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How to Find Freedom from the 9 to 5 with Alejandro Meyerhans

Alejandro Meyerhans is an author that focuses on topics such as discovering your purpose, finding freedom and cultivating financial independence. He crawled out of poverty in Spain by building businesses in drop shipping and website brokering in his free time while working as a bell boy at a hotel.

Now, he teaches people how they can improve their life, and how they can discover goals that will make them uniquely happy, rather than blindly chasing money and status. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:56 – How to make money flipping websites
10:25 – Find happiness by redefining success
18:20 – Do drugs and alcohol take more than they give
25:02 – What to do before travelling full-time
46:35 – Why “I don’t have the time” is bullshit
57:45 – Making money out of your passion
1:08:55 – The difference between happiness and fulfillment
1:28:47  – The importance of being the creator rather than the consumer
1:43:39 – Money Talks: Passive Income and Internet Revenue
2:00:37 – How getting a good job will ruin your life

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The most interesting excerpts from this podcast:

Why “I don’t have time” is Bullshit

Redefining Success – Stop Chasing the Wrong Goals

How to Make Money Flipping Websites


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We have a hell of an inspirational episode. Today we're talking with my friend, Alejandro Meyer hands. Here's his story.

He was working as a bellboy, $3 an hour in Spain. Living in what most people consider definitely poverty. It worked 12 hours a day just to get by put food on the table. He carved out the time even while doing all that to create his own online business. Mostly doing drop shipping eventually created his own business where he was buying and selling websites. And he crawled his way out of poverty while working 12 hours a day. What most people would only have the energy to go home and drink and sleep.

He got it together. And he started something great. And now he's living a completely location independent lifestyle here in Thailand. Absolutely. killing it, setting his own hours,

offloaded a lot of the work to other people that can do it and just absolutely killing it in life. But what I like about him,

it's his philosophy behind work. And it's his philosophy behind money.

So he and I share the same philosophy with money and that he wants money, not necessarily to buy nice things, but so that he can buy his freedom.

I think that's a very important distinction to make. He goes into that for quite a bit. And he also goes into why people make excuses

why people make excuses and why people can't seem to find the time to do the things they say they want to do and how it really just boils down to a philosophy priority.

Absolutely inspirational Dude, I learned a lot about business and I learned a lot about life I learned a lot about motivation from him. It's a great episode glad to hear to check it out.

The mental architect with Sam Sebring no bullshit blueprint for peak performance

you can be

let's get it started. I'm here with boy, how the honcho Meyer, hands of man you got so much going on. You know where to start. affiliate marketing expert, website broker, digital nomad, freedom writer. Is that about some of that sounds about right. Yep. Lead Generation dude.

Yes. Ooh.

Yeah. So what what is taking up most of your time right now is it a brokering websites it sounds like we're not really some

I do two main things one is the work that I do for the company I work for which is human proof designs and for them I do two main things right I do all the lead generation client acquisition so I designed finals and around the pay traffic and then Dom the owner who's got a portfolio of websites and I manage that and that's affiliate websites although we have some light ad display ads websites as well and just content websites blogs you know pure content and not like services or you know our own products it's just affiliate or ads and about 14 sites on the portfolio right now and now also manager you know,

it's a weed ceiling was a website with a website, okay, we sell it lon we cannot grow anymore, I but then there's also always chances to buy all the sides, get them in the portfolio, improve them and keep on growing that so that's what I do for them. Right? So the broker Empire is not really like a broker other people's websites that I try to acquire website to have good room for improvement and for growth, then we get them into the portfolio and we increase the value essentially. So basically, you keep your eyes peeled for kick ass websites that are potentially undervalued.

Yeah, you buy them, you pimp them out, then you resell them. Yeah. So So how do you pick a website that is potentially undervalued, in your opinion, that has value that can generate traffic? And then how do you how do you pimp it out from there? How do you generate more money off of a website you get?

So essentially, when we look at affiliate sites, right,

the there is really no ceiling when it comes with all in businesses. So it could be a blog that's monetize through affiliate and that doesn't really have a cap, right? This is how much money you can make, period. The only limit is your own ceiling. Right? How much money are you able like you or me, or that guy there is able to make from that side. So when I when I see a website, I see okay, besides making $1,000 per month, let's say right with Amazon and and that's all he has going right. And I see this is a from what I know, can I make the site better? Like, can I make the mobile view more optimize? Can I change maybe get into a different affiliate program to have some better pay out like a niche dependent affiliate program right now, let's say say aside about dogs, you know, dog food and whatnot. Can I get into another Vegas rock dog food? Yeah, and I get into an affiliate program that pays better than Amazon. Yeah, okay, listen, you see, when our this this side run any ads? No, right? Does it have content that could be monetised through ads, like info content? How do you do this? Or dog training tips and stuff like that, like things are no revolving around products? Because then you have like, if it's about a product, you only want to talk about the product and affiliate links. Well, it's info content. Can we put us in that? Yeah, right. And do we know networks to pay? Well, like we can mail a mate, that's a $10 per thousand impressions. Yeah, how many impressions is that side of the site, getting 30,000 impressions a month, that's $200 I shown in to buy it, put ads on boom, from 1000 goes to 1.3 thousand in literally three clicks piece of scrape on the header. That's it. And then you hold it aside for six months. And so if you can do that isn't super easy win. So it's what we know, right? be zero conversion rate optimization, or better pain and affiliate programs or better layout, better flow better SEO. Like if I look at the site, and the site is ranking for this, this, this and that on page one, page two, whatever. And I look at the site to say, yeah, we can take these four things off, we can take the sidebar off, we can put links here, we can build some more links to the speech and the speech and then hop, ideally everything should go up and Frankie's go up traffic goes out revenue comes up. So if I see room for those things that will take the site and we work on it. Oh, that's been quite recent. We only just started doing that been doing it with sites that we already had that would just sitting there doing nothing just getting dust

and it was like can you just take responsibility for that and see if you can improve them say yeah, sure, I'll do that. So is it common to be able to find a site that someone's put a lot of effort into, but they haven't put effort into monetizing it because it seems to me like if I was a content creator and I developed like some type of blog or something like that I would put a lot of effort into monetizing it and there be kind of a high price on that website is it common to find blogs things like that where it's kind of under price and you can get in there and then just flip it around and get a lot of affiliate links on there and monetize it easily

now I'm not all that sure but like I said the site might be monetized and the own room I think is really no well monetize but there's more but then the owner has reached seen enough knowledge to why he knows that's the basic can do and he thinks that's pretty fucking fantastic you know and of course in his pocket by the way what does that kind of course in the podcast yes

of course I expect you to guess if you don't curse I'm gonna be upset with you okay

yeah come on I didn't know as a little boy podcasting right so I thought all right I'm doing good right and decide is making $1,000 per month and to these best knowledge that is fucking fantastic but then I look at it say you can do better right as soon as soon as I have a site I Carlos I'm making a few grand a month and I look at is I have no freaking clue how to make more money from this weapon side and he's very heavily monetize you know he's got ads it's got affiliate links

a build a list that got a few thousand subscribers on the list I run another affiliate offer through Clickbank to that list. And I've just reached a ceiling on like two and a half grand a month. I just can't cross that. I don't seem to be able to cross it. Maybe I sell it and three months time I log into the site and see Oh, son of a bitch. Right? Right.

That's what you have to do. Right? And then the new owners making five grand a month right well, there you go. Right. He knew better. So that's that's what we're looking at. Okay, that's

interesting. Before I met you, I had no idea that websites tended to get passed around

quite as commonly as this I kind of always just had the impression lot you make a website that's your website like that's your baby now

but the thing that would scare me about buying a website let's say it's a car website or dog food website or something like that. I feel like I wouldn't be able to generate content for that website you know if it's the type of website where you can just kind of rest on your laurels and you know chill with the old content it'd be one thing but if I bought a dog food website like I don't know shit about dog food like have you ever had an experience where you buy website yeah locked in terms of making contact I'm having to decide about you know girly stuff like why the best selling legging self last year what are the best selling leggings and last year Alexandra period sold on Amazon

affiliate links right now let's get those leggings

actually dropped some links on that site to my own store when I was testing leggings, because I hope you

test them on yourself, I assume. Yeah, I take

all the pictures from itself with some pink leg, you know,

on the side and to get your Instagram and here at the every legs in the region.

