to SPD 50 entering them to tearing him as or had a Research Institute on TMT. And so

Met Dennis the two years ago a year ago SPD 50 Dennis proton in honor of tyrants, because turns to put on the first one in 1967 funded by the US government. Oh

and then they pretend that the war on drugs and shut them down, but their idea was yeah yes yeah an ESP D means the earth and botanical search for psychiatric drugs so they were wanted because of psychiatry. These things are really, really useful. psilocybin is amazing. I love it. So the

one of the people that are the inspirations for creating this podcast, actually Well,

there's another monk I forgot his name for a minute, but he works at john hopkins, Johns Hopkins and he does ceremony with the chalice with psilocybin, interfaith, you know, and to help people

People were dying terminal dying of cancer, whatever,

one dose of psilocybin and they're at peace with their mortality Really? Yeah

why the folks at illegal because of that because people want antibiotic relax, they don't want it to be mental the mental side it's I shouldn't really say mental it's actually the dissociative or dissociated versus associated so the only state of consciousness were allowed

as a culture is high beta associated. That means when manipulate people were running out of conditioning those the perception is shut it's all say can mark borings, McDonald's

KFC start turning into pure and hub things like that. All the good stuff how's it going to be? People gonna make money off you without it? Exactly. And you go shopping and you only go shopping when you're on mushrooms. You kidding me? That sounds shitty, but you don't understand it. I remember one time

I remember one time I was on mushrooms. I could not comprehend the concept of money. It just made absolutely no sense. It came back. Luckily when I said okay I get it. Money makes sense, but at the time like why the fuck Why the fuck are we spending so much time for these random pieces of paper this is so useless. Exactly didn't want to shop. So some TMT D empty it seems like it's one of the drugs that has maybe the most confusion surrounding it. And there's a lot of confusion to be had surrounding psilocybin and things like that. But it gets especially crazy with the empty because To my knowledge, psilocybin is not naturally produced in the body, right, but DMD is and moreover, if my research is correct, the empty is produced and a lot of organisms it's probably it's probably asked and in every way right over here,

what's going on there. What what is what is this molecule that's everywhere around us, that makes us enter the spirit realm.

So would Sam like to be this I would not like to be an iPad. That sounds that sounds

Sounds like a nightmare

you have a nightmare if you're an iPad actually don't have nightmare because you don't have to empty in other words you're unconscious you're not connected to nature your definition of a machine in my opinion

is an entity that doesn't have the empty

other any organisms that don't have the empty not living organisms so I would say and I mean maybe something very very simple but it seems like every cell has team I mean TMT Chris Parker student talk to Harrison showed that the empties actually in your transmitter

and when you take LSD it generates 100 times the D empty

then what happens when you take the empty so when you sleep. That's what john chavis showed

when you go into a REM period you start your respiration rate changes the most

emptying the bodies in the lungs so they blood becomes alkali releases the TMT the M eo i is or the MA a the mana mean oxidase is inhibited at night. So then the body experiences a trip otherwise known as a dream.

Now, that's where wisdom comes through

wisdom doesn't come through analysis knowledge comes through analysis. This has the SAM who's an iPad has knowledge, you know, you can go and look up shit and you can google it doesn't mean anything. It's just information.


is the TMT aspect of

knowledge that that actually makes a lot of sense it was actually that that idea was first introduced to me by an author named Matt cart toll yeah and the power of now and he was actually this feeling that I was getting

As I was reading the power of now and then he addressed it in his book basically saying, look, you probably read a lot of books and you felt a feeling of knowledge as you said, because you're getting information that's new putting it into your brain but when you have a profound spiritual realization when when you read a text that is very well made, and it's targeted towards spiritual ism,

it's this feeling of Oh yeah, it's like there's something right in front of you this entire time it's here Yeah, and you finally see says in it's in your heart, knowledge is in the head

that's analysis

was wisdom is in the heart. So in Taoism, the Emperor lives in the heart The servant is in the head and young translate this book called Secrets of the Golden flower that talks about what happens when the Emperor is not resident in the heart The Serpent's trying to run the Palace of the body so can dm to allow you to get

Closer to the heart

opens the heart allows me to come back. Now you have a choice to go back into fear. Fear is shutting down love. Fear is just separating yourself from wisdom is putting a brick wall around you. So you feel safe. But you feel safe and dysfunction. You feel safe and fear in fear. you manipulate your one of the herd of deer waiting to be shot. But Hunter, the hunters working in corporate America manipulating you.

Yeah, because they don't care like shit. I'm a psychopath. Want to make lots of money. These fracking sheep? I can manipulate them so easy, you know, Freud's

nephew what's his name. But

Ben Ben's burns the one who started advertising Bernays, yeah. Edward Bernays. He was the

nephew of Freud and in the 20s and 30s he wrote the whole book literally on marketing said you manipulate people in this way. Make them feel inadequate, make them feel worthless take whether self lousy borrowing from his father's ideas, and just using this negative evil, well, maybe not evil, but, you know, it's all its own benefit, his own benefit. But you see, if you if you think about it, from a psychopathic point of view,

if you got a great practice, it's always good. Yeah, looking through the other person size 7% of humans. psychopaths. They showed that too Yeah, we just general in World War Two want to see he was killing people. So they found out that like, 7% were actually totally cool about shooting anyone

and they influenced another like 8% to 50% one that guy in my platoon. 15% of them were strong enough that they influence the others to kill but the others you'd have this Japanese you

madman running at them and they wouldn't shoot. They would just nice people.

They couldn't kill another human being. I can imagine. That'd be tough. So the nice people are the ones who are manipulated by the psychopaths. So from the psychopaths point of view it shit I'm a predator. You're just a sheep. Fuck you bang. So what happened at that psychopathic TMT,

think about a bit what Aldous Huxley was looking at

and that's what those psychopaths are so afraid now this Huxley the guy that wrote Island and all this other book Yeah, but he also at the doors of perception I don't think I read that one thought about it's about the psychedelic experience. So the SPD 50 this totally totally cool man

what's his name


the name will come back to me. He's in his 80s.

in Cambridge in the 1950s he bought the the

he bought the nothing to pay it but the masculine to give to Aldous Huxley and then he worked with Timothy Leary and


and as names on tip of my tongue but he's totally totally cool

his point when we when we had the symposium his point was we need to get out there and market ourselves not to research just get the word out because he should read for it to kids book he did a great job exactly like the guy get some high tea Evan here exactly and fly off the shelves So the thing is you know what we're talking about is external ization of the human psyche we have the shadow we have the light insiders the shadows there to bring awareness if we reject it we become

Okay, if we integrated and accept that part of ourselves, we transform it, which is the purpose of the psychedelic journey into a being of light. The the being of light is integrated. It's got both the demonic and the angelic aspect,

the Christian, all the dualistic religions, angels,

easily manipulated in the earth plane. Let's put it that way.

