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An Ayahuasca Shaman with a PhD – Dr. Feelgood

After Dr. Feelgood received his PhD in biophysics, he did not go the conventional route of most academics. Instead, he devoted his practice to discovering the healing properties of natural compounds and psychedelics.

In addition to his wellness practice, he also oversees many of the shamans who perform ayahuasca rituals in northern Thailand. In this exciting episode, Dr. Feelgood explains his theories on life after death, thinking with your heart, and how to become a happier person. Some interesting topics we cover include:

00:00  – What it’s like to be a doctor of psychedelics
08:26 – Life After Death & The Danger of Antibiotics
23:50 – Pros and cons of urine therapy
29:46  – Alkaline Diet and Listening to Your Heart
42:38 – Why you should be wary of the radiation around you
56:01 – Transformative changes through ayahuasca
1:19:54 – Nature’s Wisdom Explained
1:24:40 – The element of truth in astrology
1:33:43  – Tantric sex Explained
1:45:12 –  World wars in the world of sex
1:50:40 – When is it the right time to take ayahuasca?
2:06:37 – How you purge through ayahuasca trips

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The most interesting excerpts from this podcast:

Alkaline Diet and Listening to Your Heart

Life After Death & The Danger of Antibiotics

Tantric Sexuality Explained


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We have Dr. Feelgood on the show today.

And he is a real doctor is a PhD in biophysics with his field of study concentrating in natural medicine.

Now, he studies more conventional forms of natural medicine such as diet.

He studies a little less conventional forms of natural medicine as well, such as how to manipulate the energy in the body and urine therapy and we discuss all that but what I really enjoyed discussing

with the healing properties of nature's wisdom because what he enjoys most is studying and utilizing the effects of psychedelics specifically I Alaska

in healing and educational settings. He oversees the majority of the shamans and Northern Thailand

who provide I Alaska trips for people looking to

improve their lives.

It is a very interesting episode to say the least.

The mental architect with Sam Sebring No. Bullshit blueprint for peak performance.

Be the best you can be.

We're here with Dr. Feelgood are very very favorite doctor

PhD in physics. But I have that correctly so he's much smarter than I am and he focuses mainly on herbal remedies

a lot more than that though. There's a lot going on who's about to tell me about a his background himself. I feel like he could do it a lot better justice than I can. Sam. Firstly, thanks for this opportunity. Nice to meet you. And this precious little planet to coincide with time.

Yeah, my work is really to look at the divine

universal laws of nature

and to try and optimize people's well being. And I wanted to run you through a little PowerPoint that I have.

It's all always trying to look at taking people on that path, and it seems like you're on your path now. Which is great. I thank you Dr. Feelgood.

First of all to take a step back and see how

I'm so sorry. Can I grab one thing real quick? Yeah, no drama, drama.

All right, I'm ready Dr. Feelgood. Hey Sam the man so I'm about optimizing people.

Well being through the universal and divine laws of nature, everything comes from nature.

And we can synthesize that let's say it's a chemical structure but chemicals leave an effect. We call it a side effect. But it's an effect ultimately and that effect might be

not great over the longer term nature has an effect that can not be great on the longer term and abuse is abuse so we're trying to find that equilibrium with people

but if I can just give you a bit of context for from from my work which is understanding the background behind people and obviously people are made up of their

emotional feelings their mental headspace how they're thinking, their physical well being if you like rest and diet and

you know how how we how we stretch and move and what we do and say

And obviously we're spiritual people. So we're, we're here to learn some gravitational lessons of humanity. But we're here as spirit beings, and we return to that realm, I think.

So we're here to learn some humanoid expression. And that's where I keep, you know, my consultation to optimize people as to trans. Start with the physical body to look at what's happening. So the physical body is based with, let's say genetics. You wanted to say something? Yeah, so what exactly is your consultation? If I were to come to you, how would I find you exactly what what would I be looking for if I wanted to speak to Dr. Feelgood,

I mean through this medium, let's say people, or you have found me already. So if others want to find me, it's, it's I try and hide as much as possible.

Hence the Dr. Feelgood pseudonym hence the pseudonym because the work I do is rather challenging to that say

Rational scientists a bit controversial, controversial, it's now becoming more open some of the work that we do. But you know, when I was studying our research in in India 25 years ago to look at the universal laws of nature and to link science and spirituality, we use conventional natural medicine. So let's say massage or diet, or yoga, or I have better or natural pathy. And some of those things weren't very highly valued, let's say I have added, which is an Indian system of medicine that comes from the Vedas, which is like their, their and their sacred texts, sensory, sacred sacred texts. So,

you know, I'm, I'm here available to people in a way but perhaps they can contact you and you know, I'm very much into reflection. So I'll throw back a lot of people to say, well, let's see where you're at. Let's see whether I can really help you because I'm not here to help people I'm hitting

support you help being a sort of needy word support being a much more softer work, I was gonna say, What's the difference? Mm hmm. Now, what kind of lift you if you get that, like a reassurance and a guidance, rather than I'm the master, I know you must do it like this. It's like, find your own way. Here's a little route map of what you might need. And that's

ultimately what I do is to try and provide plans to people for 90 days to take them forward. And that might be, you know, softening on themselves, softening on the judgment, not looking at good and bad trying to become spirited in the world and engaged spiritually. How does one go about doing that you came to me and you said, Hey, Sam, maybe we should soften the judgment of it.

I don't think I would quite know how to do that. I'd probably go to Google first. And Google might tell me to meditate But beyond that, I'm not sure what I would do is a wonderful place to start you know, meditation navel gazing just needed.


it's an expression in English excuse my upbringing. I like the term navel gazing, gazing on name I gave them my navel. I didn't know that it was socially acceptable to do so.

Yeah, you gotta keep it clean as well.

So yeah, it's kind of its its reflection on who you are

maybe why you are here and what's your path. And so my path I feel is to try and optimize people who want assurance and guidance of what they might be doing. Thinking feeling might be not serving. So to sever those ties that are not serving people, you know, let's typically say too much sugar too much convenience food, too much in the mind monkey mindedness and not dropping into the heart being a little softer on their diet, let's say alkaline rather than acid forming. I'm glad you got into that. That's a very sensitive subject for me

specifically, because

as well. So I have psoriasis. And I'm sure you you know about the whole leaky gut syndrome. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the gut biome has as many neurons is the brain. So it's like your second brain. And it is actually your whole body is a is a brain, it has memory, everything has memory. So

it's not looking at conventional science and reductionist. There is it's looking outside that and looking at you know, expansion of that wisdom which is, you know, very much an ego based rational Sciences is a highly valuable and again we're going to get into what I say is paradoxical ironies You know, there's lots of paradoxes that place so antibiotics are an amazing invention by the pharmaceutical industry that came through nature now antibiotics a wonderful when you require them they've just been doled out too much and in my opinion, no I agree. Oh, good. And I hope that the listeners

As viewers will do to you know, antibiotics means what it says on the label which is empty bio life and he lives so it strips the gut biome of it's good and bad bacteria and what we want to do is replenish that after the infection has been treated but they get dished out for poultry business and meet business and our fish industries and so therefore all the way through

if you are a meat eater and fish you will pick up that antibiotic resistance and we're now becoming resistant antibiotics you probably aware of this so the antibiotics are still active when I eat some some shitty chicken I'm am I consuming a low dose of antibiotics directly yeah that's that's right and and you know you're also I don't care for that one bit no you don't you don't want to care for I mean remember chicken or foul foul literally by by name and nature they don't even fly anymore that they are bird that in that box not great for your body and we only that that

teammate, you know, like the guys that What about? Oh, yeah, yeah. Well there's it. There's always a good benefit and suckling on the fly. If you're a meat eater, but you know, less is best with that, I'd say, and I'm not here to judge people say, Oh, you don't want to eat meat because obviously Eskimos wouldn't be where they are and Inuits and people in extreme calls they haven't got any fruit and vegetables, nuts, palaces, lagoons, which are the healthiest things for a body in my mind and how did they not get scurvy and things like that there is eaten Norwalk fat all day. It's a good point, I think that the bitter cold will get a lot of rid of a lot of bacteria, and because of the harshness of their environment, their immune system is very strong, and that's a part of my work. One of the tenements is the look at immunity and immunity is the body's ability to fight for itself, an infection, an antigen of virus has, you know, some pathogen that's coming, some toxicity that's come into the body

might have 500

ourselves no yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so it has to be antibiotics you know suppressants and and all that there's no way our body can five ourselves you're crazy good i know i know and you can't think for yourself and you have to have you know linear thought so let's stay with a linear knows we can think results there's no way you're getting ridiculous at that point

Come on so you know I'll essentially what I do is with a client is I look at

had testing I take a step back get some evaluations and some basis of where your genetic code is because we have a predisposition that's probably somewhere between 10 and 30% of illness. So a template is already rewritten if you like or written from our genetics and what I look at is a little bit of the genetic template a little bit of a predisposition to illness in my own case, its heart disease.

For others it might be more predisposition you know the thing will pop is cancer or

let's say immune system welcomes diabetes rather than heart disease or cancer but these big three a few like a major diseases on the increase and there's no there's no cure for death you know we're gonna die and I suppose my work is to that's not what Walt Disney thought you hear about that guy cryogenically frozen himself and he's coming back he swore by it well maybe he's right he was he was definitely lived in cartoon land

Walt Disney No, no and i mean i think you know, there's a lot of truth to saying things do go on beyond the corporal death now whether we can bring back the physical

and artificially and make it intelligent again and bring back your soul I ivector on perhaps the side of it's unlikely, particularly at the moment obviously impossible.

But, but again, we can dwell on that, you know, in another 2 million millennia time and, and maybe we we are, we're robotic, maybe already that I think bringing it back is pretty unlikely. I think our best bet is just keeping it going right now. I think that's, that's what a lot of people are going for. So rather than coming back from death, they're just trying to prevent death. Well, if you like anti aging is a is a big subject in my world. And, and you know, beauty because people want to optimize the way they look which is superficial, and I'm always like, trying to optimize the way you feel.

But people want crazy again, I know tight have been great and feel like shit that's, that's what I always say,

God, you got essentially here. And that's vital in this in this realm of living and dying because that's what we're doing all the time. It's paradoxical and ironic that we are living and we are

Cells are dying. We are full of bacteria and, and genetic structures from the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. And yet we call ourselves a human. And we call myself Dr. Feelgood.

And that's just a label isn't it? We're not really that was so much more and I think if we look at the the make believe the magic in the world we can we can push that proverbial envelope that expression. So let's not use it again.

I liked it. Okay. Um, you know, just just pushing the realms of our consciousness into believing in a little bit more magic and the body's ability to treat itself given the right ingredients

may ask you, Sam, what do you think when you're sick? What do you think one of the most important things or a few of the important things you can do to improve your health? It's interesting that you asked that I was raised by a bit of a witch doctor, actually, which I am quite grateful for. So step number

One that you're going to want to do in your sick no matter what you got two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Oh, cool. Yeah. alkaline, alkaline the body. Very good. Yeah. Step number two, get your ass outside. You got to get the sun interesting. Get some vitamin D. And what step number three. This is a little bit more specific. But I have found myself drinking a concoction of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, sea salt, and was last one garlic often that's more for respiratory stuff, though. And I think that they all have their merits but the most important thing to my mind is,

is rest. Yeah, you know, you kind of you don't know the guide, plan the sun and dragging my vinegar. All right. That's not what I had in mind. But no, no, I mean, ultimately, that's great. And that's that those are good solutions to people who are acid because obviously I says yes, in my practice of seeing, you know, I don't know over 100,000 people in my practice.

In person, yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

But you're not a medical doctor. This is all just people coming to you. Oh, this is all this is all just Bs, man. Yeah.

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Well, I mean, ultimately what doing? I mean, I only learned from the experiences that I've taken from people. So doctors in the 60s in Britain, where I was brought up would actually look in your eye give you percussion, which means tap your lungs to see if there's any fluid and phlegm they might even play with the bulls and see whether it and cough What does it cost extra

very happy endings.