No saliva urine need to care about the topic or know anything about the topic because that the skills that you actually need at different ones. So if you can do keyword research to find topics around the industry, or the niches or the website talks about if you can find other topics to talk about. And you can find a writer you don't need to know so you can outsource the content. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I've to your local dog food expert out of 200 posts of saw my sights on the cost side, I wrote the first 10

Well, I really liked the post that you wrote, I was actually going to ask you about your defining success article, which was just fucking sick. I wrote that you read that article last night, and I was just fully erect the entire time I was reading it. Um, so basically, the concept of the article is that everyone has their own definition of success, and that it's important to find your own definition of success, rather than just kind of subscribing to the definition of success that's kind of taught to you. Yeah.

Is that is that the idea? So how

would one go about finding their definition of success? That's the hot pot that is the hot thing. So we all struggle with? Yeah, no,

absolutely. I mean,

let me put it this way, right. The general point of view about life is that a secure life an easy life is a good life, right? And, yeah, to a degree that did work, especially for baby boomers. And, you know, the generation of my parents, for instance, the quite all by the way, they're willing to 2017 so, you know, this is really a huge generation gap. But they did look at life in that way. If you can get a good job, nice house, nice family. That's a good life. And yeah, if that's what turns you on. And that's what when you resonate with, that's a good life. But then millennials came along, you know, and we don't look at life that way, right? We care a lot about freedom and discovering stuff and experiences, which look at life in a different way, right? Every generation that's a Gen X is going to look at life in a different way. So for us, that just doesn't cut it. That doesn't, doesn't work, right. And, and you see, cuz a lot of people like they join the workforce and just extremely unsatisfied and they go and watch Walter Mitty and that I

crying on this, and the cinema goes

with what to do, right? And so what happens there? What is the dissonance between the life that you've been sold and the lie that internally you want, but don't do not really able to define it that you haven't really

find like, how about this life looks like a lot of people want to travel and a lot of people want to see the world and middle a conscious and that that, but that's very generic statements. And a lot of people start traveling and figure out I actually don't like traveling actually. Challenge sucks now being on a bus for 17 hours with 100 other people are not 50 cedar bass. It's not really all that cool, right? But you don't know until you do it. So

this is all to say, how do you come about defining what so success looks like for you? And I mean, this is not like I had an inspiration when I was eating mentality. I just read a bunch of books and put the things together. And I saw, okay, this is a good exercise. So for me was ok. What makes me feel good in life. Right? Why do I resonate with do actually care about life? Do I care about having a friend's house? No, which don't care, I can be in a 20 square meter room and be happy. All the other thing, all the other boxes are checked, right? I don't really care what I'm at for as long as it's clean and mantras is comfortable. You know what I mean? But I don't give a shit about high end food. Because I'm a full, you know, full of food. So you know what I mean? I'd rather live somewhere okay, but know that can wake up every day and eat you know, starting out. Yes, Instagram material. And this is awesome, right? Because that's what I care about. So if you start being honest with yourself, and try to know yourself and define what things you care about your life things that makes you happy things that makes you feel excited when you wake up in the morning with a prospect doing this one thing are you excited? Or you let God right first case good, you should do more of that second case, you should stop in a way that

now of course is not easy, right? Because you get sold on the idea of you know, go to high school, go to college, get a good job, whatever and all the pop culture around you is selling you the same stuff you know, go to the gym, get feeds into his girlfriend buy a car buy a house that success well not necessarily right that's what turns McKenna was saying culture is not your friend probably meant pop culture Yeah, the majority of the culture around you it's not your friends because they're going to sell you a lifestyle and I said of interest that will not necessarily resonate with who you really are.

Yeah, cultures trying to make money off those Affiliate Marketing Leads. So they're probably don't have invest in

some markets. I'm on both sides of the equation myself. Yeah. But then I just want to be sold about

the Buddhist marketer like buy this shit. But you don't need it. Exactly by

this by this shit if you really want

Yeah, exactly. If these leggings will make you fulfilled.



that is something I was thinking about. When I was coming here. I was thinking how did I actually find my answer? I was thinking about it. This is an you want to ask me this one. And and then I remember video from Casey nice tat right. And something that he said a few times on this blog. And I thought, yeah, that was the way

how I came about finding what I cared about was by doing something that I hate it a lot. And that made me miserable. And that's the time when I was working in a hotel. And I was a seventh actual name on the contract. Seventh of the house. Damn servant. As low house dinner, seven of the house. I was in Germany, and I hated the job with a passion. It was super high stress, super high tempo, like 300 rooms in the hotel. So you have hundred bosses. Plus, you're the lowest monkey. So everyone else on the hotel can ask you for shit. Meaning this few hundred people or 10 hours every single day that can ask you for anything that you can only say yes. So are people asking you for stuff, right? You're a servant, of course, your seventh. And so I had a beeper and the people would ring like every 30 seconds. And every time he had to go to a telephone president, or say, my hands, what do you need an order me go to this room, go to this place, go to the ball, go to the restaurant, go here. Go here. Here was a huge house trying to bust my ass off running the house, and a four year and a half. And on that time, all I could think about is how the fuck do I stop doing this? How do I find something that makes me feel the opposite of how I feel right now? Who said what, how I feel right now, every day after work is first shooting myself and then drinking myself today cuz she

was maybe the opposite order drink first and then shoot yourself. Yeah, a little right. But

I didn't want to feel like that. Now. I think that that was the best thing that could possibly happen to me, I was the best thing and I've said a million times the best thing I've ever done in my life was to actually immigrate to Germany and do a thing that I hated to speak pushed me to an age in, which is either I find a different life for myself, or I'm miserable. Like, these are the guy that's been here 10 years is because I see him and I still alive.

So in your opinion, what is the difference between you and that person who's been there? 10 years? Because, I mean, I have plenty of good friends who who work $8 an hour as a sermon, or McDonald's or something like that. And they never quite like find that fire that motivation or that path inside of them to get out. They don't they don't really see the light at the end of the tunnel. Was there something that happened to you there? Is there something where you're like, Oh, shit, I can make money with affiliate marketing. Was there like a light bulb moment? Oh, the whole or is it just

like a personality thing where you're just just this every day until I could literally couldn't take it. I just couldn't take. So a lot of people have a lot higher tolerance to shit. So they can take a lot more shit before they break down. They will eventually break down. You know what I mean? People breaking down and they turn to alcohol. So they keep doing the shit that makes them admissible every day. But then they get drunk every single night. Right? That's very that's

very, very common. And do not drink very much.

Um, when I do a lot, and I'm slowly cutting it down. Although I just got

blasted last Friday. Well, you have to worry. Yeah,

nobody is something that I have very mixed feelings about. Like if I go out and drink and have a great time and the sort of guy that is on his quote unquote, best self line. I'm the funniest, most cheerful guy when I'm drunk. Some other people get angry and get into the fight mode. When did rank? Yeah, I'm entirely the opposite. I'm friends with everyone and I dance and whatnot, and have a great time. But then the next several days, you feel a shit, right? And then you listen to just borrow and happiness from tomorrow. So

yeah, I've always that phrase. And, you know, as you know, I'm, I'm trying to cut it down, because it's unnecessary. I think it's not necessary. Yeah, you really need it. And I think it takes more than it keeps you fresh, much fun you might have. So you know, it's very negative outcome. Very interesting way of putting it because a lot of people tend to look at drugs and alcohol, super black and white, like, alcohol is bad. Heroin is bad, blah, blah, blah. But obviously, that's not true. It's good and bad. You know, I had I had the same experience with we'd actually used to smoke weed way too much, just a stupid amount, probably, like four or five times a day, right? And it was actually a little bit confusing to stop. Because we did give me a lot in my life. It gave me relaxation. And what it actually really gave me was like, a social connection with friends that allowed me to, to hit up friends be like, Hey, man, you wanna smoke a bowl, and we'd come hang out, I made some of my best friendships that way.