Because they just want help victims and they become victims. That's an interesting point of view. So you have the light in the shadow inside you. So what exactly do you mean by that? What is the light? What is the shadow when you're thinking realistically it's what we separate into good and evil. Okay. But all the really ancient traditions like the SEM teachings,


zog Chen and Tibet Taoism

they understood the non 09

reality and judgment is about separating into good and evil. But that's already outside non Jews and non Jews. Part of us the observer of what is

and there's no real separation between us and nature. Nature has,

you know, the predator evil and the sheep, you know the lamb. Now

we just judge one has been good or bad, but actually healthy natural system includes a predator as well as the sheep. Otherwise the sheep are gonna fuck too much for cheap everywhere in the

US. Yeah. Look what happened to Australia. We've got rabbits all over the place. Yeah, exactly. So how does a psychedelic experience I think you said something along lines of transforming that shadow and to light it takes you into non duality. And what sense

to me in a very literal sense. So have you heard a sapper separate? I have not heard as

Okay so Sappho

is the Sonoran Desert Toad is yes the frog yeah no no no excuse buttered the very very very very different okay so Kamba as a poison that they cut your arm and stick it into your bloodstream not a good idea you know yeah so vice documentary about that one the the homie didn't seem like he's having a good a good time yes just got a little sweaty and then walked it off exactly so Sappho

Octavia ridiculous the doctrine

in Mexico who is helping addicts and

so he somehow discovered about this as tech tradition and it's the poison it doesn't hurt these codes but you just squeeze the poison plans and then collect this rubber stuff on a piece of glass and then the Aztecs discovered that if they vaporized it through heat it became

Five meu TMT which is the spiritual former TMT there's various different aspects with like the the the modern TMT that we think of five me, oh, the

guys will, but it's it's not a chemical on its own, I mean, nothing in nature, but I just kind of mentally categorized EMT into, okay, you had like I lost over here, maybe the more natural way to take it. And then I have this is synthesize synthesize version. I don't recommend that

highly recommend taking it. Well, the toad recommends taking this one okay, after you squeeze too Yeah, yeah, keep telling me about the tub. Okay. So as invited that to Mexico to do this ceremony, and I'm not like

my practices where I get my inner experience but I'm open to way shows for nature if they show up but I'm not going to go running up to them.

So the current era

He was trained by October erotic tab erotic looked at all the iconography of the Aztecs, and you seen so many places as Toad, and he's saying, what's the total that

they the Aztecs knew that the Spanish would coming. They thought they were they saw them in Spain,

they thought they were on top of deer, because they didn't have horses. And there was like, you know what's going on all these men, blah, blah, blah. But

they knew that they were coming

and that's because they were getting visionary journeys through the sap. No way. Is it like documented they wrote down Spanish for coming, or some type of inquisitive? They knew Yes, they actually told the Spanish when they came, yeah, we knew coming. This isn't the first time but I've heard this this idea of seeing into the future when it comes to psychedelics. I don't suppose you've heard the Paul Stamets interview on Joe Rogan have.

But yeah, because that was Dennis recommended that and it's really really, really good interview but just he hates anyone who says shrooms Oh, really. You remember he's saying that I don't think I remember saying that's a true I I have noticed he tends to say psilocybin yeah a lot more Mr. sound a lot fancier and he said, well his point and I think was a valid point,

the trivialization of mushrooms by on stone diamond really can't say too much in finding time for them and shrooms so you sound like freaking idiot yeah which you are yeah to the people who are in the left brain that's what cycling back so the people who are in the associative state

easily they can't relate to dissociated people in fact, if you get permanent associated your skits, Phoenix not a good idea. So mastery has been able to flow backwards and forwards associated associated at will so you can go into the dream state

pick up the information

Come back. And you can be lucid in your associate of state. So you merge, you bleed the two worlds together but our dualistic cultures, so Oh, no. Can't do that. You're either totally straight and wanted to kill people and make money or your dissociate, in which case you're freaking trim head.

Fuck off. go to jail. Exactly. Yeah, I can. I can definitely attest to that because as a child, I think it just when you say shrooms, or even when you say acid, or whatever it is. You want to say I don't think we've created a fun word for D empty luckily. We're still calling it TMT. We haven't called it like super happy fun crystal yet. But um yeah, I mean when you when you start telling a kid Hey. shrooms are bad. As bad as it's bad. It's very easy to believe it because it sounds like every the jug you got. You got smack and you've got crystal meth and then shrooms you know let's just lumped in


I think it actually becomes a little bit dangerous the way we teach it specifically because it's just misinformation First off, but also

when children are when when children become adults and they start experimenting as as they do, they're going to realize, Oh, these these shrooms the suicide and this isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was, well, what else isn't bad? Exactly. And then you start going, and you start applying that philosophy to things that actually are bad. So So what they really been taught and I've been taught through a lie is that having your consciousness open is bad, because it means you're not part of the corporate control system, Bill Richards and Ralph Metzner. They were the two names. Okay, so bill Richards is one who use psilocybin and it's all documented and researched.

JOHN Johns Hopkins and then Ralph Metzner was the

The one who who bought the masculine for

all the sexy so what is dangerous and highly highly highly dangerous to our culture is opening the mind

that's why they were down on the hippies I have an idea on why it's dangerous but I'm curious your perspective well what's gonna happen call control now you become a free being

free beings very dangerous they don't pay taxes because why the hell should they

don't go to work because what else should day like you said meaning money doesn't mean anything so you do things like I do like trading oh that's not allowed I love all the trading you do he talked about these people that got optional it's like oh look at these crystals for oh god I got a box of chocolates from this guy just you're going back to the bartering system you know absolute How do you buy all your mangoes and all your vegetables. Do you have to unfortunately use the the Thai baht for that you have found a way to try it once in the garden.

True. That's right, you got it got a manifest themselves. Well, it's interesting because in a way, society would break down. But it's only really our current definition of society that break down a new, arguably superior society would be born, depending on your Neolithic form of society. Exactly, depending on your definition of superior, and it's not, oh, this is going to be this is, oh, dear, what would happen if this is happening,

the control structure and it all goes back to their cut,

you know, reductionist thinking and materialism is, by definition, you end up turning human beings into an iPad.

No GMT as what Neolithic experience, like Blue Lotus for the Egyptians that was a psychedelic the lithium

ritual the whole the Greeks for whole month did acid

For a month straight Yeah, they supposed to take a break number that they took the month of September with us was the listen ritual and they used

rye and it was the


which has got LSD and that's where I was to synthesize from. So they were freaking stoned. And that's how they came up with ridiculous things like democracies and city states. Crazy, ridiculous bullshit. Not even useful. Now, the guy that got the Nobel Prize, I forget his name, but the man that won the Nobel Prize for discovering DNA was on so yeah, quick change. Yeah, he was totally I mean, Steve Jobs to desk when I was in medical school. If I trace it back, the reason I dropped out was because I dropped acid one time and then it was really hilarious. The trip It was a great trip.