No, but seriously you know when a doctor was able to you know have a bedside manner and time unfortunately doctors are inundated with a cute put put out a prescription so I'm not blaming doctors does they get paid for it? Oh, they get paid royally for it a little bit. Oh.

evaluated my mind and a little bit over valuing the antibiotic rather than going rest. Have some apple cider vinegar get some cayenne pepper alkaloids your diet you know address the relationship you might have

with that beloved babe or that beloved bow boy or that you know father figure or that mother figure that's not quite serving. So looking to forgive them because that's one of the tenements is just to acknowledge and accept things as they are, and try and spread a little bit more love. Now that sounds really hippie, but I love that world. You know, I came from a hippie yuppie background and, and my wife, she calls me a hippie, you're a hippie yuppie and I go, yeah, that's what I am what you married

for this cheat sheet. She tries to sort of, you know, knock me with that, but um, that's what I am so I kind of accidentally complimenting you and she doesn't even know it. Well, I'm only going to take it and I think it's alive.

I've learned through other experiences and for other guides and masters is

don't take anything personally you know what somebody says about you you're fat you're boring you're ugly, a spotty hidden date night. Daphne new me that's their opinion they're entitled to their opinion now it's whether whether you listen to it and whether you value it as to whether you take it forward and it matters to you, you, you make it matter you materialize it. So a lot of people and I especially used to get very sensitive about what people say, because I'm an empath. I feel very deeply about other people's things.

And that makes me a reasonably able, competent

person to help or support or reassure people and guide people through optimizing their own well being. And really, you know, the end game is to make death an easier experience so it's not so medicated. It's not so traumatizing because we feel that there is another version

To go into a choice seriously believe that we have you know, this is not the end all and beall life of our lives? Can I ask you something that I heard about that, uh. I don't think I've really ever had the opportunity to talk someone who might actually know about it. It was I feel so bad I forget the name of the exact author but it was an author who was telling you about him earlier he studies the afterlife. And he said, One interesting phenomenon

is that we have removed ourselves almost completely from seeing people actually die. So back in the day your dad died, your grandpa died, chances are decent chances are you'd see him actually die and they've kind of been removed and that kind of input and shoe hospitals and things like that. And so the only people that really see these are doctors and nurses and a lot of them have this very interesting phenomenon recorded where oftentimes you'll have someone who is almost effectively brain dead. You know, they're on their deathbed. They can't speak

can't communicate and a lot of people say that in the hour or even a few minutes leading up the death they get this

indescribable moment of clarity where they're able to indescribably communicate a lucid dreams are loose it for a few minutes and then and then they die is there any scientific explanation that

I'm not to my mind I mean remotely Dr. Feelgood explanation to feel that would be president that's explanation I'm really interested in

you know death has been sort of curtailed and and neither ties down literally a nucleotides doubt

of the psyche.

But then there's a paradox going on here. You see a lot of gratuitous violence and, you know, war and computer games that depict this. This sort of splattering of lives force blood and blood me

guts and stuff. And

you know what? We'll go back to the question What? And what really? Is that? You want to know? Is there life after death? Is their realm that we go into? Or is that I'll be very interested

well if that's if that's the question is there life after that of course there is that that moment is just died that we just had no two things will ever be the same. I mean, you might have a doppelganger, you might have an alter the

somewhere in the realms of possibility in another universe or multiverse. But you know, for all intents and purposes scientifically we would say rationally we would say there's no two things I've ever been the same you know no two molecules of water and no two moments nothing no no no DNA and RNA structure is is

the same exactly the same so that moment of death has just happened with just face that that in that in that moment now is just died again. So again, you can look at the continuing

of time, you know what is time. But if you look at

the rational side of our mind, we're growing old.

And we have to face our corporate departure off this plane, let's say this planet, and that's what we're trying to do is to try and make that departure little easier. So we shine a little bit more light, let's say,

in the shadows of space where we're evolving

that. The counter to that is that there's obviously an entropic black hole that we have to face as well. A planet will have a life let's say the solar system will expire, extinguish itself become vacuum, become entropic become dark matter, learning, learning about this stuff, you know, science and life is so fascinating at the moment because the frontiers of all of this stuff medicine and, and physics and biophysics and and and mathematics importantly is just realizing that you know, quantum clocks black holes

Dark Matter and it's sort of a weighing up there's an equilibrium somewhere if you kind of follow that

it's it's it has some realm of marriage I think anyway What do you think?

That's a big question that's very good question when I get the answer I'll let you know intuitively

reincarnation seems decent seems seems like a decent alternative

we have this sort of catch idea that we're going to come back a mouse if we're not good we already are a mouse and actually we came through the the man million Kingdom as our closest common ancestor so we were mice you know so we're already Oh my so we might go back to being a doggy dog isn't good again that's a judgment we already are dog we already got a dog in us now the problem is with man maybe the issue is is that we've become a little bit sort of self important

man God forbid return to an animal yeah and yes yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah.

Go to a cow that's above us. But every other one is funny. I spent a lot of time in, in, in India and

many, many years and I love India and you know, they will worship the cow. And the cow has many merits. It is an amazing animal. You know, you can use it to tell your fields. It's urine is sacred. If you look after it to heal property, it's antifungal, anti microbial.

You can you can obviously use it it's flashing its blood to exist and you say

yes, some people will drink bulls your bills you're in the sacred urine of a bull is supposed to be very healthy for your body. In fact, urine therapy as

well. If it's well looked after. Maybe I'm just throwing it out there may be our own urine is a way to treat your body. You know, when my grandfather was in the trenches fighting the Germans. They used to get fungus on their feet and with no medication they used to pee in their shoe.

And that used to

treat the wound and it No shit literally shit urine. Let's hear it. So you know she bamboo which is Shiva is water

is urine therapy and that is a therapy that I've studied now it's one of the more oblique therapies that I've looked at and I don't I'm not here to say oh drink your own urine shit now that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying if your liver is healthy and you know you're in a reasonable place with yourself so your adrenal is creating too much toxicity your urine is actually incredibly beneficial to your body I did a urine therapy

or search trial and which I engaged in myself because proof is in the pudding always and is in the urinal is proof proof is in the urine. And so yeah, I mean, it was interesting because the funny thing was, is that if you

You eat a vegan diet and you're in a good emotional space, your urine will actually taste not too bad again it's a concept isn't it tastes so the more you get used to it that the the the the easier it becomes but actually if you eat or drink coffee drink milk have sugar have some Pringles have some free total things that I read all that convenience crap yeah I'm your pistol literally tastes like shit and so for me one of the things should I like this Do they like

you're making me wretch

the the the interesting bit is is that you know from the research that was the keynote for me it wasn't

whether it was really effective although it did show to get rid of fungus on on the feet because that's that's why we did it and fungus in the year but a little bit of your drinks a lot of people didn't want to drink it in

While normal, you know, get anyone that did oh yeah yeah yeah sure sure exit that because I've heard of like he was it there's one particular MMA fighter or a coach when MMA fighters more by it well it's it teaches you stuff and it's reprocessing,

if you like, pathogens and antigens and stuff so you re filtering yourself so I think that might be marriage in that I'm not entirely sure but what I did find is it that it looked when I drank let's say coffee I wasn't on alcohol

or if you ate meat you piss was tasted awful. Now, again, I'm not making a judgment about not eating milk or not eating it

not not having a meat it's just that urine doesn't taste very good. So maybe less is best

and going back to that sort of, you know what we

studied is is to try and alkaloids the body you know and that might look at just re positioning yourself into looking at alkalinity and we go back to saying one of those people I've seen was 100,000 was so alkaline, but she had the same symptoms that people are incredibly acidic, very lethargic needed a lot of rest because they're sick sick people need rest and that's why cancer patients are in hospital lying down. Chemotherapy is an interesting one. I think it treats symptoms like pills do, but it might give a little bit of longevity.

It doesn't make you feel very good, you know, and again, I know anyone that's had a dose chemotherapy, and I'll say without, I'll have another one of those. Yes, please. Yes, please. I'm very curious about this acid alkaline diet, actually, because I have experimented a lot with it personally, again, with the whole psoriasis. leaky gut thing. There's a guy named dr. john pagano. Okay. Who more or less wrote

I wrote the book on

carrying one psoriasis ones leaky gut with your diet and he advocated for an alkaline diet you know 60, 70% alkaline foods the rest acidic your body localize itself and thanks will be good this is this will go away your leaky gut will will go but will it meant itself but will it Well it's interesting it reduce maybe it'll reduce yet you'll you'll never cure it and and I started reading into it a lot and

even though I personally had

positive effects from the diet what most people were saying online was that correlation does not imply causation and that a lot of people were saying the alkaline diet is bullshit. The alkaline diet is good for you because it's got eaten a lot of vegetables, it's got eaten a lot of things that are good for you for other reasons, but it's not the alkalinity in and of itself. That is curing your disease. No, and then there's so many into causal reasons. I mean, we can go back to

looking at what causes acid now.

If I'm having a negative cellist needy greedy

thought I'm creating acid for my body. Really? Yeah yeah because I'm stressed ammonia stress your adrenal is create bile if I'm not feeling loved and that's really what we want is to love and be loved you know life's pretty simple

to be love and to love and to be loved by those people who we respect and we respond to and we're responsible for an ability to respond to is through love and being loved in and that is the central tournaments so if our bodies despite and I've seen people who health Nazis you know vegan yo get meditate every are navel gaze blah blah blah and they're still acidic because they're so up themselves and like a like a health Nancy and so

They're not actually in a sacred space with themselves and you know as I think I said to you earlier some of those people I say go and have a Mickey D's you know just to throw them off the consciousness of them being so up their own ass with this health guy you know

but I would rather people

will looking at let's say natural cures veganism vegetarianism and eating more vegetables and acid less acid forming foods and convenience foods because we know that that works a less less affluent Western diet typically we know that works then obviously recommending McDonald's I'm not recommending McDonald's undo some people who are so far up there acid

acid destroying ways that they become acid in their own mind if that makes sense right for that same note well that's that's something that they've always stressed in terms of diet living healthfully is Stress Stress Stress and

you know if I'm being really honest with myself I've

looked at the diets. Oh, I've got to follow that diet and I'm looked at the exercise and I say, of course at exercise and I get it a stress knockout. Fuck you, man. What a stress like there's no way it's going to have a massive amount of effect on my body. Some stress is healthy for the body, you know, again, it's like some electromagnetic static, you know, radiation it you know, we're adapting to it. There's no problem with a stress but it's just we're a bit too overstressed. We got a little bit too much electricity Waring's for our cities and we don't spend enough time bathing in the son of all the forest forest bathing it's a Japanese you know you guys through a forest after its rainbow there's been a thunderstorm that goes negative charged ions negative being a good thing in this instance

and you literally get really a static and you feel well and you bring us that doesn't matter what you've drunk the night before even if it's your own urine or alcohol the urine vodka cocktail yeah lovely and better than Red Bull believe me I honestly mean that I mean you know I'm glad to see in Pakistan with Red Bull that that licensing it and that the

Taking out the sugar and caffeine content, because it's just too high. So it's creating more stress for the body. Because it's, you know,

it's a stressful thing.