But at the end of the day, it took more than it was giving, you know, and it took years to realize that almost, and I think for some people with alcohol, or any drug really, you can use to intelligently and potentially will give more than it's taking, actually, it really will. I think, for most people, it probably takes more, but just kind of have to figure out like, where you're at, you know, and it's also depending on how you use it. Like right now, if you drink your kind of drinking and celebration, because you're kicking ass in life right now. And you're fucking killing it. In Thailand affiliate marketing digital nomad can't complain. Yeah, like that. So when you drink, it's, it's happy. It's, it's a celebration. Whereas if you're doing it after 12 hours of service, yeah, just coming from a different place entirely escape. So the problem with drugs generous

with anything freakin really, anything you ever use, right? If it's fulfilling what's a fulfilling, but if it's taking place of something else, or a or you use it as a way to feel like a gap or a void inside yourself, then you fought right. If you feel empty inside, then you drink, you should feel empty. You don't do it consciously. Or I'm empty. So I'm gonna get drunk. Not as you feel bad, you don't really know what's going on. And then the perspective of having a couple drinks. And disconnecting is fantastic. So that's what you do it or smoking is the same section. But then over time is not adding anything, right. Because it's going to feel like up now. If you if you have things inside and you know, alive, that's fulfilled and everything and you feel happy and excited. And you got things inside of you. Then the occasional drink or smoke, it's just, you know, cream on top is so cool. Yeah. And I'm fucking happy. And then this night, I'm gonna get stoned to death. Because Because I'm with a bunch of super good friends here in the jungle in by whatever. Awesome, right? But it's like my life shit. So I'm just gonna go home and get stoned to death. Because I have nothing else to do. And I just don't feel inspired to do anything else besides work and smoke. That's bad. You know, that won't bring you anyway.

Did you notice a correlation when you cut down on drinking? And when you started like, crawl out of your shitty job as you described it?

When I was in Germany, it was working Work Safe and get drunk

and rights because I might and yeah, okay. The drinking help with the writing. So that was okay.


yeah. Um, but then when I left him any a backpack India all the North. I was there for about four months. So did India Nepal and I wasn't drinking pretty much at all There is first. It's not always easy to find right. When I was in Rishikesh. That was not alcohol whatsoever. There was no meat, I was a synchronicity. And I was been there a month. It was like, Yeah, I don't need it. I'll have the occasional cobija on a hot day to stuff it's fantastic but yeah,

and and I caught them a lot there

also because I was doing star that was filling me right so I didn't feel the need or you know, I didn't felt compelled Oh yeah, let's get drunk tonight. And I was like I just spend the entire day on this village with a bunch of new people taking care of camels and tomorrow we're going to go again in the desert and we're going to do a bonfire I want to sing Dr. Stanley songs at night I don't need alcohol I'm already well entertain and already you know absorbing a lot I don't need the entertainment of beer right so and that's what I found okay yeah if you're doing things that you know that give you a lot there's no room for the other times you know


things that don't really matter no I

feel like most people have that same fire inside of them that you do where it's like buck being a servant I want something more and it's it's super super easy to forget about that when you drink it makes that fucking feeling go away like that's what drinking is so fucking awesome because having that fire inside of you I want more and you don't quite have it yet that's that's a really uncomfortable feeling actually and that's what drives you to succeed it's like that stick up your ass that emotional leverage that makes you go kill it

yeah that's why drinking so fucking good my opinion you just you just forget that when you asked me before Wait Why do I think all the people stick with those shit jobs for a lot longer Now when I say she jobs done don't take any offense because I don't know them and they have jobs right so as well as long as you're not hurting anyone but getting your money and as a hot honest money is good but should Jobson template you know

it could be better yeah

it takes a bit of both and it takes some some risk to got our feet and figure things out for yourself it's not easy right before you have a is a bunch of that you know

an occupation job not really pays well but because you there 16 hours a day you make your money obviously if that's all you're doing you don't have any time left after work tomorrow that let's say a movie or a drink and that's in and you pass out on and the next day again and again and again you so deep into your head is so shelf up your own ass you can see the world so it's very, very hard to get out of it. And to take taking the tiniest risk. Like let me quit this job. Figure out for three months. If it doesn't work, I'll take the job back right if you saved you should be able to do it. So did you get your affiliate marketing all that sorted out those job or talk this burn the boats I save this much I could close I knew there was going to get to the point where I would have to break it down and say fuck this. I didn't have a just finished my contract. And then I say Okay, goodbye. I'm not doing another window with you guys.

So I save as much as I could. Because I knew I wanted to travel. Like,

I can't go back to this hotel. Anytime. So originally going to travel your plan wasn't to get the fuck out. You're like, I'm gonna travel first. And then

I'm going to travel. And I was hoping that could figure shit out while I was traveling. So I never had to go back to the hotel. But any worst case scenario is something that really helped me is to look things that one is the worst case scenario what I said this in case scenario, what is the best case scenario? You know Tim Ferriss talks about? Fear setting, right? I define your fears mall and define your goals and define your actual fears. Why are you afraid of all that shit will hit the fine. Okay, what does it mean in practical terms? Like how much money does that mean? What does that mean to your life when you go homeless? Or someone that you care about? like your mom or your dad go homeless or just like yeah, I have to take back my job that's not a bad case. That's where you are right now. She know what I mean. Worst case and that is you stay how you are then it's not about case. Yeah, that's actually a good case. You know what I mean? So I looked at as a worst case scenario I have to go back to these fucking hotel and work here another summer or two or forever I don't know I figure out but yeah, Wisconsin area, burn my savings. And I need to take about this very same job that I have or not. And then he looked good because, you know, when the economy's fault and everyone is struggling to find a job that pays three euros an hour, like 2012, when I was working my garage right now, be thankful to have a job that paid three euros and our euros 679 in Spain, 600 euros a month for 44 hours a week. Still.

That's like Island pay shit. Yes, I

got. I got to school for four years to get that horrible to vocational. Welcome to the world. Yeah, right.

Here's your degree. Three years. And our phone. Yeah,

fantastic. So

it must have been a bitch to save money when you're already struggling to pay rent. And that was really hot. That was really how I couldn't save any money when I was in Spain. So that that's ready to go to Germany, because I literally couldn't do anything with the 16, 600

years on our a month. But then on Germany, I was going to build a three times as much and tips. So what if I live very, very cheap here. And all I do is work and save. I'll have enough money. So I have a little escape. And I can think I can figure things out. So

yeah, I just took a one way ticket to India. And I thought maybe on the strip, because I'm gonna go to a completely different ecosystem and meet different people, different lives, do things that are more into the insight more than just interacting with the outside maybe a final answer on what to do with my life. I have higher chances of finding balance to that. Then doing the same thing I'm doing right now. hating my life, day in day out. I did you find a while you were an Indian auto? No, I'm not sure. If not. I'm not sure if I came back to Spain, being a haiku happens kind

of our dream when we go to India, as you go to a guru, you know,

you know, the fun thing. I didn't meet a lot of gurus and that was very interesting and whole non dualistic, advanta variety Hindu thing that I go without a lot right now but back then it was a lot more confused and I didn't find a nice of what to do with my life or who am I really and what is my purpose in life I didn't find a needle that on that first trip but I came by being hard capitalist capitalist and it's funny because a lot people go to India and come back being super spiritual and not now you need to call me by my Hindi name

so you get a Hindi name

oh man I need to call me by my Hindi name right cuz I'm a different pessimistic piece of

the data my head

you smoke to my chest and because I saw what absolute lack of money faster communities right you ever gone to a rural hospital in India I you go there and say actually money's not there but yeah just lack of money does that yeah i agree as an hour eight too bad FTC that I owe you can cure a leper with $10. But that guy doesn't have $10. So he has no hands that

shed that's fucked up that shit.