So what happened was elite universities a lot. I mean, apparently still leads is really big center for all that stuff. But you know who live at Leeds. You know, some of the great, great band. So this is 72 when I was there. 7273 was 18 years old. And

so there's. Something's on blotting paper to Americans. Nope. blotting paper. Yeah, it's just a little piece of paper with that thing. Yeah. So, okay. And it was totally useless. And then someday, somebody got it, right. Yeah, it was,

like, become much more useful. It was this mega dose. But it had strict meaning because I kept on feeling some really sticking needles in my which way was in their strict strict, strict name. It's a poison. Really bad, poisonous society. Why they put that in your acid because they weren't doing it very well. Well, I've heard acid is very complicated to make. It's not that bad. But if you don't do it clean you've got anyway. It's more complicated than making mushrooms you just

Greg has 24 hours were monsters were coming at the doors of Jesus no it's actually elves interesting

I'm I have a really sort of strong mind so I can be both very associated and witnessing and present while I'm also

deserves dissociate was gonna say that's how you take a bad trip turned into a good one when the monsters are coming out the door to say that's interesting it really was I mean literally I'd go up in the house hosting it I remember going upstairs and literally is freaking monster came so that's cool but the funny hell of a dose of acid but the funniest thing of all my father and my sister came over and my father's in Europe pathologist

you know it's at the medical school in Leeds at the time and I was trying to be normal

so laughing at myself trying to be normal trying to speak normally to my father and my sister well I newest tripping balls. It was really good. Did you get discovered

Oh we said I played it off you should be an actor I think yeah

so how did that particular trip lead you to dropping into medical school because

well as doing other stuff like I was working the hospitals and I grew up in a medical system you know like one of my youngest memories is going to my father's lap there were brains and formaldehyde and stuff like that and so creepy It was really hard call

my mother was a cycle brains so yeah yeah and so I grew up in that world but

I felt my heart shut down when I was in medical school and and it was I could I knew what they were doing was that deliberate

deconstruction so they could program you into being a drug for it because that's all dogs not drug reps unfortunately night white coats yeah well if they're doing if they're still working as doctors as one or two cool ones out there. The

Yeah but they are few and far between parfum well the money is not in hey maybe you should eat more vegetables the money isn't hey take this drug you want to buy Agra exactly like a Day card I get 40 bucks every time I write a prescription

that's interesting so your heart shut down when you're mad well I felt it did the acid trip and I said did real I just said well I made a choice I just said I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life but I'm dropping out because I'm going to show up from my heart


the Dean of the medical school is really really really really really really really pissed Oh Did he knows because of acids that had him even more pissed that would take his past and now just multiply

because only my drop out it's because address yeah well now because my father was one of the lectures in the med yes let us

you know his he

is the son of you know, one of the teachers and you know,

my father used to be the one everyone loves to Yes. Like you're the guy, you go to medical, you're going to be a doctor. So go out and give drugs to everyone. That was your path. How dare you. Exactly. guy and I sold it and didn't sell drugs. What I did instead was started building music synthesizes Hmm. So I got into electronic music. And then I decided, oh, maybe I'll go into electronics. And then I became a chip designer works in parallel processing

on in the UK. And then pixel is using the transporter the chip design, how does one just kind of get into parallel processing and chip design? Not something you just kind of wake up and do it that's actually what happened. I had a choice of working because I was top of my class and electronics doing really well you know, so I because I was really loving it as much more mathematician.

Wet science what scientists are nasty. Ingress was much fun. Yeah, but mathematics. You know, the Imagine a world of side. Super cool. shredding is equation. Don't even get me started on Pythagoras. Exactly. So, you know, all that back to that thing. But

in Moscow, starting the year, I was graduating,

and we didn't know if we get the second round of funding or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What started I'm sorry, it's a company called in most Okay, so in most was founded by tick patriots and

embarrassed in UK. Then the main

subject Petrus is the founder most tech, most tech done DRAM, such huge company,

an empire was an architect, mini computer architect in UK and they were doing this totally visionary company. I mean, awesome, a visionary.

two parallel processing

and the average age of the company was 23. I mean, we're all graduates hip. It was it was American beer that work molten that we had to work.

Some people were I'd sort of I was like,

kind of come full circle that all the Silicon Valley people are micro dosing I said no, yeah,

yeah, exactly.

Yes. That we could go for several hours on that path. But, um, so I ended up being the lead designer with the transmitter and the chip design part of it.

And we had amazing people like, Tony Hawk was Alco 68, he worked on cobalt originally. So he's one of the top architects in Europe. And he came up with CSP communicating sequential processes, which is actually what you and I are doing right now for both processes, kidding sequential processes, and where communicate what advantage

Idea samples. So that works in a CSP. So I we in the transmitter for serial links and an event engine I designed the links and the event engine Ertel micro code in the micro code I could switch contexts in 25 clock ticks

I could only do that in 32. So, you know you're not if you're running any Linux anything like that it's thousands and thousands of clock ticks because you carrying so much state but the architecture of CSP was minimal. It was a stack based architecture and just two words in memory where a process that was a minimal

pointer night

and it was two levels of priority just timers so you could time out to deal with the time dining philosophers problem live like deadlock, I mean

The architects reading flashbacks operating systems class right now we It was so far ahead of its time

even now 30 years later. It's a head of its time. nobody's doing that. So how the fuck did you get into that as someone who just because I showed up? No, no. That was dropping out of medical school. Yeah. So yeah, we're back to Manchester University electronics. And because I love to electronics, like I guess what I'm doing. And then I when I graduated, I chose the crazy job. So how did you end up with Steve Jobs because Pixar was using the transporter. So tin toy was just before Toy Story, the Silicon Graphics hardware that they had, would have taken three years to rent a tin toy three years for years. Holy fuck. So render a video that they took six hours and I was getting frustrated, right. So

Jeff mark, who's working at Pixar. He designed a 16 transformative board with memory on it plugged into a sun workstation and multiple of those

So to give you an idea, let's say graph in 1985, we had 400 transporters in a box. We were flying through the Mandelbrot set in real time in 1985, 400


goodness, I love it take to render Toy Story than three months. Oh, good for y'all. Yeah. So that's evil. It about that as Jeff, would you introduce me to Steve. And then I got other side to pay for me to go for an interview. And I remember it was the weirdest interview my life it was this with Steve directly. So I turned up at work at next in Palo Alto, eight o'clock in the morning. He said, Okay,

we're gonna interview then I'll come talk to you.

It was like a massive interrogation. Every single person in the company next interviewed each person. Oh goodness, so

I had like 10 or 11 people at once. But a few of them had come from Pixar. And they knew about me because of the transfusion. And it was actually like that for you. We were, you know, we were

talking about so had to drop out of medical school and stuff like that. And also, you know about SIGGRAPH and all the cool stuff and parallel process, you know, it was it was actually really, really interesting. But inside Bang, bang, and Steve had the best people. So, in Silicon Valley, the I had the whole of the electronic music department from Stanford goodness

he had the top graphics people you know, I mean, just a big star at next and thanks. Okay. Yeah, I mean, he had the best operating system people like veterans, la he became a good friend. He did what became a sex you know, so what was it like when Steve Jobs himself interviewed you?