But going back and taking a step back, it's because

we're not feeling good. You know, we're feeling we should be doing something, you should be earning something. We look at Vogue or interiors, these wonderful magazines that show you the beauty of the world and how you should have your home interiors, magazines, a wonderful magazine, although I think they came from both come from Conde Nast, the publisher, so you know, Vogue is filled with beautiful clothes and beautiful women and beautiful objects from watches to cause it's like the elite playing the elites game. Not everybody can have that and it's, you know, it's just a reposition that thought and just become a little bit more bohemian, a little bit more boho hippie and you know, bring off those ideals because I really believe that nature needs a breath of fresh air literally and more trees and you know, less cow

farting and taking away our oxygen sources you know that's not rocket science I believe there is a solution or if we can be cornea soul, Lucian, you know like that yeah yeah yeah it yeah you got to go with that and you know really look at your heart and listen to your heart

and drop back into your gut where you've got this amazing number of neurons in your body and listen to your God so you know with a with a with a health consultation and you know I'll throw it's horses for courses because some you can lead to a soda water but you don't want to drown them in it that that analogy of taking it leading a horse to water you can lead it to him but it might not be for them I mean let's say you're in therapy or we might talk about sacred circles of using Anthea gigantic substances like I Alaska or a bowl game or stuff but you know that's not going to

makeup for the meditation, the self love

and things like that. So horses for courses with clients, you might lead them to let's look your physical body and start you there to win confidence. So I'm, I'm working with a client and we've got something to start on the physical body and very often I look at the physical body, look at toxicity, I look at your diet. I look at the relationships you have with your parents, your siblings, if there's been any trauma and of course there's been trauma to all of us. We've been born on this magical place called planet Earth.

Not many plans going on at the moment it seems for the earth but we're and we're not very grounded. We're not very earthy at the moment we're a bit mind D and again so it's kind of just to reposition people into being earthy mind the less mindless hurtful I suppose and getting back into their instinct. Listen to their intuition.

You talk about that a bit the difference between listening to your mind and listen

into your heart. What is the difference?

How do you know when you're listening? To which?

Good question I think feeling is more to do with your heart.

And obviously thinking is more to do with your head and you've got a rational mind and you have to use that

interdependent relationship. So it's, it's, it's it's got heart and mind. You're listening to that Trinity. So you're not just listening to your mind, because most of us listen to our minds.

And they've got random thoughts. And it's very interesting when you do let's say, have a pass on a retreat to have a passionate about to do have a pastor at Japan in July 10 days. I had a guy podcast the other day, actually, he story was he tried to commit suicide, right? failed, his therapist said, you should look into meditation, huh? He said, Okay, here's all do I'm gonna go meditate 12 hours a day for 10 days straight.

David said, Well, I don't, I don't know about all that you're going overboard. He said, Well, fuck you, I'm gonna go do it did it changed his life? Now he's writing a book on Buddhism and traveling the world since somewhat being a monk, but mostly just teaching Buddhism being awesome. And I, he convinced me to do it. I'm looking forward to it. Yeah. And I mean, you know, just to have that silence whereby, you know, meditation is a very sacred art. And,

excuse me, I do practice it, I'm not good at it. I use props and AIDS. I don't think anyone really is Oh, there are people who are very, very, very able, but I'm particularly compared to the likes of me, but to just turn off the mental chatter so when I get up in the morning now I smell a bit of coconut oil

and I breathe through my nose because you can't breathe through your mouth with with with coconut or any mouse I'm swilling, coconut oil is one where the swish the coconut oil around in your mouth. Yeah, just trying to get rid of last night's bacteria that's gone into your gums and stuff.

You spit that out but you know you have an image of the kiss yeah nobody's area. Oh,

swill back and Coco girl you got a filthy mouth don't you

um so I like the way you put me off track

ultimately it's it's it's a routine that if you can in the morning running getting up and getting on with what you're doing and you know many of us looking after the kids dressing them cleaning them getting the breakfast on the table that you get that sacred space with yourself just for 10 or 15 minutes and it can happen at any point you know you can be at the red light going Fucking hell I spoke to God the button the person go through that orange Jamba light you know are now unlike you can get to that point whereby you can go to hold a second I'm looking at this little wrong just for this moment. shut my eyes are open your eyes and be wide eyed and sort of in a daydream and just breathe and meditate. Try and clear your mind of that angry

Fill it What should arise or the red light? And why didn't they go through and just watch it pass? And I think that's smart. You know, that's, that's a good way to start the day. It's 15 minutes self reflection of watching your thoughts come up, but trying not to think thought trying to be in your heart and feel things. So going back to that, that that question which I think heart feels the gut knows, you know, we say no attic it comes from knowledge comes from the answers at the end of your nose. And maybe it's as close as your tummy that you've got wisdom in your tummy nose. And it's kind of pushing that way rather than, you know, the rational scientific because everybody wants to make it scientific science is never going to understand love. I mean, how do you how do you write about love as an artist as oxytocin?

Give me some Prozac.

Um, I got love right here in a bottle baby.


That probably is I mean ecstasy is is is a molecule that that induces that feeling of euphoria and you know that's pretty close in the 80s when I first experienced that it was legal

man or that yeah because that feeling was so unique you have an inherently but it's a biochemical that sort of initiate a feeling of euphoria

damaging like all effects from or side effects from chemicals Is it the more you take the less effective it is and then you start getting lows it's a bit like going to that wonderful festival being with that beautiful girl and then the start cold reality. You see she picks up Obama needs her bogeys. And you know,

and the festival finishes and the acid and the and the ecstasy has a layer for you to to sort of peel off and you know, I always find myself I don't take chemical drugs anymore.

But when I did, you know, I try and get in that sauna and do do, you know, be responsible a bit and sweat it out and do some exercise and rest up and eat good food to replenish myself because from and that's the same with festivals you know it takes a lot out of you but that stress is good, I think in a way not say good and bad. It's one of my things I didn't like to do. But there again I've said it so I've

had a wallow in it a bit this and good unless high and low they say yeah, the high things for your body which is laughter and love and low things which is sadness and solemnity we have to face that sadness that our own death the death of a beloved Do not be man I plenty of Molly to keep me going

and that sadness till I die.

Well, not a bad way to go. I think you know some people I can't remember who it was

who is administered LSD on the deathbed and, you know it's definitely been used in medical trials now to look at your skin.

Cross faded at that point is you've got dm to worry about, well, yeah, you've got that to come anyway. But, um, you know, just to ease the NX and medically, it's been proven that, you know, you take people in palliative care, people who are cabbie on cure, and the dying and, you know, severely wrestling with the idea of if there's an afterlife Is this it? Am I going to go into the void nothing ever happens again this is a closed door situation which of course we don't know

people like me and others have said Oh no, no, don't do it. Don't worry there is much much more than ever you know and I believe that's to be true and I think that's a healthy thing and even if you're wrong I'll be fine so I don't know about exactly what that's it like Armageddon oh shit

i was wrong. I thought the world was forever not gonna be worried avoid you on this so don't worry here

anyway. So what else can we speak about so so someone comes to you and it the the

Looking for wellness? It sounds like and it sounds like you have a few different approaches. You know, you have the urine therapy, of course. But But have you haven't died yet? Yeah, thanks. Yeah, basically looking at counseling, their emotions, their traumas, coming to terms of those, acknowledging, accepting them, moving on from them. I mean, because you've only got a future time, in a way, you can look back and hop back to his story history, but ultimately, you've only got the future to look forward to. So he Mazel focus on that and how you're going to die rather than, oh my god, but I did this and I did that and I smoke and I do governance. I don't worry, that's fine, just better quality. So I I try and lead people to quality, not quantity addressing their fears and phobias.

Looking to alkaloids, the data they're not too alkaline, very rarely too alkaline,

making them happy, you know, just making them feel lovely again. That's a good one. How do you do that? How, how does one become happy? I think humor helps.

You know, and I've, I've, I've worked with a few people who are in the last phase, the last chapter of the that, that lives here on planet earth and, you know, good mates as well. And, you know, you're looking them in the eye and the sincerity at that moment, those last three days of three months, you know, I'm doing with my dad at the mumble days in another country, but I look forward to being with him again. And, you know, his progress towards that is, is drawing nearer and he's got a bit of a fear. So, you know, hopefully we can shine a light, give a bit of humor.

Tell him that dad, I think, you know, there's a lot more that you're going to live in different realms. You're going to fly in the sky, you can sort of see and feel everything you're going to be, it'd be a cow, Dad, it's gonna be fucking awesome.

Going back to that cow story, actually, as we've been been been sort of whipping around things. You know, these Indians they love that cows and I always used to say, Man, what about the bees? Bees?

The bees I mean

Look at them. I mean just amazing. They make the world go round they hear about a Paul statements, you know that guy I've heard of him, but tell me he's kind of the mushroom expert, the the, the foremost leader and mycology and as you can imagine as the leader and mycology he likes his magic mushrooms quite a lot and so do you remember a few years ago people were freaking out over the death of the honeybees yes yeah Have you noticed that people kind of stopped talking about it

I'm a little bit still on the periphery but carry on so there are other problems with the honeybees but back in the day when people really freaking out there's a problem called degenerative winged disease right as diseases spring another Bs and people were losing it hmm and if it kept going. We we were headed for trouble. Paul Stamets as the story goes was tripping his balls off one day and he came to the realization that he would be able to

Here degenerative bone disease with this particular compound of fungus right not not magic mushrooms but just just different fungus which I've been shown to have very interesting properties. He was right wasn't a crazy trip and he cured the gentleman disease he was the damn bees. Wow. Wow. Wow. I mean I think there are other influences that are affecting bees beyond fungus. It's a bit like disease. When I look at people I'm like beyond fungus beyond fungus. Whoa. Whoa.

So it's um. You know it might be that bs get disorientated or glass of fates chemicals you know they might get disorientated Rob from you know electromagnetic waves that were sending into the plant I don't think they're particularly healthy for us and was there might be a

solution for fungus. You know these other radiation issues of more sinister I believe and

Radiation radiation is is twofold. One is non ionizing means non thermal so it doesn't leave a heat signature so that would be ionizing radiation is plutonium like Fukushima, the nuclear rods pissing into the in the Pacific and creating you know, more radiation. Now we know that that's cancer forming all let's say it's an immune

suppressant. And cancer is one of the most likely outcomes, but we also know that non ionizing radiation electricity through big tension tension cables and pylons through Wi Fi, or if you want to call it why fry you know they are all why frying disgrace book. Yeah, why do favorite terrorism Doc, I feel good.

Well, ya know, Facebook is a bit of a disgrace, particularly at the moment killing the bees that they must be done as well somehow, but, um, you know seriously ionizing radio

attorney is a very difficult substance to clear up

and it does have a health

effect and negative health effects clearly and non ionizing radiation does to your mobile phone should not be capped by your ears 10 centimeters the guidelines from the mobile phone industry tell you to keep that mobile phone tense enemies from your it for us, we get cancer. Well, you you data want to be sued. I mean the whole world is litigious. It's a legal battle for lawyers, you know, it's a fertile ground for them. And obviously companies want to be very mindful of how that

that they might be held responsible. And certainly they know and the whole electrical industry knows this. So does the nuclear industry and that's why in private insurance companies don't insure electricity grids governments have to and that's why governments have to underpin the effects of let's say Chernobyl and Fukushima because no insurance company could afford

To pay it a collective body like government has to collect together money to pay for the the detrimental effect from a nuclear fallout, you know,

company would just wrap it up again. When will we got no money left? I mean, the tubular bankruptcy call. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

sorry. Well, we're rich and we don't give a shit. We were chapter 11. And we just sold our assets to some asset stripping Goldman Sachs banker, and there's nothing wrong with being at Goldman Sachs and a banker because 80% of them don't know what they're doing. But I have good intentions. The 20% of the 5% probably, you know, a bit more sinister, and in the most of the money just milking the Prophet anyway. Bla bla bla let's say it came to you Dr. Feelgood you are here I'm not happy you're unhappy? Well, then question yourself why you're unhappy? You know what is making you unhappy? What reference to your life is it sleep? Is it pain? Is it emotional pain? Is it trauma? You know? Where do we begin that

that premise of of where is what? Let's say specifically, you have psoriasis. Where is it? Do you think it is? You know, use your imagination. Listen to your gut, listen to your heart, what do you think it is? Okay, it's going to be influenced by dot, it's going to be influenced by

your genetic profile, which is, again, 10 to 30% of your predisposition to having cirrhosis or not, or having more of it or less of it, because everybody's got it. It's whether you have more or less of something. So again, to draw an analogy, we all have cancer, we all have diabetes, will the ability to have an imbalance of that for it to be out of kilter. And

all we're trying to do is to keep a lid on it to keep keep the symptoms at bay. And the symptoms will originate from your emotional, your physical, your mental and your spiritual and when I say spiritual, I don't mean religion. I mean spiritedness I mean engagement with looking at your issue, which is psoriasis. So it's

Kind of focusing on that and I don't have the cure you have the cure because it's your emotional, spiritual and mental rethink that creates a physical need for sugar which is probably one of the reasons if inflamed what tastes good though. Oh, it does it sweet as sweet as as as the old thing is, it is sweet as breast milk and breast milk is sweet and we'd thing I think that too so does put sugar in the breast milk

milk shake breast milk well I would suggest ass milk is better Oh ask ask No I didn't realize that was on the menu. Dr. Feelgood well as milk is much much better for you and and that that's that that comes from a donkey. Not your own.