You know what I mean? And I thought well, because when I was at how like 150, 200

euros to spend a month because I wanted to have a flat tire year right. had to come back with my hundred $50

a month. Yeah, 202

hundred in any you can do it. You can leave it cheaper than that in Sandy but also traveling around like with everything. hostels, hostile buses, everything you can do even cheaper. I always have to be in fancy, quote unquote, again, can you still do this $150 a month? Or is he an India? Yeah, I think I think you could, it is cheap. But oh, my goodness. 100 patient wants to be the cheapest. Think. Think about this. A lot of people living there. But so surviving there with 30 years. Among right. So is how low can you stand it go? Yeah, right. You can go really low and travel very slow. And yeah, you can do it. You have you decided you don't need toilet paper. You know, several years in there. It just took a little water and I'm going you're

good to go.


it wasn't until the year after that, that I went back to India for the wedding of a friend of mine. And then had a typical aha moment. I met a guy and and he said, Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm also thinking about doing some economists stuff. Have you read the four hour workweek, while the four hour workweek I haven't

bought it sounds nice saying I didn't read it and that was when I was like wow ok that was the proper eye opener right as for me as for thousands of other people that read the book and the light wash it you can do all this stuff make money because what I did get when I was in India first time is that I wanted to travel oh yeah this is what I like ideally doing with a bit more money right no 150, 200

euros among at

170 years a month now you get the toilet paper and everything exactly exactly you don't need to use your left hand

so I thought yeah this is what I want to want to travel I discovered this is why I really enjoy doing so I need to find a way to make money while I trouble right went back to Spain to fix some shit with my family but what I was going to spend I was thinking okay okay so the thing is make money and make money and travel Can I do it with writing yeah maybe I don't know how and then I went back to India to this wedding idea after that made this guy read the book and from all the you know the business models and things that he mentioned in the book drop shipping was into it and didn't although I didn't get into drop shipping back then and then he also mentioned blogs and affiliate and I started digging into that started learning how to make money with affiliate marketing and I found HDD the company I work for I found a bunch of other guys but a few case studies with people that build a blog and and when making this much money in a year and two years and if rk you can get content do I see all put offers make money cool Let me feel out and then I started that was February 2016 so two years ago Damn it wasn't too long ago and then I just went into it as much as I could I failed miserably for the first eight months like digitally like $20 in one one month got $20 and the rest $20 and we only had there was it was doing nothing and that one website that was trying to build didn't work at all I got a job when I went back to Spain after India so in a restaurant getting paid six years now this time Oh 100% increase

yeah I am true perspective right yeah and and your elaborate now yeah

exactly with when I worked

a hour and a half you know

sis and

August at the peak of the highest season and you know I'm talking about 14 hours a day on a seaside restaurant

doing either bar or restaurant with three other waiters for maybe 100 and hundred and $50 a day so that was proper stress that was really high tempo and those the entire day Monday to Sunday you will get half the Monday off haha the Tuesday off maybe in time on Dave you the rest six and a half days a week as good as you have full on there's been weeks and then 110 hours on the restaurant. So granted six years. And our plus tip

you feel like Lucy I'll work 40 hours a week and be like, Oh, I don't have time to do this bullshit. And I literally when you

lay off oh my god for anything else you got from the restaurant to your bed from the bed to the shallow end up and he's still found a way not quit. I quit, I wouldnt Oh yeah, I couldn't even breathe. Yeah, very little savings. And I had and the idea that I could go again to this affiliate site things and maybe bill another site and maybe make it right this

and you build a safe and beginning or did you start buying traffic? No, I built it from the ground up. Okay, well,

I'm recite the first day was about helmets that I love motorcycles. And I knew a few things about habits. And then the second side was the car side anything about cars, you end up selling the size? Would you still have them? Both of them? Yeah, I might sell the car site because I mean to slightly bigger businesses. Now I want to get into e commerce. So having a bit of money on the pool will allow me to, you know, not have any cash flow issues when you scale and stuff like that. But I'm not entirely sure about that just yet.

Well, it's it's interesting, you built your own site, because my impression of affiliate marketing was you kind of had to spend money to make money, you know, you had to buy traffic, but I guess you can just build your own site and do it that way. It's it's a bit more up front, you can do it do need content. Obviously, with affiliate markets, you need content and the content needs to talk about, you know, products that you can get paid up affiliate commissions. But then you if you able to rank that content, right,

you get organic traffic, which is not free traffic. A lot of people think, oh, Google traffic is free traffic, you know, my ass content costs money and links cost money, but it's a one off payment, right? You pay in advance you pay for the content or you write it yourself you pay for the links or you acquire them yourself but then you spend in time and time is money so you get all that and then content starts ranking and in my well rank for years after your initial investment on continent links so then it gets free it's not really frees your cost dilutes over time

but yeah, if you're able to do that like I haven't spent any money on content or links in the last three months on my blog when it's just slightly growing slowly growing because I put all the effort like you you put all the professed and then maybe you get results that's the only thing that maybe you get results if you don't eat right you're getting results yeah and you don't need to work on the blog every day like if I don't this Mohammed site I really did after that right once I figured out how to do right I redid the website and I haven't locked in the WordPress panel since October 2016 really and it makes about $20 a month 20 $30 I'm in the links don't go stale they don't say well I guess helmets and I recommend the best home is over the last decade and like the best time is up this year right it's like the best home is that ever went to the market and those model on a motorcycle I'm curious what helmet you are I didn't take a ride and with an English to Spanish helmet about here and some of my best yeah

everyone talks about a good pretty good so how would you recommend someone gets started in affiliate marketing because I think a lot of people have this idea affiliate marketing it's kind of like the digital nomad go to four hour workweek go to would you say starting your own blog generating your own content is the best way to get started just write about something you're knowledgeable about

you definitely can do if that is money on the nation right like

most people wouldn't think like motorcycle helmets like that's where the money is

not good it's about an issue because people do a lot of research online and then they go to a physical shop to try on the helmet yeah true right but I didn't know that at the time so I pick up botany Can you make money with you know a helmet which of course you can do right or a motorcycle accessories but every niche is a bit different they have a little nuances and that one in particular in there's many similar issues that people do all the research online then they go to the actual store see what's available from this list of five homers that defined the good and get or they buy and there's a lot of read returns and refunds because the film it there the feet is not right so you lose your commissions if there's a refund some yeah but the way I did it right the way that it is a found four or five websites that we're talking all about affiliate marketing and SEO and content and that was human proof designs. com cloud living calm digital marketing. com galaxy and Jamaal

Charles floated a call. at UK that's SEO it's an SEO centric blog but there's a good source and at that time that was niche by there was a dude from Pakistan built an affiliate website and brought it from zero to $30,000 a month per diem in less than six months yeah that's another six months that's how common is that that's one in a million okay but everyone listening is like that's gonna be me but the thing is when I read the case study I was I got let's do it let's do this right here when I say oh yeah you can make $1,000 after one year of effort

my shown short term minded me of a year ago or two years ago yeah listen look nice $1,000 A month after one entire year of working alone I understand yeah that's fantastic yeah you put $1,000 a month How long will that go on is that like 10 the next 10 years that for the rest rest of your life will eventually fizzle out I guess he can't really predict it It depends how evergreens the niche right if you're talking about technology is going to go like outdated in six months one more time so you need to keep on creating new continent stuff but if you let's say you'd be an affiliate website let's say a content website that you're you monetize with affiliate because thinking of an affiliate website is a narrow minded thing you build a content website about psychology right or anxiety let's say

we're always gonna money one of those sites right and you monetize it through a Clickbank product that's a how to handle anxiety course right or a name or an E book that's on Clickbank for $47 to commission is $30 per sale right and the entire size about different things that give people anxiety like why do I get anxiety after drinking or why do I get an anxiety when I'm watching TV or stuff like that and your entire blog is about that to me it's my little deck that's what gives me the most right exactly I need to write a blog about that

right and

and you're able to get traffic to that blog and send them to the Clickbank offer I make money that for as long as the competition doesn't increase that's freaking evergreen if the product doesn't disappear the market and the competition doesn't increase in us and outranks you you're gonna make money forever now if you do best bobcats gear right you ranking for best podcast microphone that's going to be the best podcast microphone today yeah unless you change your selection of microphones in six months time your Commission's are going to start going down because people realize this newer better tech going out the market every few months. So that's not as evergreen some you know health money and relationships those are evergreen niches do good content once once make money forever. That's badass.

So we touched on earlier how to find your own personal definition success. I'm curious what is your personal definition of success right there you kind of on your article you had two sides to the coin on one is this badass esoteric you know freedom and travel and things like that. Yeah and the other side of the coin I believe if I remember correctly was $16,500 a month yeah so it's it's it's two very different ways of looking at it's kind of like that that dualism that you're talking about is really 50% 50%

so 50% What do you mean the actual money one

oh you're twice that now you know you're an article

but there's a difference right


you know the concept of fuck you money Oh of course right there mana long so you don't need to answer to anyone yeah and then when you get a you don't give a shit about anyone you can tell FUCK YOU TO THE KING if you want and on these contracts you got to do so. Um.