Okay, tell me about Steve. Okay. Stephen I exactly the same age. He was six weeks old and me

both vegan.

My daughter went to the same old school lease originally went to as really good friends with Chris and Brennan who is Lisa's man. So

Steve was the ultimate prize

if you had any weakness he would

eat you alive it sounds terrifying to you as well every was terrified of him. But I was like you know I'm just being me

every Wednesday I'd go to yoga class you know to my yoga teacher in Palo Alto

non negotiable so I don't care what crisis going on if you do that and you're not a frickin sheep and you take care of yourself people actually respected so I'm not without an angry person. People most people find me pretty mellow.

But you call me down there you go. So but I'm very strong This is what I'm doing if you don't like it fine and the story separate was doesn't matter to me I'm not manipulate because I'm not giving my power away most people start

by engaging the corporate world by keeping the apparent way

because of wealth so there are three forms of wealth or abundance love time and money this guy's theory love is number one every being who has the empty and other every being who's alive in nature. Not this iPad has not here of love. Steve Jobs isn't flowing through my iPad. Yeah, I mean, you can read or watch a video of him. That's the knowledge of Him. There's no wisdom nothing you can be created from it.

So he's speaking more about love from others are Love, Love Love of the universe the natural love the

this form of love open handed love not manipulation which is relationship love, you're my boyfriend, I own you, you have to do it I tell you or I go to manipulate you know that's not love that's manipulation Love is an acceptance and a resonance of joy in the heart

It's a resonant experience and it's there all the time in nature the tree over there is expressing that to you and to me when we tune into the tree we feel joy and peace that's because we're in the plane of love

I'm a sense everything you need to talk field energy is love

dark field energy. Yeah, was it a sense of the universal in physics is

zero point energy.

Whatever you want to call it, the magnetic stillness of consciousness so to have love number one number one is that that's where you have got to get that dial and we have it Dalton if you're born a few human if you're not nice well you have it dialed in but I feel like people then it style dad yeah I was about to say not can the whole definition of growing up as a child is conditioning sit down shut up Put your level we're in exactly put your level I disconnect from nature then you manipulate by teachers parents the system so

second level

is the abundance of time

and then the third one is the abundance of money most people give all their time away

in exchange for a small amount of money

and they feel safe

but they disconnected from love because they have no time to experience love. As I say even disconnected from time that's a downgrade it's iron. Great one is better than two and two, three as a child.

Is baby you got 100% live and time. What the hell's pretty good with time to as a baby, you got not much going on. Yeah exactly. You got an abundance of time so. Oh oh I'm ready for meeting now. shit you know have to meet with my time at that baby meeting down the road again. Yes exactly. I just texted my yeah my babies yeah right and three months all these two months old so he's still learning. Exactly.

So Steve Jobs felt this hierarchy from you, I guess did I mean I wasn't doing I was just being me but he never ever shouted at me. Well, that's an incredibly powerful personality trait. I mean, I gotta be honest with you if I went in for an interview with Steve Jobs and kind of be shooting my pants so to have someone come in just be cool be like hey man, I'd love to work for you You gotta know I gotta go to yoga on Wednesdays but other than that happy to work for you my reaction of our Steve Jobs be like holy shit What does this guy know well it was funny what he said so you know I've been through all this all these people lemon o'clock eastern.

Put his head down the door. Well, everyone seems to like you when you come into work for us what was easy? It's like well I had talked to I guess so those are bozos why you want to work fellas either complete bunch of buzzes I said, Okay. And but I've took a big pay cut to go to the next. Well, that's interesting, because at the time, I suppose you didn't really know that Steve Jobs was the steve jobs that we know today. So why is it that he took the pay cut because I had my intuition said yes.

Mine. She said this is just as crazy as going to end mass but

doing the right thing.

Okay. There's two forms of craziness. Doing the stupid thing that's mental

in the pattern right

now that's in the head. That's just don't know what I'm doing. And you do

the stupid thing. We've all been there. Yep.

It's okay that's fairly good you get up doing the wise thing is an intuitive feeling that you absolutely now you know in your heart everyone else's people said they actually called a baptism by fire going to work at next they said

because I was doing really well at him as I was

you know lead of all these people I always refused to go into management because it's like taking a gun to my head and shooting myself Why? Because I'm an engineer I like to create stuff I don't sit in boring me make other people create stuff and take on their crap. Yeah, you know, I've been a therapist for many years and I can sit with people shit, but I don't want to eat this shit. And that's what being a manager is eating people shipped and am just no good. Not even if it's the golden shit. Have you seen the golden pills you could take next here make sure shit sparkly. That's how

These are things yeah, it's it's really pretty. Is it a dorm on the internet? Yeah. Kirsten Yeah, I was I've heard that you know the most expensive you know fantasy act where there's sort of crazy antics at the time of the excess consumption and get back to go down the toilet and so to make golden shit people are eating food with gold foil yeah of course you have to govern shifts and I personally refuse to eat any food without some golden I can't do it. You're a vegan. I'm a goal a Goldilocks? That's what I am only gold. Well, no, but I feel great. I take a different form of gold monotonic old wasn't of the army the almost monotonic form of gold, it's mana to the Egyptians and Moses was giving it to people as manner it was in the sarcophagus in the king's chamber. All this powder is almost and David Hudson discovered it.

It's a superconductor at room temperature. I mean I won't go into detail but

my vision I have lots of interesting challenges with vision because of basically my father looking down a microscope his whole life and reading me that stuff


I can see now with this I because I had to cataract when I stopped working suddenly came so my inner child said

shit, it's not safe shut down. So within a few months of retiring when I was like 47 that's got these contracts and then I decided to division healing psych. I couldn't see for ages. I literally built my Healing Center being able to see about 10 centimeters in front of me, really your Healing Center. It looks amazing, ironically, because I just trusted a cadet I just looked at everything really, really clever.

So how did you heal your vision? So

it's a long story. But

with this, I after I was a monk, I decided, Okay, I've done 10 years of trying different all sorts of drops and blah, blah, blah. And I do EFT, you know, I learned a lot of stuff,

emotional level, you know, the whole yoga therapy thing


it wasn't moving. So I realized,

you know, the Buddhist did cataract surgery two and a half thousand years ago with the golden needle scary with a golden needle. Well, I should say, okay, you don't feel pain in your eye, but they would they realize you're uncomfortable in my eye, that's for sure. And that was one of the things I had to face because my father had glaucoma. He had everything going on

and that's what I learned.

And so I wanted to work with that. So

after I had the cataract surgery, I just had it in this

Because I wanted to leave this one with my left I can see it's all orange brown, but I can see about 10 centimeters and matter focus there and to focus there but I use this for soldering and stuff like that. So I have if I'm looking at this, I will probably look pretty close to see what it was

but rather than turning it into

a biggest your, your problem I said okay, what can I learn from this I learned to see with my feet

I could only fry SFO to Bangkok so def cons

and but I learned a lot of patience and a lot of compassion for people who can't see well

after the surgery. I could only see if I could only focus here but

maybe 15 meters away. I can focus any closer


I had the mana focus.


replacement because I was 12 doctors. Visual correction. I mean, I was seriously seriously

I was blind. Yeah, yeah.