But it's much better for you. I'm wasting my time trying to milk my own ass

try try try try harder try. Oh, I've tried art

have gotten any milk yet. But I'm hopeful. I'm a I'm an optimist. You know Well, when I mean I was in the Philippines recently and

There was a there was a lecture from a doctor an MD who was who was camp as well as quite ironic. But he was saying, well I can I can. I'm very good at prostate disease and I'm going to be able to make you ejaculate, which is a way of them understanding how effective your proper that claim before it's not always true

but it made me laugh in the lecture anyway. And that's what makes the world go around I think is a lot of love a lot of laughter and there can't be enough of either of those two things, especially on death beds. I saw a post on on disgrace book

and someone was saying when, uh, what are the merits of gossip? And of course, gossip has a very negative connotation and I'm like, but because it's fine I mean, you know, it's what makes the world goes around who's fucking who or who's doing what to whom how's things going outside your own fucking you can you tell me Oh yeah, I know a lot of who's fucking here.

I'm just not

getting any? That's what our day so I'm feeling

who's fucking with me? I don't know. You got no bacteria in your mouth. How could anyone resist? I've been swilling,

Oh, great. So another way I eat, I look at the body. And this is a visual representation that will see here, but very healthy person. And so I take a picture and by taking a picture of somebody, I'm seeing where they are at that point. Now the nice thing is about these these images that called energy field imaging, and it's a system I developed many years ago and it's really I didn't really develop it I co borrowed like we co create everything with everybody else is brilliant dimensions. I use the digitize feed from a camera, analog cameras and more accurate than digital cameras, but you know, what we now have does, what are you gonna do? What are we going to do? We're going to use what's available and so therefore, with a solution, we take a picture we use full spectrum lighting full spectrum lighting is a

is something you can grow plants under and thank goodness the cannabis industry the full spectrum lights in the 90s were costing hundreds of dollars and now because five or $6 is amazing how technology you guys yeah yeah and I'm sure there's some merits in the in the benefits of tetra Hydra cannabinoids in treatment of disease but again it slightly been overvalued you know panacea get your medicine you know all the pharmacies in the States and the growth of the cannabis industry. I think we're kind of having to swing the pendulum a little too far in that direction or to get decriminalized i think i think it'll swing back towards the center once it's legal. And you can say all right, I know we said it was like the cure all drug for everything but you know, yeah, but there is no panacea for life I mean you're going to die and your life goes on there's the paradox just notice you just found it or just had it just like that moment just died again. Just now you know we're living in the now when you die there is another now that's what i believe i

can't prove it. But you know, it's better that we think that was it like, it's a bit like being optimistic and going to yourself Dr. Feelgood you've got a good heart, you got a good mind, you got a good body, use it healthily for the betterment of humankind. You'll inanimate and animate matter that surrounds you to leave the world in a better place than you found it. And I think, you know, we're gardeners of this sacred space and we should be leaving the planet in in a slightly better way. And I think through the radiation and the fossil fuel industry, let's say is it's a bit toxic, and I'm sure there are other ways to power through solar and biomass or you know, just using your own shit maybe you know, fertilizer is great you don't have to use their natural

asked Milton. Yeah jackass.

But again, Cleopatra. swear by, by ass milk, you know, she she beta herself and donkey milk and so he looks so good. That's it.

She did look good again with a genetic was good but a skin was soft like listen up Neutrogena

live it'll sell itself mind you yeah that probably into Do you notice here in in Toyland that they have snail white that everybody wants to be wine it might know sameness I've noticed that because I actually I am personally a bit attracted to like the tan skin honestly yeah i think it's it's it looks great and I've heard from Sony Tiger was like oh like I'm it I think I've heard a tiger actually apologize for having like tan skin for like oh why not one that is by the way

Why do you think they don't want to be

to be brown? I suppose it's because white people rule the planet for the past 200 years so busy with that there's definitely there's definitely a lot of sense in that minimum colonization business going on BIT bit of sort of the elegant the rule of you know, this new Empire of the Americas used to be held

by the British yeah yeah. Well ultimately

it's also to do is they don't want to look like peasants. Oh, that makes sense.

So same reason people wanted to be fat a few engineers ago. Yeah.

Cuz they wanted to look affluent. That was no. Yeah. And he goes the look. Yeah. Yeah. And you can take a nap people are emaciated. I mean, look at the model industry. And I deal with some models. And unlike Jesus, a diet of Marlboro lights, coffee and cocaine is is not going to serve you, honey. And I've talked to some very, very tempting them.

And sometimes I'm beyond that Now, fortunately. But you know, yeah, it is very and I was addicted to many of those substances and perhaps still am, psychologically I'm still trying to cut the ties but you know, my discipline is strong that I can go but me going, but what's your trick for curing addiction?

There's no trick. It's a discipline. It's like meditation. You fake it till you make it you keep doing it until it's instilled.

In your way

there are props however, and and I think one of the props that I got a schlepping in a, in a, in a in a ceremony taking Ayahuasca and many years ago and I

you know I really it gave me a self reflection

that dissolve my ego for a moment because it's back with a vengeance but

yeah that that that that definitely helped to look at you know therapy helps you know patching up the relationships I have

and caused harm to people you know your tongue has no sort of solid structure in it but yet it can be so strong and and break your heart and nobody's going to be able to scientifically understand how your words can have such an effect on somebody's psyche

but it goes back to Don't take it personally. You know, that's other people's business.

try and catch yourself up. fake it until you make it. Get on with it. positive affirmations. Bit of meditation. Bit of alkaline so that's what I try and do is I try and

you know say that there are props you know there are there are drugs you can take, let's say antigenic drugs and sacred substances that you can sit around in a circle and do some serious reflection of your shadows facing your death. I had to do that I died in ceremony literally. How was that it wasn't great.

It was tough, you know, really tough I physically knocked myself out what happened there

was going I was rather disappointed with the intentions that are setting myself with Sacred Journeys with this is during a phase of iOS and

I had this of interest by the way. Oh, I'm I'm interested enough for anyone who isn't Okay, good. And you're only here the other people are out there man. Fuck them.

Nice to be with you. I'm sorry, we had this the first time I took I was like I've I've researched this and I've seen the change transformative change in people over 10 years I've resisted the urge to take it what type of transformative change typically happens or have you seen rather beautiful beautiful beautiful people who were misaligned so they were taking loads of drugs they were fucking from money you know girls who you know typically go up go it Bates who were making a bit of money in Japan, you know, maybe not fucking but you know, being gay. Sure. And you know, being really out there and Laotian lazy and not responsible and you know, they went to Peru they did some ceremonies they came back and they were just had this glow they had this uniform sort of serenity this calm this divine sort of

but I did I lost everything is much better. Now. I don't need to go to Europe.

Pan I have a boyfriend and I've gone vegan and I am

and they're really, really beautiful people. So I saw this and I was envious of course I was like, well I've got a tick that off my bucket list. What do you reckon causes all that

causes? What all the transformative change

with the Iowa Oscar i think it's it's on different levels I think there's a people hold space for each other. And you know, whenever you do a learning, you know you're in a group there's a collective influence and force that binds you together. So there's some feeling of setting setting which is very important, and that's what I was waiting for. So I think if the set and setting is right and you get into a position of, you know, reaching the spiritual divine, which is supposedly what an nth agenda is doing, you know, like Iowa Oscars, it's taking to the spirit realm, or maybe it's taking into the microbial level I'm going again, I don't know because maybe they're too

two sides of the same coin. And you're looking at both and, and more and more.

But I think I know actually, I don't think I know that afterwards I just softened. And I was a little bit more accepting of my own passing my own death. Now that doesn't mean I have a disrespect. And

whilst I drew Dr. Ste, I do drive very mindfully, you know,

I have a healthy regard for my own life. I'm not looking forward to dying. But I am taking responsibility for the way that that journey is going to end and the ones are going to begin because I reckon if I if I live a little, let's say, enlightened, full of light, more light, then I can spread a little bit more consciousness in the dark shadows and evolve that into a light way rather than it being so bitter and hard and heavy. And you know, you only have to read the media that you know, just you don't want to get it that it's just all about death and disease.


people fucking ever somebody else? Not in a good way either. But do you think Sam

as the ice cream fan goes in the in the district little ice cream van they need music to sell their shit I've never personally taken I asked the most experience has been with psilocybin no magic mushrooms yeah and I have not experienced the lack of fear of death I would be very very interested to see what that's like but

what it's a very very challenging thing I mean I would say with a very strong caveat that energetic Work is work it's what I call hard work it's hard hard work you know when done with proper shaman in a proper set and setting with a proper Bruno with some complete Charlotte and he's trying to sell a timeshare again to girls knickers and I've heard about that shit yeah on on a Doom Rogan podcast there was a girl who said she held to a higher and I Alaska trip and

The the shaman or whatever was more or less trying to molester like while I was going down should fucking imagine

yes i can i The funny thing is I've never had a sexual thoughts on iOS guy I have several outside that I I'm still sort of looking at every go go by and going yeah maybe not yeah

so you know it always

get to that donkey later dude

yeah so you know it's it's not for everybody it's not a panacea it's a bit like giving up sugar it just helps you become less stress and I really noticed that like 20 years ago when I gave up sugar and I got rid of my Canada or severely reduced the bad bacteria of up sorry the infestation of Candida

and I was just much more relaxed. I was just like I didn't have any anxiety or panic attacks people would say we gave up sugar when he took yes yeah.

When I gave up sugar, and I also gave up meat at the same time and coffee and, you know, I went on a complete sort of, you know,

blowing in an hour both ends enemas, you know, saunas slides? Really? Oh, yeah? Yeah, well, I bra that they're rude enemas. I've clients are a bit aggressive horses and courses. Again, some things suit some people some of the time other things will never see sort of. So I asked her and you know, things that we might say Yoga is pretty much a universal truth, I think. And do you know what Yoga means?

You know, to be yoga, to be yoga, yoga. Yoga means

to bind to link to bond to commune to so yoga isn't doing essence. It's a bit like meditation. You can get into the meditation right now. I mean, it's I'm meditating and what I'm thinking about saying so I'm making hopeful sense to you.

You and anybody else who cares to listen, because you know, that's meditation, that's being yoga gets it. You can be yoga right now, you just set up a little bit strike. consciously or unconsciously, you're being Yogi there. And that's what Yoga is. It's not only doing as soon as, as soon as one part of that's the physical

exercise, the stretching, yoga was originally much, much, much more spiritual, of a pursuit than it is so specialized today, it is always Tantra. So sex, you know, everything. And that's what I think we're going back to. And I say, we rather liberally and that's the Royal we not the way that runs down on legs.