Well you know a nice to the king be nice to the service. Everyone in between is a very nice King. Fuck you money. We love the king just for all kings listening. logging on

metallic the best we love from a nine as well. And well I'm Tom 11. He came along and he's

looking good look scene with a sword. All the pictures with the sort of ever

Yep, that's good stuff.

Yeah, we'll have we'll have that on my Instagram em sword. Anyway, go on. And

when I looked at the things that made me happy in life, right, when I was trying to figure out okay, what should I do in life that so I'm not miserable. So I'm so I wake up happy every morning. That's the ultimate goal. Right? And the things that made me happy will different that makes you happy. So I started defining them like, well, I want to have freedom. That's the number one thing is the thing I care the most about it. Some other people have a different concept of freedom. But for me, freedom. As if I choose on a Sunday come around the house of a guy I just met to do a podcast, man, I feel good and excited. I am able to do it and are like, Yeah, dude, can we do next Wednesday? Because I only have often Wednesday and Saturday. Do I need to go to the fucking bar and or for 12 hours? Right? So that's the most important thing to me is the freedom to choose what I want to do with my days. I don't want to work today. Good. I can work not like nah, you kind of work today is your day off right a lot for other people. That won't make any sense that use your day off. Just take it off, right? Well, if you like what you do, and your work you might actually want to work. It's

a hard concept to wrap your brain around on your surgeon or something like a today office was to be drinking. Like, what? What are you doing? I just like go to the beach and hope it's my day off. It's getting more broadcast. Yeah, exactly. That's

you doing what you love is the hottest thing by the way. When you're seven you work in a restaurant. The best thing the best finish went during your day off. You go to another bar gets

Ooh, yeah. The serving, getting better. snapping your fingers off. Yeah, yeah,

definitely. So

I thought or a drink. It's like that was two hours of work right there on site. So

again, this code on it cost me an entire word. Someone has a 70 and I'm sure under this umbrella right now by the beach the other way around. It's the only way so being able to choose what to do with with my time that's the single most important thing because I'm the same sort of person that when it's forced to do something at the wrong time, and I get super late just kind of can handle it. Like if reason I went to date and a new visa to the MTN and had to do for two hours and I ok, I'll do it. Like how would really pay three or seven times more than what this verse is gonna cost me only. So I don't have to do because I don't want to do right. Because I'd rather be home slipping or, you know, watching wherever. And I need to make this freaking cute. I chose to do I wanted to do, but I didn't want to stay for the hours that you know what I mean? So that's the thing that means me the closest to my edge is not being able to choose what to do with my time. And of course, I wanted enough money to live live in whatever way I wanted. Right? And the things I care about materialistic things Focolare, motorcycles, I like cars to a lesser degree bought us live like ours. I love traveling and I like good food now and I like to be able to do experience like oh do you want to go however? No writing tomorrow? Yeah. Cool. Is gateway Is that a thing we can do in Chiang Mai? Think so I'd say yeah, I do you want to go to the canyon. And and you know the water back on the cart? You know? Do you want to rent a fat bike and ride all the way down to book it? If I want to do it like a January New Leaf feel compelled to do that? One thing I want to be able to say yes. And be able to afford it.

Period. Right? Because why not? Fuck you. Money? Why not? Right? But that's what you want. Fuck you. Money. And you want Fuck you. time? Yeah.

Yeah. So obviously, that's a combination of things that, you know, there has to be a way to find that. But obviously it's not working on hotter.

And then all the things that I know materialistic, but I would really care about is, you know, having good friendships. You know, being able to, you know, this friendship requires some time, right, you know, around and when are you going to meet your friends are and having good friends. Being able to take care of my family and people I care about. So, like, my mom calls me tomorrow, a Alex blah, blah, blah, whatever. So, yeah, what's that? 500 that you go, right? So I know that she's well taken care of. Because she doesn't live here. She lives in Spain, right? And that sort of stuff, right? Anyone really care about a needs help? I personally want to know that I can help them. No problem, right? Is that what made me feel good. And I love London, and which is so on. have enough time. So I can learn any language that I want life. I want to learn Ty now, I've been slacking on that for. That's why

it's hard, dude, etc. Well, I'm trying to learn it right now. I feel It'd be a shame because it's the only time that I moved to a different country. And I have learned the lesson I learned how to say you are beautiful. And do you have WhatsApp? That's all I have so far?

It's a long way. And that's all you need. Like, it's

a long way I've tried. And they just switch to English and like, Oh, thank God, I've exhausted my tie yet. It's interesting. You seem to have an incredibly well defined list of what you consider to be success. If I asked that question to 100 people on the street,

I'd be tempted to say pretty much all the answers would be something along the lines of money, and it would stop there, you know, maybe fucking pitches or something like that, like something off the top my head, but it's not this incredibly well defined. Haven't thinking through how long did it take you to come up with that list? Is it is it still changing? Like, wow, 1518 tries? Yeah,

life I've gone to the topic lot. And nowadays, I got to the topic of like, once a month I look at is it the system makes sense, this this thing is still make sense. There's something here we can trim because the less things you care about, right? The easy ways to be successful.

Oh, yeah. Right. If you care about a million things, there's gonna be a million desires. And once it's gonna be hot, to fulfill it, actually, problem that I have personally is like, I have so many goddamn things. I'm interested in that it can be hard for me to just pick one thing and end zone in because pretty much every like self help book I've ever read. The commonality between all of them is to pick one thing in life, and develop it to a point that it's absolutely fucking world class, find your purpose in life and make that amazing. Yum, that's working. So it can be a little frustrating. It's like, I want to do podcasting, and comedy, and yoga and jujitsu and travel and all these different things. So have you have you had that experience we have this whole list of things have always be like, I,

it's, I love yoga, but you have to get off the list. You know, because when, you know, the most common excuse for a lot of people to not do something is I don't have the time I don't have the time doesn't exist is not as a real concept. Well, they actually mean is, is not high enough in my list of priorities, right? When I say I don't have the time to hit the gym, I'm actually I mean, it's not high enough, Melissa. priorities, right? If I say I don't have the time to go back and do jujitsu school. It means what it means, right? If I don't say, I don't have the time to learn Thai means is not high enough. So when you look at things

that you want to do, and you look at the things that you're actually doing, there will be a dissonance, right? There will be okay, from the list of things of what to do. I'm doing this three and this dude, but the rest I'm not doing it. And why is that you need to be able to do be honest with yourself. Why am I not doing this? August? I don't have the time. Is that true? Or does it mean actually, the other things that you are indeed doing a high up the list of priorities? Yeah. And if they are, why is that? Was that your own choice to have? I don't know. Let's say cleaning your house. I was like to say, every day you spend an hour making sure your house is spots. Let's clean us out that says right, you'll be OCD.

Was that your choice? Do you consciously choose that? Oh, it's something that you've been doing for a while and you don't know anymore, why you're doing it. And it's just because your mom just to get very angry at you. When you were a kid of your room wasn't clean. And then you've developed this thing that you do, then you need to actually dig inside your own subconscious and figure out wide Wow, wow, I'm actually doing the things I'm doing in life. Did that define that was the someone else's? Cole that just talking? I agree that would do that. Right? Like, why am I going now this Saturday, we really want to go out as my friend say, it says, Now let's go on and for. Yeah, and I say yes. My autopilot, right. Because if you go on a Saturday dies, like, what? Six, seven hours? What could you do with the six, seven hours? Something that makes you happier in your list of things you want to do? But you know what? I mean? I yeah, let's go out. You have a great day. Fantastic. And then the next time they'll be like to be hungover. Right. And then juror half time to learn Ty No, dude, you just say yes. I'm freaking out. Two pilots sold to someone else's choice. Because it sounded good. And because it was immediate pleasure. Why? When you say, you know what might be good actually, to go out this Saturday night? It makes sense. We certainly would. You know what, I really want to end fucking tie. So I want to stay home. And I want to watch some videos on YouTube to land tie, right? And the thing is, when you take that choice once and you actually do it,

how you feel about that while you're doing it. And the next day when you wake up, say Okay, that was good. That was that was a good thing that mattered,

then you need to write that down that these that these one choice to yesterday off staying home and lending Ty versus going on getting drunk and Zoe's was actually a good thing. So the next time someone has anyone got tonight, like you know what? not been there. already taken that decision right by myself. And I found out option be staying home Merlin. Ty makes me happier.