Now I can see accurately here but when I started the monotonic, I can see it night now and I can see the colors and much stronger which means I'm getting UV so my frequency ranges probably probably about 902,000 animators up to 300 managers so they that's what monotonic too


so monetize meaning. The gold monotonic It's okay, you know how how metals worked into probably not as well as you covenant bonds.

Chemistry. Yeah, remember that? Remember the chemistry. Remember the balance, okay. coven and bonds are shared electronic bands and you have forms metal where they serve a great

together an older reflective aspects of because of the shared bonds that's why they look shiny photons come down while they're not ready for instance but raise come down and get reflected back

that's so cool

so monotonic

so you could have n five it's called so five electrons shared and for entry into one and then n minus one in monster ministry say that the you get metal

atoms a tongue you know atoms of metallic element which is sharing either by giving or receiving

but guess what,


the really cool and the all the ancient peoples knew about the Egyptians,

the Hebrews, you know, plus the 12 tribes of Israel with Moses

they understood this

Sarah state


if you if you really look at what was going on and pyramid that was one of the things they were doing they were making this month timing

element that's why it was the British when

they they entered the archaeology centered the cheers pyramid they went and they found this white powder and they took a total virtue museum they didn't know what the hell it was with the Egyptians doing cocaine No it wasn't the monotonic form of gold. That's why they wanted gold because they wanted to transform it into the monotonic form for healing purposes when you ingest it and certainly safe to ingest it is a superconductor at room temperature. So your brain starts working really well. So can I take this as a supplement you don't have any problems remember Are you didn't go into my bedroom or too much you can. I got loads of bottles a month tonics. I have done Platinum Iridium.

Am copper cells

actually the hope

Platinum group, they have rhodium. They all taste different to do slightly different things and that awesome. So do you have a theory on why it is that your site gave out right after you retired and stop working as an engineer? Was it just a coincidence?

Do you believe in fate or destiny?

In a sense

a bit?

Okay. Well, what do you mean by fate or destiny? define it for me. Okay. Different people define it differently. Yeah, because I also believe in free will. Exactly. And that's where things get confusing, not really in,

go back to computer architecture tree structures, very, you know, a really fundamental part of computer architecture, right? decision making, buying decisions are really cool


At any point in your life,

you have a choice. You have free will. And you could say multi valence is really just a stacked form a binary choice. Let's reduce it to binary choice to go left or right in the train in Sierra land. Let's go sera. Cool. I like Sarah like zero as well.

Next time do you go? I wonder zero. Let's go one. This time. Let's get crazy. Exactly. So you're gone. Yin and Yang.

Now you have the Free Will or the illusion that condition delusion of free will

to choose a one or zero.

There is fate that is biasing you

to one or zero which is coming from yourself. Most people ignore that so

they totally ignore the soul because the soul in my opinion, lives in the tabernacle of your heart in this golden little room.

symbolically and it speaks with a very quiet voice.

And so is it easier to listen if you do things like meditation, or because you can. One psychedelics you become still

so when I'm in training you by my presence into stillness,

your thoughts are becoming less and traffic,

your mind is quieting down your brain is quieting down which creates the relatively endorphins and serotonin

nurturing all of them all the endorphins to be felt.

And that allows the light of consciousness

which is inside the body, you know, resonate by DNA. Remember that that DNA is operating it around 40 gigahertz to 70 gigahertz

that light is felt

and the light

Is what connects us to the stillness because the stillness is the magnetic field, you know, dielectric field out of which the light

emanates and comes down to us. So

dark dark energy or zero point energy is ever in the universe. And

they say in one cubic centimeter of zero point energy, you have all the matter in the entire universe. It's pretty interesting. So in order to get in touch with this stillness, is meditation, the primary path or can psychedelics also be used in order to get there not my opinion you should use both yeah but I'm curious what in my opinion on all the success opinion and various others

it's a door to perception galaxy me. Yeah. Anything that has a dope mean component like a reward and

spiked works in the world part of the brain is detective

you can be addicted to pain

you can be able to to suffering you can do to to making money you can be addicted to sugar it can be addicted to eating golden ship I think I'm addicted to the internet right now not to go and you know well golden shit How else am I gonna get the gold and shit gotta go to the internet so okay they all got together now


in my opinion is is joy generated by the microbiome


I think we have a choice of unity which is the serotonin experience which you can be Nelson Mandela and present okay life sucks no cuz he does his meditation he does a stillness whatever it was that and he felt joy so you can be in the having the worst day ever

become still from an

I'm feel joy because you see the leaf on the train and you're not stoned, you actually perceive it as a resonant connection with your heart.

It's interesting. Can I ask you to return to something you mentioned earlier? Just because I kind of want to know about you talked about Steve Jobs. Traveling acid. Yeah. Did you do it with him? Well, no, no, no, he didn't know he did. So, you know, he went to India. Yeah. And so he went with Chris and so and Christian got pregnant there with him. He refused for years to say that these services until finally they did a DNA test. So I used to go to yoga class with Chris and all the time with Larry had lit and Palo Alto and

I started doing Reiki in 95 and teaching in 96. And so like Christian would come over I go to a place and we would

do crystal work and energy work. She was the only one who

I close my eyes and she closed units up lying down, send energy and we would see the exact same thing not just once, but over and over when you were practicing Reiki, reiki, yeah well it's all energy works energy work so but I already started I used to have crystals in my queue but work and you know going off the dissociative associated side where I still able to function as an engineer

but people come and lay down in my cube because it felt cool yeah yeah the coolest given town yeah can I ask you um. With regards to the original light how

legacy How did you invent


I did not invent anything and that's I mean people think it's silly but

and it sounds like a cliche but the reality is

the Luciano light which is really was invented you know they did research darkened angle but to Austrian doctors

this thing cuz that he says


Two Australians had one they were in Perth, a friend of a friend or friend said Can these people can stay in the Healing Center

they want to come come to Chiang Mai and going to die garden center. So

I looked at

the website and I just yeah done anything about it. They came put the thing up in my yoga silo

and everyone was having interesting hip Magog experiences and I you had to sit up you can lie down and it was happening Gaga because they were deliberately trying to

bring people into a hypnotic state to help get them off drugs you know them it's prescription drugs neurologist and the psychology of selves their thing,

okay, you know that software is really I mean, horrible. It's not even the beginning of it.

Horrible is like and that statement at the first order horrible meaning the drug withdrawal no no no the software that they were running Oh for light yeah can you imagine on there I couldn't even frickin believe it it was running on Windows okay but windows wasn't running it's like Ted to take over the whole thing because they didn't know how to do

and it really sucked I mean it sucked rocks feeling it wasn't producing the empty definitely not so

I they went off the straining couple on Sunday went off to their gardens and I said man tech cheer he's a money man.