So the, the, the, the, the,

you know, what we're getting back or the West is getting back to this sort of

spiritual look of Tantra and yoga. And I have had a natural event thank goodness in my world because as being a Westerner, I valued those things very highly from the stuff

And so therefore, my work 25 years ago, I was paid 20 bucks for an hour session. I mean, if I work, some of the places I work, and I am truly blessed with the clients that I have, you know,

they'll pay me $300 an hour, I'm paid like a lawyer. And I'm like, this is just ridiculous. But my hosts, the people who put me forward because I don't advertise and market myself, they will say, Well, no, that that that's what we charge our guests. And because they're very affluent, they can afford to pay it and they wouldn't want to pay less because it kind of it wouldn't be valuable to them it which is a funny irony because a lot of people in natural medicine gives things for free a lot of the passing of treats retreats without Yeah, that's right. They won't let you donate until you do it a second time. So the idea is that Oh, you you are paying for the person that comes before you. Wow, what a you know that, you know,

that sort of world that's what we're living in, you know, what we're looking at altruism and whether we


viewpoint on Melinda and and Billy gates and then Microsoft Empire, you know, they've given away a lot of money, whilst it might be sort of very Christian vain. And through the vaccine program, which not all of us agree with, let's say Christianity and vaccines, they have merit. I'm not saying all Christians are bad and all Christianity, the doctrines A lot of it is just beautiful love and and very high doctrine. Same with vaccines, you know, I'm not anti Vax. I'm not anti medical, I'm not anti anything. In fact, I'm embracing and integrating as much as possible and more and in that way, I think we can live and better communities that need less materials and less need more lore and structure and we can live with a little bit more freedom it just seems that we're a bit chaotic and so we need a bit more Lauren order and quick fixes because we're so stressed and here's a quick fix for that stress, but it has enough for effect anyway, blah, blah. I think we're going through a bit of a spiritual rubber band effect and in the West right now.

So So pursuant of Material Girl material goods and going through the Industrial Revolution, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, then it's kind of coming back at us right now. And I think in my opinion, it is due to an overall lack of purpose that is found and a lot of people and here's what I mean by that a few hundred years ago,

I would hypothesize it'll be very, very rare for you to find someone who says you know what Dr. Feelgood I just don't know what my purpose is. And mine. Many reasons for that. First off, you're trying to fucking feed yourself. You're trying to put food on the table. Your purpose is to survive. Yeah, life was a lot harder. Yeah. Beyond that you were indoctrinated into religion from a very young age whether you believe in religion or not today, they sure as shit did a few hundred years ago. Sure. And it gave you a massive sense of greater purpose and even if you didn't have that

Typically at the very least you had some sense of nationalism just to interrupt there I mean religion means red LED to re bind reconnect if you'd like so religion works and many levels because it doesn't it looks existentialism it looks at something outside your own physical ego so that's healthy you know i mean i call it

Mother Nature you know that's my goddess and God combined we don't have a word for that do we you know that the tri sexual

the non binary god yeah the you know them their guy man no black know trends Gen Z what's the pronoun Zynga sold zog zog zog God patent pending on that term trademark Dr. Feelgood

take this bizarre mastermind course today. Yeah, definitely. Definitely do that. More. Laughter more chuckles Jenna keep that chuckle muscle going. You know.

That's very important and keeping busy in a keeping hands, but I interrupted you. And, you know, continuing with the, you know, the fact that Right, right, we were indoctrinated we were religious bias we had little time we were surviving and not have any of that it's a big gun we have the what we have is the easiest time on the planet earth that humans have ever had ever. Amen. Man, it's so easy compared to how it was a while best wool, less famine, more wealth, more connectivity, everything's better across the board absolutely interoperate with the exception of disgrace book everything's better across the board

but with that comes a massive amount of choice and it's very very easy to not make good choices you know it is very very easy to start eating shitty food and it's very easy to go to some bullshit you know you major you've struck you know, the core that life is about choice we make

choices you know do we stay in bed till we get up? Do we get on the left side of the bed? Do we will coconut water? Do we drink our own urine? Do it do eat a vegan diet Do it Do we fall in love and that is based on feeling so

our feelings dictate our emotion or activity or another way of putting his emotion triggers motion first we feel something and we do it we see that girl let me go she looks feels wow would you got to skin though not for me.

It's got to be the go back to the farm.

I mean, again, we can go like I can whip around a bit a bit. But you know going back to that farmer they are my Gods on the planet you know an organic farmer who's still gathering his seeds and not sort of bastardized by Monsanto Corporation crap valuing that farm I mean, they are the people we want on a panel.

Planet, those other people that keep us alive. No spiritual person comes near Dalai Lama included. He seemed to be a beautiful man. And he is a beautiful man. I had the great pleasure of meeting him. But he didn't give me a really good rush. I mean, what was that? Like when he met the Dalai Lama? First off, how did you meet the Dalai Lama? Cuz I'm still a little bit flummoxed by house. I was actually the Dalai Lama. I was in India,

beloved friend of mine, whose past Prabhu descriptor, did a book on city and lay, and he blessed it and I had a private audience with the Dalai Lama. He then later came to the UNESCO World Peace Center in India.

You know, there was my ego We've met before he didn't remember but I mean, you know, he meets millions of people what are the Dalai Lama had to say to you? Very little. I mean, he would chuckle You know, he would agree he's just like your best friend.

But ultimately I still going back to my tenement which is the farmer has more value because the farmer is actually just the beating away making his let's say

Rice let's just say you know some fruits and manga excuse me Dr feelgood I'm on an alkaline diet can you please change this example to spinach will Rice's outlining Don't worry because it really yeah yeah I'm totally there and forming will carbohydrate crap coming from you know certain companies but you know it's it's neutral basically I will keep it erases so but you're right and and and avocados or mangoes are quite acid forming but ultimately there's so much more going on so it's simplistic to look at acid and alkaline simplistic to look at farm as being gods and more important than than the Dalai Lama potentially but you get the theme that you know without food we really are fucked I mean you can't eat Money Money is a means to create a good environment for yourself and hopefully that is can a Bitcoin

you can jump on Bitcoin all your light that blockchain stuff is just churning that's

that's good for most I would rather

recommend that you know just as a counter culture

but now those farmers a vital you know what do we need we need

and that's the first and last thing we do so

Ooh, that was a good 111 breed Oh seconds in six seconds out into the nose out of the long breath

what's the longest you reckon? Someone's held their breath? Ooh, I actually knew the answer this one point. It's amazing. I just bet you under guessing just go wow. I'm tempted to say 10 minutes is 2222 minutes. So don't ask me I didn't do it.

But you know there are you getting two minutes is that that's an episode of your favorite show. Imagine all that happens in an episode of friends and you didn't breathe once and you got rid of the abbot. Sounds good.


So yeah, that's it. You know, that's it. You know,

breath is so vital. And so therefore how we breathe and

and, and just calm ourselves down about the quality that we breathe.

Oh, we got to push you in the room. Oh, there's a cat. There's a cat. pros and cons of doing this podcast out in the garden. Sometimes we get assaulted by wildlife, you know.

So what do we need? We need space we need we need water. And we need food. Everything else we need love. No, we don't. That's an indulgence. That's a pure indulgence. And that's a pleasure center that we have on the end of May people go insane without command maybe I love companionship might be better way of saying it. It's it's it was still an indulgence but you're gonna lose your fucking mind I wouldn't know what to do without self love You're right but uh. You know ultimately you can live without it. And And strangely enough I I read somewhere that

During the prisoner of war, the Japanese are really good at torture and starving people and making people work really hard to build the was this railroad this Burma ml a railroad or something

Mandalay rail word. Anyway.

And one of these survivors I mean, he weighed like, you know, he's like a paperclip basically and

and they asked is how do you keep going for 40 was four years incarcerated building this railway and and he said it was the hate that kept me going, you know, the need of hate maybe order the indulgence of hate so the other side of love is hate isn't it and yet it Captain going. So that's a kind of funny one to throw out that that he had so much hate he wasn't going to give in and that, you know, that sense of you still had water and food they would feed him occasionally just because he was a good worker and they probably got it to like him. You know, a lot of people who torture people end up

having lost

of empathy and a lot of sympathy for their victims and actually start you know really torturing them less yeah they're not all psychotic they get to a point where by they go who God is just that they've been do too much.

I mean, you would hope anybody would get to that point before they even started. Yeah, but we live in a fucked up world. And you know, there's a lot of shadow and a lot of darkness and that's what we're trying to do here is to try and get rid of the darkness

and shine a big light shine a bit of humor by means of media you know this or or by word of mouth, which is what I prefer is meeting and greeting people

and holding space for people who are in trauma and in sadness but you know that sacred farmer is more important the Dalai Lama because he's creating i mean i'm talking proper farmers here you know, real farmers who do it with love day in day out just create food the community because that is more important the spirit spirits just like

an existence.

thing that religious and we hold it very high like a doctor like a PhD people helping your PhD and I'm like I was impressed and I heard yet to pay shape but yeah but I bought it you know and just use off the shelf yeah one of those yet simple in one of those a online yeah that's that's a PhD over the weekend with a rubber stamp yeah that's it that's it so you can get one tues and just make yourself feel better tempting a doctor and biophysics to get a definitely from from for many colleges but it kind of sort of sounds like you know what you're talking about I don't know if I could buy that

what a how that's very sweet of you know me I don't have to actually work to get that

well call it play then you know you can play with it and that's actually what I did is that I I looked at a lot of subjects that I love and that enabled me to get a

masters and a PhD in something I love doing which is looking at the universal laws of nature looking at

nature's wisdom and just, you know, making your life and that's what we can choose. Now as we can choose our way forward and things we love doing is we've never had it. So good. talk a lot about nature's wisdom. What do you mean by nature's wisdom?

I'm nature's wisdom, we're keeping as natural as possible and keeping it less chemical perhaps that that that will be a simple way of saying it. So rather than reaching for that,

you know, going back to the antibiotic, or the

vaccine that your body and our bodies and the water and air around us is clean again. So we're looking at cleaning up things naturally. So using less chemicals that have a side effect or an effect that is negative. What is your opinion on let's say, I was starting to get into the psychedelic realm and I thought, What do I want acid or perhaps mushrooms want one's a chemical one's not. What's your take on that?

My thing is against horses for courses, I mean

acid is

like What does horses for courses that I keep hearing about horses because different different strokes for different folks you know think people ever everybody likes different thing okay

things as

you like coconut oil swelling I love your hair loss and and she bamboo yeah I think Dr diction actually came up to me and Dr Nick shit is a great name isn't she's she'll addiction Her name was wrote a book about urine therapy I can't remember the name but but she bamboo I think the water of life God bless you Dr. diction don't know if she's still here but anyway says she came to me on our actual name it was di x it I got a Jane I think Jane might not be actually but only addiction god bless her soul for even the name not uncommon in India really and you know so it was such a plum it's like you kidding me and you deal in urine therapy This is a

very smell like a New York traffic

This is good. I got this is a this is a trifecta. This is a win win win. But a very, very, very, very thankful to Dr. diction who first came up. I was lecturing with a disaster in college where as a professor, and very fortunate to work with some really, I was like Hogwarts. Sir, it was a school of magic and mystery. And, and, and,

you know, came across all types of different natural medicine including Sheila Dixon who said, I've autographed this book cheat addiction. drug addiction. dr. john very good lecture. I am liking very much Shiva water of life. Do you know and I had never come across your entire therapy. I dedicated so much time to this, but it's amusing. So we'll continue

gives me the chuckles did that does it I'm just this woman was just fantastic. So don't drop it. Don't drop it.