So you literally write it down to remind yourself like Yeah,

yeah, obviously, because there's a million voices around us the whole day. Everyone your friends, your family. Your body. You want to do this. You want to do that? Let's go here. Let's listen. This is that right now. Your sister calls you. Ah. Do you want to do a quick Skype this Gil that you try and shy this? Do you want to face that baby? Yeah, I'm saying yes to people. Just because it sounds nice. I like it immediately would make sense. You saying no. to yourself to the things that actually matter to you. And you keep looking at the list of things that you want to do? start a podcast, learn a language or whatever, la Yeah, I'm slacking on those. I haven't hit the gym this week. What? What were you doing what I wanted 17 candidates get your priorities straight mate.

That's Mary gonna do tender. You might as well do 18 like go balls to the wall with it? Well, I think one thing that a lot of people struggle with and let people don't realize this is their ability to say no to people. And it sounds like you've cultivated that ability

to have you Oh, you're still struggling today. Of course, it was just because I

am as well to me and I'm sure and I think

I'm better than most people but even still, you know, if my brother a good friend hits me up and they say hey, you want to come out? It's very very difficult to say no. Or if I do say no something funny I noticed is I have to give some type of bullshit excuse you know I have this one friend back in Amsterdam Her name is Vic and anytime you ask her to do something like hey, you want to go out and she didn't want to do it. Like hey Vic, you wanna come to the club? She's like, No, I don't want to do that. So I'm not gonna do it. And it will it wouldn't boom people people

can see that you're not allowed to just say no, you have to say you have homework assembles like he's like I don't have homework in fact, I'm probably gonna sit at home and watch Netflix in fucking etc but it's going to be way better than going to the clubs I'd rather do that and you had a very straight well I didn't know that was an option

I didn't know you're allowed to do that. Go there you go. That's that's

why a lot of people don't know things actually an option I didn't have to go to college do not have to go out at night. That's not what you want to do. Did you say no. But then I get it because the outside pressure is being right it's all your friends your family control government this now why do these studies of that right? So he pounds several times in your brain. So when it comes to the decision making time he's like, yo, if I do that, though, everyone says you shouldn't be doing that's what everyone else is doing. So

you say you have all these aspects in your life let's say of health and wealth and friendships and in sexual relationships blah blah blah blah blah and you only have let's say 18 hours in a day if you're you know not sleeping all that you should so you basically the way I see it you you have two options you can either strike a balance between all these you know have pretty good health have pretty good wealth below a law or you can fucking kill it in one area. It's been I'm going to be a god damn millionaire or I am going to have six pack abs I'm a fitness model or I'm going to fuck Victoria's Secret models all day long so do you personally and for most people do you think that success and happiness can be found in striking a balance between all those things or do you think it'd be better off to just pick one thing in zone in like crazy like Jocko style just completely go for it

well you don't care

as much

I let me rephrase you don't give us an equal amount of shits about everything night some things you give 20 somethings you gave some five sheets doesn't mean you don't give a shit right you do care about those things like being healthy and chugging hot girls and whatnot but how much do you have I think and that thing that's the amount of fashion and an effort you should allocate to which things in proportion to how much do you actually care about that so if you're always the we all want to have good relationships and and will have you will want to be fit and we all want to make a lot of money but when you look at those was pretty much the three things that really matter in life you know having good human connections of any kind we friendships could be sexual doesn't matter really

being healthy because as soon as you're not healthy nothing else fucking matters is just this true like me or like a couple days ago my wisdom to was killing me and I couldn't think of a single or the thing and I until I got to that and

your wisdom teeth out you haven't gotten them out yet yeah I got I got this one oh yeah oh yeah unless

last week but I will say you stop inflow couldn't think I couldn't think I couldn't listen to anything because he was just saw the struggle I couldn't even sleep right so if your health is not there nothing else matters right if you're healthy then could then everything else can build on top of that building you know


making money again it's a flawed concept How much money do you need to make and what for right so if you know how much money you need to make and you know what for Are you gonna buy someone else's dream like I don't need a sports car but I want to sports but right cheaper right and I don't need to shout Victoria secrets models I really don't need to you fantastic but you still need to be nice but it'd be nice but exactly like a mansion in Beverly Hills would be nice. I don't need it. Right. So


friendships like meaningful friendships and having parents in my life that I know I can trust and that they know they can trust me and need that because that's who I am. I need that if I had if I had everything else the mansion the return because I didn't have real friends apologists kill myself.

Oh, yeah. And I think it gets especially confusing because

what we think we want in a way is validation from the people around us. So if we have the Beverly Hills mansion, and we're fucking Victoria's Secret models, holy shit, everyone's gonna think you got the biggest dick. I was gonna think you're fucking badass. And in a weird ego stroking way that feels really, really fucking good. You can have the best friendship in the world. No one gives a fuck no one gives a fuck that you have a best friend. That's That's all for you. Um, so it can be kind of difficult to set that aside me. I don't care what people think about me. Put your ego aside. I don't care if people think I felt hot girls. I don't care. People know. I live in a nice mansion. I want something that's actually good for me.

Yep. Yep. That is the key. That is the key. It's the how many people live quote unquote, successful lives and then they overdose Yeah, and all the kill himself there suicide because they're not successful in their own terms. They they achieved success in a specific field or in a specific thing, they just don't fill it. They're just not getting fulfilled by it. Because he was maybe something that we're good at, or something that would push at not necessarily means that what they want to do in life is to live they want to live and you only know when you they're like, Okay, I

have all these things going on for myself, and not just don't feel happy. Well, why is that? It seems to me that the terms that you're most commonly taught our money, right, that's kind of what you're taught from a young age, like make some mother fucking money. Yeah, and something I think a lot of people struggle with, is they have their passion over here and their left hand and they have what makes money in the right hand. It's almost like two completely divergent paths.

So what would you recommend to someone who has something that passion about something they really want to do maybe like writing in your case, or podcasting or comedy in my case, or whatever the fuck it is and then you have another road a very tempting read that makes money I would say and I'll people won't agree with these one. I would say

do what makes money in a way that doesn't make you miserable. And by your passion, right? By the time by the freedom and by the possibility to do your passion at a very high end. You fucking love surfing

but you don't have any money to fucking afford a board and going in a seven you know, in a fucking five day long weekend to weather's nice to go surfing. I have no freaking idea, right? Because you can't afford a transportation and everything then can you make money with surfing? Yeah, it's absolutely possible or they do you know, a way to make money that you can you go to where the money's actually made, and do it in a way that you're cool with? If you hate it? No, obviously that's a very bad trade off what can you do in a way that you're cool with it and then by yourself five days of absolute freedom in a nice board and go fucking spend an entire weekend surfing and your passion? Yeah Will you love what you do more because it allows you to do your passion as much as you want. Yeah, right. The more your work allows you to live life the way you want to live it the more you like it I don't necessarily enjoy you know moving plugins and a WordPress website you know, and tweaking footer links and a little tiny SEO things don't necessarily like that as as a task to do. I'm not passionate about purpose at all. But I'm passionate about the lifestyle it sponsors. So okay, I'll do i do WordPress all day long, right? I'm not passionate about having to reply to an email. If I'm angry customer, where is my pockets, like, sorry, comes from China, cuz I'm drop shipping is gonna take forever passionate about that one position about the monitor, drop shipping and use me so I can, you know, and I can run from anywhere, you know, we know what I mean. So if you're doing money in a way that resonates with the things you care about my life, and for me, that was freedom, you know, time freedom, the way I make money. Make sense. With that I have time freedom Can I can work on a Saturday night for one to write. So I can cheat on a Tuesday morning. Because maybe in a Tuesday morning, there's something really cool to do that want to do, like, go to the county and I'll go to buy or whatever.