He's gonna ask you how much it costs and then he's not gonna be interested. Exactly that happened. But in the meantime because they were really strange people

will not say too much. I won't give their names but anyway.

The woman said we have to go this way my guides are telling me and said they drove across a freaking field

right about two hours late but they went across the way she

wouldn't feel I got no I don't have must have been a mushroom jumping up and down and laughing at them so anyway I was gardening I was literally gardening

and I was told what to do. I literally had the boys might use these LEDs 10 what these particular I didn't know about these entities you make a Wi Fi hotspot what else I had on making white files but

you do a web app How do I do a web app you do an ambassador thing there's no you know you just do it through you like on mushrooms so the time is over I know I'm totally you know I'm very very occasionally to door perception thing. I was totally

The weights are growing up etiquette and this thing came

and when upstairs tells me something. I do it when people tell me something. I don't know.

That's my real survival. Yeah, I don't give a shit I love you told me to do something, I'd probably do it. Because now I've never tell it to say. I'd say if you suggest an idea in my head is parking, or it may be,

but that's an if you suggest something wacky to me. I'd probably go for it because it would feel right. But anyway, following orders, I do not follow the order can do it. You can't do it. You're not even from Steve Jobs.

Okay, I could. I'm a storyteller. So you can imagine I got so many stories. So I'm trying to sort of constraint myself. So what exactly is the engineering side? What is the science side behind the original light? How is it possible that blinking lights can stimulate the empty production in someone's brain? Okay,

I had never done

designed a circuit board before because I was a chip designer and editing software to for 10 years. But I used to do really major programs. I could from a document, a latex document with the pin out, I could generate all the structure for the pads of an a sick, you know, I had everything automated and make make thing where

I press the mute button, all the tests, all the backend tests or simulations we're done. So I really learned it in most automation of software process is really, really important. So that was my specialty, you know, tools and automation and so I knew how to do software from that point of views. I knew Unix very well. I'd never done anything on Linux. So in three months, I got my board

doing what I was told

I got the Wi Fi hotspots.

And I looked over this board

and I was going out you know close my eyes I was going out it's like oh this thing works I had no idea why

no idea at all


about a year later I do I I do zero such I'm not research it's almost sounds like a prophetic vision it once I was told what to do I mean it doesn't make sense but

what does it tell you use the light because there are results with light I mean if you were just some guy my podcast I know some boys came to me and told me this and then it didn't work and say well okay guy here this is my higher self but somebody somebody told me about a year later Google melon ops and

hotels mountain yeah what is well Nelson that was in the field was a melon option. Yeah


Mice mice have lots of mountain ops and what does that mean?

Okay, so 19 the late 90s the first papers published on melon awesome. So when I was in medical school rods and cones, that's your visual system Mm hmm. ruts a call their peripheral vision pyramids and their

guns kind of a pyramid can still give it to the gun. Yeah we'll get to the cans conehead living a better job guns in a phobia you've arrived. That's where you get color and so good. No one likes the rods though. What do they do?

It's actually really cool. That's the peripheral stuff. It's good purpose. Good.


it turns out that there are again, glial cells laid out as a matrix in the back of the retina. It's the third visual system


they go

I mean, that's literally brain cells that are right there.

They're triggered by lights.

Very low intensities

and it goes up through the optic nerve into the SEM super charismatic nucleus and elements

from there it goes to the

sound will cortical region of the brain to the thalamus

sound will call to go region of the brain is the part that switches you from internal to external stimulation so when you go dissociated when you go to sleep when you go not paying attention in class and daydreaming

you're in internal visionary state the TMT is giving you wacky stuff in your visual cortex that was that's what was going on I wasn't paying attention in class I game that's why daydreaming is so important it gives you connection to the astral gives you connection to whole systems thinking not free.

Kim Kardashian bullshit that damn crazily then say and then follow this rule and pay your taxes and then d be like a there is a distinct absence of day Jamie these days particularly due to smartphones and not only that not not attorney that Ritalin Ritalin was brought in at all things like that to Stop daydreaming to stop you know creativity is a mental illness defined by the psychiatric it's ridiculous the over prescription of Adderall is getting absolutely insane you know it's funny I have noticed by sheer coincidence that people that I tend to be attracted to

always they've always been diagnosed with a DD the people that I enjoy spending time with they all have a DD it's not a fucking disease never was but my mother is a psychiatrist she was union analyst she took people off their prescription drugs

she never produced

actually worked a lot with suicidal young women. And she was one of the first women

doctor from Trinity College Dublin,

but a total wounded healer like emotions will

lessen the family. But

she knew 60s and 70s. No, I'm not doing drugs. So people shouldn't be allowed to practice. Now he hasn't given out the Adderall. Yes. That is the definition of cycles. But that's where we can be more of a psychologist. I have my definitions. Correct. So the ones that don't, not allowed to get Yeah, but I mean, she's qualified to get that. But, you know, with the founder of psychiatry in 1822 notice thesis was what

mental illness begins in the gut. That's what he said, the gut microbiome Yeah, they understood that by observation. No, they had that back in the 80s.

2020 I didn't even know I thought probiotics where this new fad chemical warfare It all started World War Two Russians went one where they went into

electronics and you know all the really really cool stuff by resonance all the physics they went to physics Americans they loved chemical warfare so they went into drugs in a buyer mustard gas

no good well it's good if you want to make money and kill people yeah if you're in war it's great yeah no or that or if you're framing the Syrians yeah true it's good for non good causes yeah so

you know that's where that that that was turning point the US and paperclip and all the rest bring Nazi ism to the US now the US as a Nazi

managed service yes yeah there's a point of podcasting say whatever the fuck you want it's great you're not on radio oh cool yeah that that I Dad Dad

podcasts is awesome anyway you're saying that the Nazis took over the US and that will to be fair

the communists took over Europe to socialism it's all collectivism

and collectivism is becoming a hive the purpose of becoming a hive is that you control by electronics like the social credit system in China now where they had heard about that what is going on there the blockchain so oh jesus christ that's why using blockchain for 6 million people in China we're not allowed on trains or planes not lead to buy the tickets because their social credit was too low This is literally that episode of Black Mirror Have you seen the

same exact thing it's actually happening this ridiculous yeah it's it's really that no

That's why I say the system is destroying itself because it's not connected to nature is connected to the right path is connected to machines, human beings on to become machines.

Machines are dead

live doesn't enjoy that shit Have you heard about neural link

Elon Musk's new company. So he bought,

he bought this company that the company was actually originally really cool. Basically, the idea was it would take the one that's the implant exactly disabled people who were paralyzed from the neck down. It would basically be an implant. Well, that's them to do things. Yeah, Peter Diamandis was talking about that. Yeah, that's that way in through the back door. Oh wait, they were good people helping paraplegics. Yeah. So Elon Musk bought it. And so he said. We'll fuck. That will help the paraplegics. But we're going to help everyone. And if I was talking to him 10 to 15 years from now. Every

injection into your brain stem and electromagnetic mash is going to cover your brain and you're going to be able to do everything you can on your smartphone today telekinetic No, but it's kind of work the other way around the smartphone is going to work you Yes? Can you imagine we're gonna pop ups in our dreams well that's why we're living in Thailand

is the spot Thailand so incompetent from government?