Don't drop it. I just loved her. I've been flushing it down that often. You know we used to use it for tanning leather. It was used to collect

collected in the streets Do you know that's where a piss poor comes from

this morning? I did it because he moved up to go around and collect your end. So,

yeah, again, facts and, you know, ultimately if we weren't having so much chemicals going back to that nature's wisdom if we weren't having so much chemicals in it through, you know, the whole food chain,

oh shit will be much better fertilizer. You know, that is, you know, our power has been taken away from us from all a gothic, you know, companies, corporations that made things very convenient. You know,

telepathy is hard work Facebook's a lot easier

but I believe in the realm of telepathy. So again that's a universal law of nature. If I put out a good intention for somebody that's a you and your psoriasis or my mother in her opinion and God bless her due to the mother she deserves more than me well both and then more it's just put out good energy and that's what's called Reiki to you know understand if you have a

this thing called a Reiki is good the I'm not a Reiki is it's pretty problem nowadays it's a healing that a lot of people have lunch and when I'm a Reiki Master those gel ago Oh you know what I forgot to mention I am a Reiki Master

just decided

but anyway it's a wonderful cause of putting out good intention when people say to me you know what is Reiki and it you sort of you sort of you you you bring in good light and you take away dark light with your hands and sort of motions and and and it's kind of it's a bit Foo Foo we for me when I first went there but I'm like wow but they got such beautiful energy and then I sort of compared people say to me well what's Reiki and what we know what's that about so what it's like being in the presence of the Dalai Lama it just makes you feel better just having that person around

makes you feel better. What is your opinion on astrology?

Well, we're born at a certain time the certain electromagnetic

spectrum so there's got to be a realm of truth in it now the fact that it's the most widely read subject on the planet I mean it's even more widely yet see more widely read than the weather or the head headlines or your or so more people read their stars than any other thing over the course of their life I mean it's an amusement thing isn't productive use of time I'm sorry if you're a fan of astrology I'm I'm not a big fan of it because it sort of says you know all Pisces and what happens if you boom you know, in a certain time which is just on the cusp and you're a little bit this and a little bit that when they say wall but but there's an element of truth because, you know, when I was chucked out on the third of March the third or third 1966 eventually my mother spat me out.

And that was very traumatizing for her and me and

the gravity in the light that I felt and the people felt at that time has a common resonance that month maybe.

That area as well. There's a common resonance so there is some element of truth in it as there is I believe that the time you're born into has a massive effect on who you are. But in August in 1966 people would argue is comparable to August in the year zero well back in August yeah yeah you're right but there's many you know there's then you can look at the year and then your your your rising moon and astrology is very complex. I'm going to have done a bit of study I mean for instance, there's Mayan astrology that every every single major culture has looked at the stars and slightly an orb because that was their TV in the world you know when they saw that astronomy I love astronomy sorry it's when you get into the ology No, but no, because they realize that they're certain patterns in the sky that have certain houses and they determined them into 12, you know, they sort of linked astrology and astronomy that's what the that's what it is, in a way and then

They've linked it to man. And of course it comes with a whole load of foo. foo.

That's what made me ask you about it. As you said, we're new foo and I, but, but, you know, I mean, again, going back to my Bunyan Blessed Mother,


hi mom. Probably a Leo. That's such a good thing is to have a Bunyan dead.

Sergey note, saggy, hairy ass. I think she is

not gonna thank me for this fortunate. I don't think she'd be listening and I'll send it to her. Don't worry. Just one club. She would she would find it funny. I think in part, she's got a sense of humor. God bless. Anyway, so I was at seven years old my mother took me to a field with Do you know what divining means. Do you know what dowsing is? No. Okay, I mean dowsing to cover something with no, no, dowsing and its original fun form, and dowsing and divining means either you hold a pendulum and you watch

The way it spins to discern truth divine truth

in this instance, I was holding a willow twig and Willow twig pointed like a Y and you hold the two ends in your left hand right hand and you point with the pointy end of the why and you you walk holding it in equilibrium and we were told to do this at seven years old in a field in Suffolk.

Lots of other kids that doing this being told by this major hold it still are turning to go down or up just hoping I bring it was a great great. I was the divining rod still is in

house in the in in the dining room. We're like the divining room Am I right? Yeah it is actually a very dividing dividing house. Anyway, so what happened is, is that I went over which I didn't know I went over a huge water pipeline in this orchard.

And Willow resonates very strongly with water. Willow always grows near water we're all water based life is based on water, obviously so this twig that I was holding still literally like a big fish on a line smacked me on the nose made me cry. I mean, I was like, wow, this is weird. Something happened here and again to a rational mind you know what the facts he on about now. Now what I'm saying is that people get your PhD again. Come on. Yeah, yes. arresting college Hogwarts. They print them up. Actually they were accused of printing them up there was a Bursa there who was selling them so maybe you can still get a cheap one that'd be out there on the internet. But But you know, that's that's an irony and paradox in itself.

Anyway, so you know, there I am looking for water and I find it now I didn't see it. This Willow twig sensed it and through my medium of holding an equilibrium I felt it

You can do that you can divine water and that people who do it to find water on land and they do it with different roads but you know this is an art This is actually practical people have used this to find water this is real stuff this is valuable stuff you do not get told in class because you get told in class how to be part of society well I actually had a water dividing class when I was in high school

my electives

and then I have that at yours no no that's not how our school certainly didn't it was Latin the fuck are we learning Latin for oh it's very good for the origins of language My God Jesus Christ I might have 11 even the language verse or just street talk so we can integrate the people and you know onyx Yeah, just just get on with it. But you know we did we do you know, again, it what do we learn practically out of education? It's just madness. Mad, Mad, Mad madness. You know, we do it toward, you know,

let's say geography. I did.

That was seemed to be useful art. That was a good one because it was fun. And you could paint nudes

yeah you know yeah yeah well you're getting nude models up in there. Yeah guys as well. Unfortunately for me that wasn't a great

naked yes you have to pretend like you're enjoying the deck as much as the bus you know I always go around the other side waiting for the moment Rodin's thinking clearly clearly that sort of restrained deep deep down homophobic sort of probably am gay probably we're all gay or try sexual who knows try sexual means will try anything

given the right setting Serkan am on a seafood diet see I can eat

that's a good one I like it will see being cocaine. And you really don't need much

as long as the other Marlboros and that whatever the third one was at the models were thrown in their face


silk cut

or mobile lights I think and caffeine yes yeah I salads believing that salads are super healthy and I'm there with

as late as it rounded ranch it'll be fine for you that there's this lady called Kate Moss she's an amazingly popular celebrity model you might have heard of her and she's been in a movie or two but anyway she's they're arguing with me next salads a super healthy and enlightened she brought them up everything's out there and healthy

well compared to you know I mean what's in a salad I mean there's not much fighter nutrient rich you know stuffing it sounds pretty general term you can put whatever you want in there um well typically it's not a vegetable is it so vegetables compared to salads vegetables are a lot more healthy so there was saying well what's in your salads well Iceberg lettuce is in my salads I mean yeah it's kind of bullshit but you get kale and spinach in there you get some decent know their vegetables yeah yeah but they're not salads is he said.

Is it that that's what I'm saying? Is that in my salad I manage? Well, this is language and we, we, we can't we can't define enough. What is something and perhaps we're both right. And we're both wrong. You know,

I'm not here to say, but most, you know, sad sliders. So we're trying to get out here. No, no, there's salad and salad, of course, because there's the paradox. And the irony. Of course, there is healthier salads with let's say, kale and spinach, but most salad is seen as a sort of serving of Iceberg lettuce with a very sweet source that McDonald's or trying to push this they're healthy option meal, which actually more it's a bit like yoga. You know, yoga contains more sugar per gram than Coca Cola, yoga, yoga,

low fat yogurt from the 70s, you know, it gets the yogurt with sugar in it. If you get the regular you'll get a kind of a selection cafe. You can grow it, it's free. It's a culture, it's a mother culture. You just keep adding to I mean, it's, you know, that's the sort of ink microbiome. Yeah, so that's what we should be teaching.

Hulu to get better kombucha, bit of urine therapy. Little bit of more vegetables, nuts, policies, seeds, less meat, less dairy, less convenience foods, more, dowsing, and divining things. The knowledge of wisdom finding out is this looks great, but she really good for me rather than you jumping into a in the pants, why don't you be a bit tantric with her and just say, look, you know, let's take this one step at a time. I don't want to go and beat a chick with someone. What is to help Tantra and Tantra. Um, as I understand it, and I'm not very well read in this, but I have tried to practice it occasionally with beloved's and it's very rewarding so you can honor and and have intercourse so penetrative sex, but it's a lot more about being present with somebody and looking them in the eye and engaging with them and maybe brushing them and stroking them and massaging. Are we being tantric here? No, no, not entirely. I don't think why well, because

We're not stroking each other and brushing and it's sort of more in line. Yes, sat down to the internet.

But but you know seriously it's it's sort of honoring the divine feminine. So its presence combined with a layer sexuality it can pleasure the woman as much as she likes she can orgasm as much as you like but as a male being the force of if you like the seed

rather than the ovary that you've got to seed into is to try and build up as much Tantra energy if you like this life force Kundalini energy so

after after you want when you want a climax and orgasm will score the goal as I call it, you don't you withdraw and you let your erect penis deflate and then you start up again when you feel like you're not going to come. So one it satisfies women who are probably left alone.

unsatisfied by male love, and let's face it, we're all into a master bird, Matt masturbatory culture with pornography. So, you know,

to my mind, honoring the divine feminine, and pleasuring them. Without pleasuring yourself, as a benefit. Because, one, it makes her very dependent on you, she really loves you, because you've pleasured her in a way deep, deeply that, you know she what she needs that welcoming. No, not not as well. I don't believe and that is what the art of Tantra is. So those people who practice Tantra make but much better lovers. You know, most of us are in for the three second of the three minute or the five. Mendel the you know, one hour lovemaking session these What are these three second sessions? Well, that's when you come in your pants. Just so excited that you know literally you come in your pants so excited. I'm so so once you've once with acid with Melanie. Yeah, that was funny. You know, I was like so desperate again.

Nick is that I was on acid as well as like you know an inhibitor getting rid of your inhibitions and Lysacek acid and so Devil You Know bang now you up boom come in your pants that's less than three seconds and then get it in any play it cool

she was very sweet if you could tell she was lovely she's still in touch she's the she's the godmother of one of my children so the extend the foreplay another 30 minutes that's what it's all about. It's about foreplay. So once they're more dependent on you as a lover, this is the list Well, when you eventually do sort of, you know, shoot your belt school to go orgasm climax, you have a very spiritual experience. You have a long orgasm of euphoria that you've never felt before. I mean, the first orgasm you had you might remember was like, Wow, my legs were shaking. I felt some kind of spiritual initiation. That is what sex is. It's a spiritual act to propagate another beloved so on this beloved planet.

It's a very sacred act what it's been turned into is a sort of you know ejaculate response to filthy porn watching some guy with a massive to put it up some girls pool fucking but and and you know it's just so unnatural I mean some people do like it up their ass girls too but that's fine that's not what I'm saying but it's just the graphic image of it and it's indelibly linked and never sort of softened out of your psyche and all of that pornography that I've seen is still there somewhere in my head and it has an effect so tantrum might look to like an iOS Jenny like changing your diet a little bit alkaline diet a little bit it's just soften the edges of it so it's a bit more lovely and light and that's what we're here for us to spread light on you know that's my central tenement messages we're here to spread light will light warriors we're here to shed light way to give light to the planet give back what it gave us oxygen, water, air and abundance and you know

Little increments we do that to each other by by by giving them a knot in a wave. And so it is it as simple as just abstaining from ejaculating or is there a bit more to it than that

well that's the that's the basis for men women remember they can ejaculate as much they like yeah it sounds like they kind of got the sweet end of the deal that well they got the sweet into the deal anyway, they can multi shattered that women they need a big break anyway, look how we treat them for millennia. We don't even let them get to a sacred place on the same table in our religious circles. None of the 11 religions will look at women as the same level as glamorous makes up for all that doesn't gosh yes it does

there It has you know thousands of nerve endings just for pleasure and we've got one of those ourselves but we've slightly abused it I think so you know when I ours is up our ass what will half of it is yeah, Harvard is a prostate that you know can can help but the other half is on the end of a john Thomas's we used to call

It is kids penis

and you know that's that's an interesting point when you do tend to you have a much much much better orgasm you know you really do you just how long does one go stating? Oh well we'll hoses and courses. I mean, you know, how far do you want to run this race? I mean, I tried six weeks with a beautiful girl called Allen who I was so physically in love with one of the first loves of my life, and we were having great sex anyway. And I just said, Well, I want to try this, you know, don't take it personally, then I'm not going to come because a lot of women want men to come that sort of, you know, the subservient female dominant dominant feeling is to, oh, I've made them come I've done my job when it should be pleasuring yourself and having great pleasure in this so when you do I was three weeks basically 21 days or so 22 days and I'm by the time I count I mean I promise you I felt like I was reborn sexually. I mean, honestly, and

I've done it a few times since

I wish I'd done it my wife

I'm now separated from her but you know basically

the next relationship I'm in I want to start that off again you know I don't want to get into this sort of you know sexual and anyway I'm pretty important now at 109 years old but um

you know that's important to start up again to get that right

yeah to give that a shot because I literally

literally yeah that's kind of been caught in the

How do you call it fucking as much as you possibly can for you You're a good looking guy and I mean that that's what you can do

well why not? I mean you know make you feel good that's what I I realized after a couple years of doing that, that it was actually very much driven by my ego to to fuck that much. I mean, there's a point where you

Fuck a lot huh yes a lot of fun huh there's another point where you fuck a lot and you start fucking

lower quality women then then you know you should come in here yeah I know

I want to be careful as bad where women they are not right for you women who yeah so have you have zero connection with yeah it's a purely lustful sexual exactly as purely for fun, which, again,

isn't unhealthy for you. When you were a kid. Did you ever have a list? A list of the the girls who slept with Oh God, I still trying to remember it now, but I mean, but but most guys, we write it down actually, for quite a while. Oh, no, I didn't ever do that. Oh, yeah, because I had some real horse.