And that's my passion. So I can do my passion whenever they want. Because the way I'm making money makes sense. With what one does that make sense? Yeah,

well, it's interesting, because based on your criteria for success, which is things like freedom and traveling, it makes a lot of sense to make money that will sponsor that lifestyle. But let's say what I'm most passionate about in the world for examples writing, you know, you'd be a goddamn millionaire, that's not going to make you a successful writer. You can't buy your way to success in in something like writing, you know, so

what do you recommend someone makes money so that they have, like, more time to write is that is that what you're saying? Or what exactly what you do in that situation? So that's funny, because I love writing, right? I do two different types of writing what is a business, right. And when I talk about the things that I know, in the industry for the HDD blog, or as, I guess, not the blogs, and then you have the creative writing, which on in Spanish,

I haven't done much of the creative writing lately because I've been busy with other things, right? But if I want to succeed as a writer and novelist by if I really wanted to kick it out the park and make it big there, I would think, Okay, let me figure out a way so I can buy myself time and headspace so I can go on a fucking cabin for a year and just right

and don't stuff so I'm able to buy enough food and everything and I don't have problems and would set up you know, my own reality. So the reality allows to do the other thing, right? So my environment and my situation allows me to do what I want to do. So I'm able to succeed now can you write the book on the side while you do all your everything, and yet, it's gonna take a lot longer. Yeah, it's gonna be a lot harder because you don't have the headspace because your brain is thinking about, you know, this website that monitor these clients. And then you need to stop that and go back to the story that's super creative story that you're trying to write.


yeah, that's, that's, that's the way I would do it.

Well, one thing that I would I would struggle with in that area is, let's say, you know, you're making money on the side of the affiliate marketing, or most people probably have an actual job that takes up more time. Most people listening will have a 40 hour job that they have to work every week. And then they want to be successful in writing as well.

The way I always think about it is let's say I want to be a writer, or maybe I want to do jujitsu or podcasting whenever it is, in each one of those domains. I'm going to be competing against someone who is only doing that, right. So if I'm a writer, I'm competing against someone who is writing 100 hours a week, they have gone balls to the wall and writing. So this might be a flawed perspective. But I always kind of have this feeling like, I'm never going to be truly successful, at least on my terms. And this particular area, unless I more or less drop everything else, you have to get some type of balance, but I dropped the job and I'm just a writer, I just do jujitsu or I just do podcasting. You know, and that can be really fucking scary. You know, if you're not really making money and writing, it's kind of like this, this vicious cycle of I'm not making money in writing or whatever it is you're doing, and I'm not going to make money in writing. Unless I quit my other job. You know, I'm saying I'm gonna go back to the same concept, right? You say, I want to succeed in writing. I want to succeed in Jiu Jitsu. I want to see them puckers. I repeat myself. But let's define real, what that means. Right? You want

to be successful in podcasting.

What would success that look like having these many downloads, having an audience this big? Or being the number one downloaded podcast ever on iTunes? What are you aiming for, right? What are you trying to solve for if you want to be the number one muzzleloader podcast on iTunes you got to put some effort of course right I you gotta do it better than everyone else so you competing with everyone else you want to get like 100,000 downloads or like let's say 10,000 subscriber to the podcast there's not a hot right the Do you want it tomorrow? Or can you wait like how patient now you you want to succeed with writing succeed with writing Do you want to be the number one

best selling author of your country or did you want to get published get a book out there get it selling and maybe I'm for yourself as a writer write this out for me would be success if I get published and the ball goes out there and people love it just one book I don't need to make millions out of it actually with books makes yet but if that happened, I would consider myself so sexual because I got published and people like the book people are buying it and maybe it gets a second edition you know gets printed again fucking that's great. Right? wanting to be the number one writing my country not necessarily and the thing is, if you put us in just the very highest end

can be A Beautiful Mind trap. What if you

aiming for something that unarguably is success is doing good in that field and you're patient and disciplined enough to achieve that one you once you're there is easier to go to the next step if you got partners once and book was a hit right and it did very well although you were in by any means the best writer your country can you write another book and will tell you because your enemy Joseph name right Will you may be over the course of the next 30 years by doing one book and then another book and then another book becoming the best version right in your modern maybe right is how to how patient can you be I will because I get it right all of us in our 20s we talking one everything for yesterday right and we're going to do something for a move and then kick it out the park and then the next one like you're gonna be all of us growth hackers right we'll be there tomorrow

Yeah, that's great. And you can put the effort where your mouth is but if it takes you 10 years with us would that be bad for me wouldn't let me take 10 years to get to my fucking money I'm cool with it because I'll be eventually there right I'm gonna try my best together in two years in five years but if I don't get I wouldn't say whoa I failed no sticks maybe longer that's okay say good things that bit longer sometimes you know

i think that's kind of the the key to life is like having the intent to fucking kill it but also having like the freedom from outcome you know cuz cuz usually you you tend to get people that are a little bit too much on one side you know you you tend to get like the the Gary van der Chuck's that are just so fucking balls to the wall like let's fucking kill it and if I mean I don't know the guy but I get the feeling that like if he doesn't succeed that's gonna fucking bite Adam and then you get the other people that are a little bit more like Ooh la la la like it's okay you know if you don't succeed it's all right so you kind of have to strike a balance between the two and like you were saying

kind of set your steps to success don't don't immediately tried to become the number one writer in the world just tried to be a little bit better than you were yesterday and if you were in your successful

right because when i when i think i might the guy grossing the most out of affiliate marketing for nobody any fucking means right? Do I consider myself fucking successful as shit cuz I don't need to be a way to anyone I can live of affiliate marketing yeah right that for me is huge fucking wind in my life right even though when I'm making if I tell someone that's making seven figures a month what I'm making right now with affiliate la yeah that's okay my faithful my you know my pay for my hosting bill. I know what I mean. But I can live up to that so I don't need to be a waiter hence my own terms. I'm happy I'm just so busy. Will I make 10 times more money than I'm doing today in a couple years time hopefully Yeah, the thing is the outcome the result don't matter right if you work focused on the outcome that's flawed defined the outcome that you want to find a strategy to go there and then focus only on the input want to be the number one podcast in iTunes okay how does that look like what does the number one position items have right now we have these guests this type of content quality dislike this they do marketing here here here and there right there whatever money they may be the downs wherever they pushing adds to the podcasts you define what they doing right you define how the road number one is and then you forget about being number one and all you do is focus on the inputs and do everything that it takes it I'm doing day in day out what it takes to be perhaps eventually someday number one yeah right I'm a moving in the right direction you need you need to check your performance of course I am moving in the right direction Am I getting more downloads I'm getting good feedback yeah okay let's keep doing this right because I define what the round number one the road to number one looks like now the just walk focusing walk right walks in the right direction well I am moving forward yeah then then don't think I'm a number one yet now is that that's the wrong question I'm and I'm and I'm on one yet talk 378 almost ah I'll get there no matter if your number one are you doing the right things here then

balance I'm making $1,000 it was really it right when I started on my six month I'm not making $1,000 yet no I can take a yet not what am I doing the right things yes so

it's funny because like once you start making $1,000 a month start making $10,000 but time you get there it's gonna feel normal and psycho What about $50,000 oh shit it's all fucking relative

that's that's the one problem with with money and with income right

wild you get in there you get used to it right and then we animals as the way we are we as soon as we have something we don't care about that we went the next thing and and as soon as we have 50 k a month we don't care about that 100 K and issue which one more more more is it is a numbers game or not. We're just keeping score. Right? These billionaires that just keeping score to see was that I'm the one on the four weeks. I don't give a shit about that. Right. That's why I define what's my fucking money. It's my fault. You money look like $400,000 a year.

And yes, I thought I have quite often is like, how how fucking happy is like Jeff Bezos. And in in Mark Zuckerberg. Like how happy are they? Are they really had they defined their criteria for happiness. Just be billions and billions of dollars. And that's, that's what makes them happy. I mean, I guess I have to ask Mark when I get them on the show. But

you have to. I really know like, for instance,

Bill Gates, right. He went full on philanthropist. Yeah,

no, he's kick ass. The Gates Foundation is insane. Full on. And I'm guessing

that's what brings him you're right. My delightful. The reasons Well, let's, let's just think that's what brings me joy. Right? So

could I could he do that? The skill he does it without the money he's done? Not what you see. Now. Is his main focus right now increasing revenue for Microsoft? Of course not. Right. So when it What? How much money is enough? When is enough enough for you to stop thinking about money and making more and do what you love me unless all you care about you like a massive mine. And all you care about is making more and more and more and more importantly, this is a floor. Well, that kind of makes me wonder, you know,

and this is a question I've struggled with for a long time. Like, what is the difference? Or what would you rather go for happiness or fulfillment, you know, in the sense that I'm sure that when Bill Gates got $40 billion, that made him pretty fucking happy. I mean, a lot of wealth will make you happy, if I have a really, really sick meal that makes me happy. You know, if I, you know, meet a really cool girl, and we hit it off, that makes me happy. But none of those things really make me fulfilled. You know, if, if you look at Bill Gates later in life, and he helped cure a million people in malaria and save their lives, that makes me feel fulfilled, that makes me feel like I have a legacy if I start a kick ass podcast, and I teach people how to be successful, and I and I changed the lives and I leave a legacy that way that makes me feel fulfilled, it makes me feel like I have like responsibility. So sometimes I kind of juggle like, what I want to go for it. I want to have the nice fucking steak or do I want to subscribe to some type of some type of like, greater purpose?