You know, when I bought my land, the lawyer said, Oh, you can be paying capital gains tax and real estate tax

they started 30 years ago and within five years you know what happens it's really hilarious. So they started mapping out you know, it's only can be point 1% tax, you know, all the land this is how much yours can be successful. And the rich people said, No,

this didn't do it. Well, yeah, because it's a feudal society. So rich people said no.

Let's not do that so 30 years later they still matter nothing hell yeah it's hilarious you got the hook up thanks Thailand appreciate it in competence in government is exactly what you want that's what Thailand is so great yes what Doug Casey talks about you take all the psychedelics you want on here there's no man trying to keep you down they don't if you know if you're in that face I'm missing the mom that then I don't care what kind of going through this revolution where the trying to change their image yeah that's that's why you're not allowed to look at porn and that's why allegedly there's this really bad penalty surrounding drugs it's but it can tell you it's bullshit yeah no one cares This is most chill place I've ever been in life yeah if they get the brand envelope that totally cool you know it's funny we were talking about daydreaming the importance of daydreaming but also the importance of dreaming you know something interesting to me

so I I went off and I got myself pretty addicted to weed when I was a kid I was just smoking weed all

All the time, probably smoking it five times a day for years, five years. But we thought done today and I didn't realize this because it kind of happened so slowly. But for that five year period, for the most part, I didn't really dream. I honestly didn't. I remember when I finally made the resolution to quit weed. I was expecting all these you know, side effects. Maybe I wouldn't be able to sleep May my appetite be fucked up.

what really got me was for the first time in years I was dreaming and you know, it's extra interesting. It almost felt like my brain had this backlog of dreams that is trying to get out because it's cool. now years later haven't smoked weed it's normal. It's normal James but for the first couple months. Holy shit. It was really intense going to sleep because I would have 10 or 15 of the most of the most pure visualizing I could remember every single thing is the most intense dreams have ever had. My life is crazy. So it's my

Was my brain is getting flooded with DMD what I think was going on and you were dreaming because physiologically be dreaming you weren't remembering so you know nothing against with I don't like it It made me dizzy first time and try it's like no not my thing at all see video it's cool and

yeah it's okay but

it's not my thing I don't like me smoking my lungs so but I could call what happened to tell you to vaporize with yeah I digress yes so what what happened was you have your body with streaming but it wasn't coming into your consciousness and so the messages from your unconscious minds like

this or you should resolve this issue and this way Oh, when you mother yelled at you. This was you know all the little

emotion emotional and cleansing that when the

The glial system cleanses the brain you know when the every night you go into delta and

you flush out through the CSF all the crap from the day that was all still happening then you're going into REM period physiologically if they burn it to you oh yeah he's dreaming but you having a recall because really long term weed people

massive problems with memory because I saw someone in California yes true

so welcome back to the two little technique world so

i think

you know I'd like to talk to you about consciousness and a few different ways yeah and you tried the power line

so what what what is the pair light for Caroline initiated so the pilot is the body version of the national light. Okay, and it's super post

Consciousness tool

john chavis I told you about with the he's the best researcher on dreaming and TMT he's got a website called the letter Q q for lt questions for the lion tamer dot com

loads of papers about this stuff so he when I first met him he just started researching into magnetic Cindy empty

and his hypothesis is that the field actually generates the emptiness to this generates a non directional magnetic field which is a natural magnetic field it's actually a double tours on both sides. And more importantly most of it is in the Z playing see plane is counter space for those who are into that kind of stuff. It's the magical world it's

yeah I could go on for hours about Walter Russell and what that that stuff means what this actually

Does and

just fun because we like engineering

I'm going to plug it in

and it's you might or might not be able to see the infrared LED splashing but they are flashing Can you see it and I can see him flashing. Okay this is what to use on the plane

and no jet lag. It works really well so just place it like that on your serotonin generator. My stomach it well they otherwise known. Yeah, the abdomen, okay. Their microbiome is where all my serotonin comes from. From. Yeah, 90% of serotonin comes from the microbiome. You know what's funny, I was talking to his ex girlfriend that I used to see and she was studying neuro chemistry and she's studying depression like that. And you know, a lot of people don't realize that depression is physiological. You know, your brain produces serotonin and it's supposed to recycle it. The gut produces. Excuse me, the gut producer.

Say you get serotonin

in your brain is supposed to do healthy things with it and recycle it and people don't people see other people depression say oh you're sad get over it well in some cases yeah but in a lot of cases there's a physiological issue going on where there's not enough serotonin and she was reading about that and then she started reading about something called serotonin uptake syndrome which is kind of the opposite of depression and then he started looking at the symptoms she said sam i think you have fuckin serotonin uptake syndrome you're you're a weirdly happy dude. Yeah,

so that's what the inhibitors before we're all have different biochemistry and physiology and it's okay. But I think more importantly,

you could say the Dalai Lama has too much happiness. Happiness, joy. Yeah. So our natural state like a bird Berta, pretty chill. You know, they're going through tweeting, they don't tweet like

Donald Trump. They just happen.

How's good one? Sorry about that my text already had to be done.

It was a necessary evil. Yes, thank you. Yeah, I don't have very many problems with birds. So what? What's going on with this? This this purple oblong shape? Well, generating super pulsing three different frequencies. Okay, what are those 40 hertz, which is gamma and 40 hertz was shown by MIT flashing 40 hertz in pulsing wishes to reduce amyloid plaque in mice.

Alright, so that's really important.

Schumann. Eight hertz is the balancing in the heart when you move outside

the earth, like the first cosmonauts they lost all their memory because they didn't have Schumann. Now every astronaut we go back what the astronauts loss of every the first cosmonauts after everything was cool for two weeks,

and then they suddenly can communicate with the dude the Russian dude so they centered other

You can look this up is true they centered other customer or top to

find out what the hell's he loses memories well within three years to work out what was said that they send the first one down same thing actually happened to save the very first people that every one of those guys yeah all Neil Armstrong all that they wait a min soaking the 56 early 60s you know that the beginning in space race the Russians were winning

I took them three years to figure out what's going on memory is actually in the magnetic field around us and it's at the Schumann frequency so what is the Schumann frequency eight hertz that's the resonance of the cavity the spherical cavity capacitance of the earth

This is all very difficult to digest I know that's good you got the part so I got a pair light so you didn't have you see your gut knows what's going on? Uh huh. I'm just telling you in words. So you're saying that our memories are held in a frequency around us and not in our brain? There's no way it's

You think just take one little thing. One little thing is

you have the ability through deja vu to have complete knowledge, not any insight, but smell and everything of events that have happened before. And potentially in the future. Depending on how you look at time

when you die. When you go through a tunnel of death, you have a complete flashback in slow motion, you know, temporal lobes expand or contract time and or restrict. So that amount of data is way more. It can only be held in the field.