I mean, though, some of them I mean, you would you would think there wasn't enough drink made foot foot foot to be an Uber ages enough, but you know they were horrors but I still found them sexually attractive and drunken.

Hi obviously you know that's the whole thing is it's interesting now you are

you know thinking that you should only be with these beautiful people and you end up having an amazing relationship sexually with some of them who who are not of your class and other your color not of your creed not of your but it's a sexual thing and that's so that's another that is as long as you are attracted to them

well but if you want to keep a life partner if you want to if you know if you want to take it to the next stage then yeah why don't you get on that that other that other you know merry go round and and try Tantra you know well that is fine women not coming when you do you have a wonderful experience you know she's respected you because you're a soft hearted guy and I think it works I do honestly think it works well that's one thing David data says I've read the the way the spirit man by chance

not well read I'll write that down it's I'm an early

but yeah, basically a survey that


You Jackie late, you're giving away your power as a man in a weird way. Yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah, totally, totally,

are Totally. Totally, totally true. You experienced that? Did you experience increased vitality? And anyway? Oh, I see that sexual vitality for sure. I mean, very, very sexually vital and much, much more sensitive down there. But when Yeah, I mean, not sure whether I felt it because vitality, though, it it goes into the Spirit. And yeah, I think it's, I think it does. I mean, some, you know, let's say most religions will decree not to have sexual pleasure. And actually in some ceremonies before I asked her, I read and I practice it the first time

you know, not to have sexual contact and watch your emotions and watch your diet very important because it just makes going into that sacred space and connecting with the divine as you can with these empty agendas. And that's what it means. You know, the genetic work is his work and it's not easy.

You know it's not a it's not a recreational TMT hit behind the bike share with you with your maid it's something that can be and I've done that and that is tempting and it is rewarding, but I mean, it's not like the work in circles and ceremonies that that we host, you know that they're much, much, much more empowering because they're challenging. You know, it's like learning Japanese. You really achieve something if you don't speak Japanese. I don't. I'm going to Japan. We're

lucky Masami

Toshiaki. I love them. I love it. What amazing what an amazing culture Japan have but also so fucked up. So male dominated, so their sexuality seems bit twisted. Yeah. Yeah, it is. I love it. Japanese Chucky sent love you babe Denning. You're listening to that. But if you are still senator as well.

Born on the same day, third of March and London years younger than me talking about astrology. Yeah. Talk about astrology. There. We were. Divine twins met in India. She was an English teacher

in Japan. She came over she became a Japanese teacher in India

and we met so cheeky, cheeky chalky, so naughty.

But in a very innocent way, which I found very refreshing Japanese. He said, Yeah, she was very Japanese. Yeah.

Full on very not just Japanese shoes there a devotee? Yeah, very Japanese in that, you know,

the whole culture. She knew the food, the tea ceremony, very sort of, you know, into subservience of man which I tried to shatter. I was like, you know, I caught a ranking one day because I hadn't satisfied a properly, no Tantra with that one. It was just pure sex. And

we were in lunches, visiting London and waking a lunch. She was nervous. I'll take the club sandwich. That's Robin one.


no she was she was it was post coital you know you know they're brushing my chest hair and. And you know she was there and she was it. She thought I was asleep. I think she was giving us advice you want. She was so embarrassed. I was like, babe, it's fine. I don't mind. I'm sorry. I didn't satisfy. You know, I felt guilty and she's like, wow, we know it was. This does not happen in Japan. So I'll tell you a joke. Do you know that this woman divine Brown was a prostitute went out with Hugh Grant, Hugh Grant, sort of polar Anyway, she said, She's this this lovely black prostitute on Sunset Boulevard. And

Hugh Grant went with their cold real woman anyway, so she went with Bill Gates

Bill Gates post-coital after about four seconds

said wow, I know why they call you divine Brown. She did. Yes. Me and I know why they call you Microsoft.

So I hope you're not sponsored by by Bill and Melinda isn't on snow to start a job with Microsoft x.

Take that to my job. I hope they appreciate it.

God that's funny.

Oh, that's amazing. Yeah. Or, you know, so that's on a good note. You know, that's what life's about is we can laugh about it. That's a real story, by the way. Oh, really? she actually did

the job. It was oh

yeah, that's a real story. The end for me. Yeah, yeah, just that's a real story just for the nonsense of it'll Yeah, it's interesting. The the Japanese sexuality it seems like this, this mix between they're moving further away from sexuality but closer towards it at the same time, in the sense that they're moving further away from actual sex. You know, especially with the women being incredibly focused on their careers and men seem to be less interested in sex, but they're one of the largest producers of porn.

And some of the strangest porn Yeah. And I feel like there's a bit of a corridor in their true. Well, if you look at cell structure that quite interesting people aren't they, they're quite introverted. So they have small genitals, you know, why do Africans and African women have big appendages and pusses? Why is that because they use them more often? You know, it's like the brain. The more you use it, the bigger it grows. Yeah, yeah, basically. And it's not gonna be passed on genetically just over time, like user did more. It's going to grow bigger. Yes, yes. I mean, no, sells, it sells structure follows your genetic template. Did you know The Native Americans actually have the largest dicks of any culture? I can believe it. They were happy there for so many years before Columbus are washed up on their shows and study fucking killing him. They were happy to add so much. You imagine how much I mean. Look at America. They still have so much or you have so much

we have so much we can travel to America and he's the one of the most blessed countries on the planet. I mean, just a space and vastness and just

enrichment of everything amazing people as well much maligned because of, you know, the old Catholic empire that that that's come out of it. And it's not only American, that's clearly British and Dutch, an Australian and Canadian only old empires, this sort of Christian Zionists nonsense, which is valuing money, and valuing the masculine, and valuing religion, and blame it all on, you know,

refugees and Islamics and, of course, there's some there's some kickback and knee jerk reaction from those sort of people

which is real but ultimately, you know, they've been subjugated, you know, blacks and Africans and because there were frightened of them, taking a woman and sexually pleasing them because they've got

a good big one rather than a good little one or bad little one. Microsoft

Billy Boy, move over robot so shifting a little bit Yeah. Good idea. Entire Raska Yeah. Okay.

Women, in your opinion is the right time in your life to take an Ayahuasca trip because it is a bit of an expedition.

Well, the first thing is, there is no right time, you've got to feel it. Again, it goes back into your instinct Center, which is

listening to your heart when it is offered. You have to inquire whether brute comes from work out whether that breweries is well made, because a bit like wine, you can drink wine, and it can taste like their feet, different ways to make I walk of if I have read correctly in many different ways. And I mean, I'm very sort of, you know, I've been brought up by high quality people, and I like quality. So my last one, what should I look for? I would say that Ron Wheelock doesn't make a bad one he uses you know, old vines and an old process and ferments it and you know any of those Peruvian shaman who look really gnarly and really sort of, you know.

Less than money money people who have come through the shamanic cultures now and lineage of timeshare and getting into girls on these

yeah i think that you know you want to you want to listen to worthy and I say this to people who sell I hear you host ceremonies and I'm like well I co host them so we'll all these questions Lewis dialogue and I said listen is nothing about on So You mean like what I did when I heard us to ceremonies yeah yeah yeah no dropped yeah it's nothing about

you got to come and do this it's like are you called if you're not called don't come and that's a that's a tenement as well with the work that I do in the optimizing people's health is to say, If in doubt, don't.

So don't go against you're an SEO, irrationally fearful all the time and very pessimistic and very sort of, you know, and you're not listening to your actual

Which is to say but if you're in doubt don't if you feel right about something do it so what is right it feels the time is now I feel comfortable to do with the person you're talking about Johnny and and I'd like to sit with you and as the most beautiful thing because I don't I don't get really well paid for this work and I value it much down to the iOS business for the big bucks

some dude but ultimately it's the change you see in people no thanks you get in the space you hold for people and then you can sell my hair test or scan that I do on the side

so the sales funnel yeah yeah that's it. That's it I can just end the line just stand in line but you know ultimately there is there's no set agenda and you you are called to it and if that you know, whenever I say the next one is you know, August November blah blah blah.

I'll put out a you know

You know gosh I gotta be careful now we do this because you know we're being watched

you know maybe we use here in Thailand though so who cares? I do. I mean I do because it is watching you rather will people who


the watches the watchers are watching. Yeah. And I'm a witness rather than to watch the jail when that happens. Yeah, it ya know, and definitely I've had my email busted a couple of times I've, you know, things are compromised in my life. And that's why I've got a certain you know,

respect for keeping an anonymity and I think it's very important to be anonymous. You know, when I get people to fill out health reports. I quite like them to be honest. And I think the best way for them to be honest, is to be anonymous. So they don't feel that they're saying My name is Joe Bloggs out shit I've just said my name. And I guess not my name Dr. Feelgood.

So Joe Bloggs Dr. Feelgood

fills in a form of feels that that is writing down His life or her life and being honest and open. And most health reports like talking about your sexuality, we inflate,

we make believe that we're fine. Oh darn, I haven't got any illness. I didn't have any problems, you know.

So it's better when I get people to ask with anonymity.

And I also asked with clients before I work with them, particularly in in sacred ceremonies using n theologians like I Alaska

is to say, Do I want this person on the circle? And a very often I've asked people not to be on the circle because I haven't felt good about the dynamic and like their vibe. Yeah, basically didn't feel comfortable with just something you feel or is there some Is there something he can articulate where you think? Oh, yeah, you're definitely not going well, usually if you uncovered the onion and there's a reason they might be on Prozac or

Xanax or an SSRI that that is going to be contra indicative to their journey because it's going to be a bit more tortures for them and it might actually be destabilizing you know again this is not you know because there's a lot of stuff about iOS gonna I've seen over the last 15 years of being engaged in more formalized work

I've changed the the shaman that I work with from being very gala and very existential and lots of girls in why you know beautiful places

to sitting in very simple circumstances sometimes in the dark

and you know not having much thing to distract you from your own thoughts and I think that's much better I mean almost with blinkers on you know, shut eyes and and was when I'm co hosting I'm sort of keeping a rough modulation on what's happening in the room but it was sell some strange things Oh, in

Describing I mean, there's no dialogue that takes you anyone in the spiritual realm. I mean, that's why sign I meant seeing strange things when you're overlooking other people. Oh gosh, yes. I've seen people because it'd be difficult to have you describe and I asked a trip. Yeah. No, it is. But again, I described some weird shit that other people have done. Well,

I've seen I've seen some strange I've been through some strange stuff as well. I think I'm not myself. Oh, I didn't know myself out. I don't think you're finished telling that story. Well happened,

Chip it on. I was gonna knock yourself out. That sounds like a day and a half now. It was a long, long day for all of us really? Well, basically, I was my third journey. I was very under underwhelmed by Alaska, after breeding, and researching and seeing the transformative change of a years of other people and you know, really waiting for the right set and setting and I was asked as Dr. What are we going to self, Joe Bloggs Dr. Feelgood, I was asked to research it you know to actually look at it I thought wow. I can wear two caps here is really right and it

Was it the Philosophical Society in in England which is the you know the home of Krishna Marty any best and and a whole lot of enlightened souls bringing in a lot of great energy and I was like wow this is it this is it and that the shaman oddly enough I knew from an all show commune and Poona

send Yasin and then coupled a musician wow I know there's so many people and there was a couple of people friends of mine in the

Oh hadn't seen for a long time are also doing it for the first time wow so write it so right

but I was underwhelmed for the first two times I was like oh

that's that's interesting

none of the stuff that I was led to believe it like a week acid trip and it really was it was like underwhelming nothing and I was like a bit disappointed and the third journey I took I felt it was on the 21st of June which is summer solstice in the middle of the year this very sacred place that they're so focused on the beautiful sentence surrounding settings or right now

It was great.

I took a tiny half cup I was filming that the ceremony going to put it through this energy field imaging system to see if we could see any,

you know, spirits or attachments, or any any stuff going on.

All the music failed, the microphones failed. All of the camera equipment failed. So the whole room like there's this big clunk of energy with just taking the first cup

we hadn't had time to set our intentions there was a lot of funny energy going on one woman and some people say she was she she led in a bad energy she was menstruating and should have told us we should have cleanser and putting in another sec but it was a kind of you know whatever happens happens for a reason there's no bad there's you know that there's lessons to be learned from this experience. But anyway so what happened is, is that within about five minutes of taking a tea I was transported into heaven and I

I just saw the most incredible color I'm because I say having I know what it was, but it was heavenly colors and, you know, sort of not defined people as being angels. But it had an angelic quality. And I was then hooked in my right wrist taken by my right wrist from what felt like a big butchers hook and telco taken down to Hades 10 literally down into how or what was facing my own death. Uh, my intention was, we didn't have time to voice them because in the 70s were doing then everybody voice their intention to make it more powerful to invoke a sense of the group knows your intention, which we don't do now. You know, we just do it in words. But you know, that night I just said, okay, part of my remit with the Zoroastrian UNESCO college was to look at the universal laws of nature and I said, Okay, I'll ask him. Other iOS Eve underperformed in a

expectation and that's part of my problem is my expectation was very high and I set my expectations are very high because reality is a is a chasm below that.

Um. So what happened is I I went into this dark black black. I was first of all freezing my nads off I was so cold and the first I don't know how long it was it felt like an eternity I was going into this I'm in different shades of black and freezing freezing freezing cold and then I saw this tiny little beam of light I thought well okay I'll follow that little beam of light because he knows anything and unless you 1000 shades of black no black as I've ever seen this come close to the black I saw in this in this realm during i o Oscar

and I was so out of body I mean, I didn't know who I was. I felt that I was black and I was dying and I followed this little light, you know, sort of follow that little light and there was so much more going on than the words that I'm saying will give any kind of credence or

Understanding to it but anyway so I followed this little beam of light and I thought wow I suddenly getting hot now and I went through all of these kingdoms like from being black and entropy to being

and being space and having a sense of water being water and I don't just mean looking at water I mean feeling and being water which was a totally unique experience and you gotta be fucking tripping your nads off to get there in the first place I think and that's what it is a trip to mean you know that's what it is a dime methyl trip to me it's it's tripping your nads off you're going into conscious rounds are unconscious rounds that you don't know what's going on.

So you have to release your body and of course I always had a lot of tension of going through all this cold freezing cold and now is beginning to go boiling hot but going through different things. So I went through I think I went through granite and marble and grass and and and been through air and water and I was going through things x potentially Jean Jean Jean Jean going through super quick.

I was getting super, super hot, and I suddenly felt myself explode. And I was sweating. And I was so hard.

I can't believe how hard I was. And I just,

I came to a bit and I thought, well, I'll just lean against. Oops, hit the mic. I I just wanted to lean against this fireplace that was next to me. In the room that I was in. I was diametrically opposed to the shaman.

And so I just run lean against this wall. Just to get feel a bit cold. Because the wall this this, this, this fireplace was marble ogre. Yeah, marble marble fireplace and I I just feel cooler if I lean against that so hard.

What I'd actually done is I bang my head seriously hard like cracked my skull and I'd knocked myself out and I was that just so nice to be cool again in a not not freezing as I just been not blown out of all propulsion and being really hard

and knocked myself out like I wasn't breathing.

So, you know, calling a bit of hullabaloo in the room because there's 30 people there, lords and ladies, and all the celebrities that were there. And some hedge which is from Glastonbury, that leveled off the whole energy as well thank goodness but um, you know, everybody's they're going

he's killed himself because I later learned that everybody was really worried and because we get we went through the process of talking about it

and I was actually not breathing and I'd knocked myself out and you know, I sort of now was going into this divine feeling of being gold and I mean literally I felt like I was gold and I had these flashes of being worn by very unattractive people and being overvalued and i was i was i was gold I was going I'm gold But why to buy two people value me so much. Why

what are the valley water so much one in the value earth or granted all these other elements that I've been through or compounds that I've been through

And I I was there judging myself I so flashes of the shame and trying to bring me back into existence because literally I was flashing in and out of this feeling of gold and I saw these vaporizing you know coming up I remember looking at my normal what I imagined my arm and sort of this gold was vaporizing off me and I was literally disappearing a near death experience for sure and I was just realized wow gold old gold does is cool a son a bit just chills the sun a bit so it can have the sun can have another birthday going spin around itself again or whatever it's it is the center of our solar system but you know it's just though this gold would would give the little bit as our give that give the sun a little bit of cool and so it wasn't so hot

and that was profound to me. And then I kept on flashing in and out of this experience with this shaman

Going your man you look like the devil to me I didn't want to join you ought to be gold I want to cool a son I want to you know do my job because I was gold I mean literally it sounds weird it felt weird I felt amazing actually it felt amazing mingled I'm gonna say this is after you hit your head this is after I had my head after I gone through the sort of heat and coming back into looking at what I suppose is my own life and whether I wanted to live anymore and it wasn't a bad point in my life. I was at a good point in my life It wasn't like I was suicidal I did it on purpose it did it totally subconsciously

just thinking I just leaned against this this this this mobile fireplace because I was fucking hard and that's what I thought I'd done is I just leaned against but everybody told me man noisy made a crack of your head fracking Allah You're right. Look at my finger. You know there was a doctor that luckily

or not, luckily because it doesn't matter. My doctor,

the doctor and the shaman everybody.

takes the brew the medicine, it's medicine, you know, it's not like the doctor was only marginally helpful if he was also on high last well that's a that's a that's a that's that's your thought that's your judgment but in reality

the shaman has to euro coexisting yourself you're all in that sacred ceremony you can't really have somebody who's not on iOS Karen and I Alaska circle because they would be more than the rational mind there would be no comfort and having that I don't think it's much better that you're all journeying together and the weird thing is about these Anthea genetic research and you know people have shared experiences now Never before in the history of time I've ever seen in any literature shared experiences like two people dreaming the same thing and then the same night well maybe they do well similar things but shared experiences and so that

you know that that was weird and having the doctor there can't remember his name now.

That's weird nice guy doing yoga the whole way through it slightly distracting but there you you know you're distracted because you're in a set and setting that's the light and bright and everybody could see me what I'd done every thought I'd died so I saw everybody looking at me and I was like well I don't want to be with these people I want to die I want to be gold

and then obviously I breathe back conscious being in the room being fan with the with the by the shamans, feathers and and, and fan and tobacco being blown over me and bring me present because tobacco tobacco matches a male plant and it brings you back at the wise back to this realm and I I looked around I was like everybody looks What have I done my shot myself because that's a common thing that you know, you make a mess or not common Actually, that's not true. It's not common at all. It's not uncommon. It No, it's very rare, but it can happen but it's a

that everybody has it's a healthy that the Porsche or how recent The Purge yeah the purging the purging is both vomit so you get out a lot of ether as well a lot of it's not love more things to purge than others I suppose have to do both well again and these these times I did I did his first two or three times I didn't vomit at all and that night I vomited this tiny I mean look like an alien. I mean, it's so look like an alien. It smiled at me when I vomited. I sort of looked at it in the bucket because I could see new service we do now we don't see I looked and this is this little cheeky, cheeky I know that sounds I mean, I am quite rational and you know also but it sounds on believable and it was unbelievable. And there were so many different events that night and over that weekend of the course of events that happened to me after it and those first three times that I took it the first two times terribly disappointing. The third time I went when we when we talk about it.

Next and I said well,

I think we all know that that that Johnny did have his iOS or experience and when you get slapped around and when your intention is that large to look at the universal laws of nature to look at basically your existence of how you are on this planet you might get what you what I asked for, just look at my own death to look at all the elements to look at whether I wanted to be a human to go through the experience of extreme cold and extreme heat which I can deal with a lot easier now there's a lot of benefit I've taken from that so I love life more I'm a great enthusiast

you know i i hope that that I've softened a bit you know, I you know, stop being so egocentric a little bit I mean I'm still a bit of a dinosaur with that but you know, we're chipping away at those old blocks

and melding into into this wonderful magical, mysterious well that we're never going to scientific.

began to stand. It's much, much more magical than we can ever imagine. And that's where I'm at with it, you know, after 100 more ceremonies later, and, you know, long way down the line, working with people and seeing the Oscar

taking a number of times, so, like, 100 times more, probably. Yeah, yeah. But, I mean, you know, again, it's not,

it's an order. And every time I do it, I was in Hong Kong the other day and doing it there. And I had such paranoia about being busted by the feds. And, you know, I gotta listen to that, because, you know, that's, that's,

that's a part of it is, you know,

the ring around the circles is protective. But there's another ring of darkness that wants to stop this kind of work, because it's very empowering. It makes you see things clearer. It makes you opt out of,

let's say, the hierarchical status that we're in and being lauded over you know, it looks at the meat industry. I've pretty much I have, I've had one glass of wine

I mean, it was a very nice vintage champagne, actually. But it, which is one.

But apart from that, you know, I've quit alcohol, I've seriously reduced alcohols, I, I, I've pretty much

put the lines. And I never was a great one with chemical drugs. So I would say, for those people who want to look at that, I mean, that's a bit of a tail. And nobody would go through that, you know, I will actually nobody.

People have gone through death experiences on iOS. And I think that's very healthy to look at your death. And maybe that is a meditation for you to take into an iOS session and go through your own death because you have a lot less fear about your dying process. But you have paradoxically you have a lot more healthy regard for living and being alive. And that's what a good I I'm an enthusiast about living and trying to optimize well being as best I can as a guide

and trying to make that exit easier for other people and myself, you know, along the line so I can look back with memories.

Go Well, I did my best. And that's all I can do is I've done my best. And that's, you know, pat myself on my back for going, john. Johnny. That's my name. You don't invest. So that's what I'm what I'm in and that's all we could ever do. Hmm. I'd like to end on that. That was quite a tale. Thanks very much. Thank you so much for coming by Dr. Feelgood. I think I learned a thing or two from you. Well, thank you very much for this possibility. And let's let's you know find lots of time to share and play and and was around this sacred planet and spreading the light and love thank you very much Sam. Thanks so much. Thank you for listening to the mental architect. I am your host Sam cb. If you enjoyed this episode go on down to iTunes and smash that review button so hard that your finger falls off

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