You know, it can't be held in little neurons wearing this together like this. Because in my Father's Day, that's what you were told, you know, memory is in the RNA and neurons bullshit Yeah, but that

it's just hard. It's so hard for me to mentally grasp how can how grasp it with you got memory be held the field and how can we draw from that field and what they'll do even as a field

Okay, give me a hand. One hand without my current. Okay, this is a field. Okay. Do you feel some heat?

I think so. I'm curious. So for those who can't see His hands are above and below my hands. Yeah, I'm doing some Reiki, right?


So I'm in training you this is physics. So I mean train you to achieve.

So what is ci? Exactly? How would you define are about to find out so do you feel the heat?

Yes, it's getting hot in here. Okay, that's the electrical aspect of the cheap now if I

just pulling thing I'm projecting T. Tell me if you start feeling pulling sensation

in my head. Yeah, it's subtle, but

you might feel a pulling sensation. I think so. Okay. Don't think feel so close your eyes and just feel

as a child you felt this very

Strong but so what's going on there to getting a little mental blocks it is john yeah good feel billing okay I'm going to continue and you probably feel that most only

okay so have a look now and you'll see the pulling goes with my hands are going that's a magnetic aspects of the cheese cheese unified field that stock field

zero point energy it's everything I didn't touch you I was introducing the electrical sensation hasn't juicing the magnetic sensation that's what the field is the field is what we call

the phenomenon of induction Hmm So what exactly is Reiki?

I know that's a big question that's a big as your your third level Reiki Master if I yeah if I've done my research to us. Yeah, so

I suggest because we've been going quite some time.

Let's do another podcast.

We opened up entropy. Now, we touched on a lot of things. And I would like to stop now and then come back and do another random work. Let's do it. Cool. Excited. I was. Is there anything you'd like to say? Oh, we talked about that. How you feeling? Any wants or anything from the power life actually come in? Yeah. So the third frequencies, two hertz, which is the gut. So delta delta. In eg terminology. Delta Schumann is the theater which is dreaming and alpha relaxation. So that's why placed in the body so we go delta theta, alpha, beta, gamma

that's mapped onto the chakras, subconscious conscious

and so stress conscious and up into super conscious Can I ask you one or two more questions for you go because there's there's one question particularly.

When asked you, I think you'll have an interesting perspective on it.

A lot of people struggle to decide whether they should follow what they're passionate about in life, or follow what makes money, right? This is something that a lot of people go through, and selfishly, it's actually something I've been going through lately. And it seems like you've dealt with this personally. And I feel like you've helped a lot of other people deal with this. How do you decide which road to go down? You don't decide, use your ego, your heart science if you're willing to listen to your heart. That's what our passion is.

Do it the other way around us, the animal the servant is the analyzer

have the passion because if you're doing a job you hate, you're going to have a miserable life and die. That sucks. So discover the passion in your life, then use the analytical tool to find out the wacky way in which you as an individual, so not just monetizing it's actually trade.

money's one for trading, trading love trading vegetables. I used to get paid vegetables for doing bodywork in Silicon Valley was really the, you know in a major salad with the carrots and someone's garden that I'd worked on they were amazing I'll bet yeah okay the body where because it's got left yeah they were giving it to me with love tastes great Everyone knows that so find first of all be quiet enough

clothes you're eager down get rid of all thoughts of making other people approve of you particularly your parents easier said than done that I see your point see it look at it look Watch yourself self observation. Take the time to see what's my pattern review your life

use your mind very good analytical tool to say okay I am removing all that condition behavior and I'm coming into joy Close your eyes go into the magical world you know the center of the magnetic

field that cancer space in that imagination in a daydream, you will find your joy. You won't find it in the Torode

with somebody else saying Yeah, you'd make a good doctor you'd make a good fun screw that

it's not worth it

take the time to be still because in that stillness when the stones expands the vision of your passion is there in front of your eyes with your eyes closed just like on the national do you dream with your eyes open I wish no you don't because that's associated state that's the Peter state it's good to have that state it's a thank you say nothing wrong with it. But when that's your entire reality you can never reach the quietness and stillness and presence of your passion and the passion is the imagined image in your heart. It sounds like the two are connected sounds like if you could get

in touch with that other state they find your pain you're taking states can be very grateful it's in it's a servant. The Dallas knew that they said absolutely is but when you make the servant the master from fear because you shut your heart damn oh I can't or maybe this would work out or

maybe Trump's gonna bomb Oklahoma next week. You know, you know he is always been there, done that. So

Orlando There you go. What are they doing for us? Who knows? Get him out of here. But so you know. So that's what manifest that shit because everyone's in the fear state and the predators to come back to the original thing. They're just cruising around saying, Oh, this is fun. Bang. This is fun. Bang. They're doing a video game with a load of sheep. Oh,

it's time to load out of the video game. Okay, see you next time. See you next time. Thanks for coming on guy. Okay, thank you. finally find you on the internet. Oh, you absolutely can. Where can we find you?

You can find me at a national light so Ashley AJ and a light dot com that's for the light

the thing you got a new gut which is giving you serotonin and happier happier Sam feeling is called para light so P why era like pyramid light dot com

and I mean various other places Lani yoga dot com that's on the yoga that's my place and then another time we're going to talk about this which is

just for fun will show you

this is the easiest tool to connect you to consciousness and its young shoe

This is UV

Close your eyes if you're listening to this and you'll see

okay can you see that glow yeah okay so this is the night Langstone I have it here and here it's super Ace This is just shut blowing during the day

The Emperor in China had this

I structure this this actually man made material nice amazing sign of the times that what only the Emperor in China was allowed to own is now available but it comes from factory aim office and instruction structured and when you can muscle test for muscle test week this muscle test run so it's a new website I have this guy's work is new thing it's called structured as unstructured water

why MC gaming shoes so structured why MC calm

and you'll see my crazy Tesla power light flashing coils and really weird stuff that's actually structuring it and I can do the test on you another time to show you the factory made stuff go week and this yes you get

stronger. I like to I'd like to try that muscle testing. I read what was the book I read on muscle testing? I read a particular book of times he was the original and jack time I read one of them. Yeah, I think I read the original one. And I wasn't quite sure what to think of it tend to

feel it. Yes, I'd be when I grew up on the Obi Wan Kenobi. Ah, I think already there if he asked me really. Can I be an Egyptian for? Oh yeah, that'd be perfect. That's your niche? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Micro nice. The mental Egyptian Obi Wan Kenobi.

Thanks for coming on guy. Thanks, Simon, says Elaine, and thanks for being on my YouTube. Of course, working doodles. Thank you for listening to the mental architect. I am your host Sam cb. If you enjoyed this episode, go on down to iTunes and smash that review button so hard that your finger falls off.

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