It's funny when you asked me that, from the outside, everything looks easy. From the outside, you ask me that. And from the outside, I have a clear answer. Then when I'm in that sort of situations myself and my everyday life is not as easy of course is a little harder one is from the inside.

Because happiness when you talk about happiness, like having a nice steak, you happy at that moment, like how much remains over time, I think I think that's an interesting way to look at it. So if I'm having a steak today like right now is I mean, you got seven friggin fat stay here. And I call via, I'll be awesome. Now make me have a spike of joy, a spike of joy,

commonly thought as happiness. It's not really happiness, because in two hours time probably already forgot. I had to stay and I'm doing something else. And then maybe why I'm doing towers time is commuting back to the other part of town through traffic. And I'm not joyful at that moment. Just going through traffic, right? Was the happiness on right. So I had a spike of joy that was right. And then you go out to other things, and then that's normal. And then there's no joy there. I think the key things are the things that you do it once and they're like, kind of, I pay forever. I you do you do it once, and then you read again. And then it builds up versus things that are one off, like, I consume these right now. And I get happy and and then that's it. I get I get joy or I get you know, entertained in a positive manner. And then that's it or do I do it now and in live some sort of possibly lead some sort of substance that that's another Indian

last for longer like

that, when you go to the gym, you go to the gym, right? And you hit the gym long enough sufficient amount of times and you get fit and it takes long to go back to unfit


And for as long as you're fit. You're gonna feel better about yourself versus being non fit, right? That doesn't necessarily bring your spike of joy. But it makes you feel better, right? So you have some your base round is higher than it was before. Right? So when you go down and you have a bad day, it doesn't go all that down. Because at least you look fucking good. And you say, yeah, I'm fucking feet as far right? That's okay. Right? This you have more things that add that stuck, right? versus immediate pleasure. Always have this piece of cake. Let's have this fat steak this this have the extra fries with that

everything comes at a cost, right? Everything comes at a cost. You go on a date with a girl had a great time, a great night, great sex, whatever, got good breakfast with her tomorrow of, you know, NIce dude to bring her home. And you're like, Yeah, sure. Don't feel like meet her again. Right? You had a great night. But that came with a sense of when perhaps something with that time that would leave you a longer term

thing inside yourself. So I think for film and comes from the things that stack that live a substance inside of yourself for a long time, when you do things that are bigger than yourself, things that matter over the long run. And eventually joy comes from, you know, one off things right, the right one or things will be great. the wrong one, or things will feel great at the moment. But then we'll leave you and they found you, right? That's what happens, you know, with, with our whole always sugar, that sort of stuff like two people enjoy going to the brothel and shagging hookah at the moment that they're doing. Yeah, but then, you know, probably go back to the house. And I Why am I doing with my life? Yeah, and I just been handed awesome. Do you know what I mean? It takes more than AUC, isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah. Well, my you know, kind of signposts towards fulfillment has always been is what I'm doing difficult. Basically, if I, if I look at something, and it's hard to do, then typically, that's a sign that is going to lead more to fulfillment than to happiness. So, for example, take your example where you talked about going on a date and having sex with a girl later. So you can have one scenario where you go to a brothel and you pay fuckin hundred bucks. Or if you're in Thailand, fuckin 10 bucks, whatever it is, and you have sex

and then you have another scenario, basically the exact same outcome but the lead up to it was, you know, you're the bar on the street in the bookstore wherever you are. And you see a really pretty girl and it makes your heart beat you don't want to go talk to the hockey talk. Talk to her Oh What am I saying? Fuck it I'm gonna go talk to her Hey what's up My name is Alejandro. Affiliate Marketing master how's it going in I live

chat her up you know it's hard your fucking hearts beating and somehow she likes and it's like oh shit. And you you get dinner with her later and you share stories and connect and yada yada yada yada and you had to push yourself through that experience and at the end you have sex two different scenarios they're both sex at the end of the day but one you got to push yourself really fucking hard you had to go through a lot of difficulty to get it and the other one just going to the problem paying for sex to the first one leads to growth and it leads to actual fulfillment where the other one leads to happiness you know that that kind of decision situation that sense

in both cases if you get laid

you get

the joy of good laid over the amount of joy you will get probably a lot different right because it can be the same skipping without a hook a certain section you know then slipping with someone that you have actual attraction with and you establish a connection so that is the common parts but then on this and anyone you go on a date and you know you gotta get dinner with these together and everything that it's a lot more to it first of the faster they you know it's a bit challenging right you know you need to quote unquote played right in you need to do it right you need to to

make her feel attracted to you right along I'd be also rate if he also started doing the other words

what a world that would be nice getting bought one, what's happening on the first scenario is that is an actual, an actual and natural human interaction, right? You getting to know the scale and she tells you about how you tell? How about your life, you're interested in this, a billion things going on with the body language and everything. And, and, you know, there's a lot more to it than just the sex.

But that is one thing. And this I tried to apply. It's not easy. I try to apply it with my life. And it's very interesting,

like I said before, is if you stop giving a shit about the outcome, and us focus on the input and the present moment, things get a lot better. So if you don't give a shit about actually getting late, if you don't really give a shit about actually checking the Golan. Not you like domain you actually best not to think about that. Like, I don't care if this night ends on sex or not. But I care about having a really good date and having actual fun with this skill on you know, and getting to know the person that's behind the body. Right. It's a lot of people just look at people like fucking bodies. I always want to shut that right. And we all can fall into that. But like between, I want to try that. And I want to meet the guild's inside, when I feel a truck to buy the woman that lives inside the body. And then maybe our bodies have an interaction, you know how different it is a maybe I didn't really care about if it happens, right? And then I tell you something, the sort of people you meet and the sort of weave it happens. Sex you get

nothing to do, right. It's not into there's not the same of let you know, shout going to college go hard at it at a boom, boom, boom, right. Like one hour. You're talking to having a during the next hour you embed the next how much is left that is about this good versus someone you go the entire evening with and you have a fucking great time and you're laughing and because you started a much stronger connection. And this more intimacy what you get when you effectively go to bed without galleys billion times better. That's what you know, when you're in a in a romantic relationship with someone sex is a billion times better than just with random hookups. Because this the intimacy and there's the there's the depressed and between parts.

It's better than the 17 tender dates right we

had earlier it's like going out a night and then meeting a bunch of cool dudes and breakfast in and dancing. That's cool. And it's fun. And it's cool people is nothing like having this one friends that you grew up with you fight with a billion times you're still your friends that knows everything about you, you know everything about him. And you know, you can trust him with your life. That makes sense that makes me feel fulfilled, that I have this sort of friendships verse with the people that because they never opened themselves and they never trust other people in fall. They never get to make really meaningful friendships. But they have a bunch of buddies Now, a lot of buddies, drinking buddies, and smoking bodies and travel buddies, real, real, real friends and say, Here, the keys to my life.

Look for them for a minute. Because I need to do this thing, right? Yeah, I got you covered. And you know, that will get you covered. You know what I mean?

That's different, you know, so

happiness short term, long term, how deep Do you want to go into that relationship? Or, you know, it's always same thing man if you could take that advice and is put it on a billboard for every fucking like young teenager. In the goddamn Ross

it would say them so it's always a holy ship. Do you want to go and how much do you want to open yourself? There's nothing comes from x asking nothing good came from asking you give you give you spike, nothing. And then if something comes back, you can genuinely back and then

you get it. Same as if you ask for it. Please, gentlemen, that kind of reminds me of one of the one of my favorite seven rules of successful people seek first to understand then to be understood kind of same idea you have to give first for able to receive

I mean, asking is perfectly fine. You know, and sometimes you need to ask for things I need any help with this. But in general, right, if you take a step or two to navigate through life just give

give things will come back and you maybe maybe not but if you're given and you get that's

kind of like the the mentality that I've been wanting to shift over into recently. It's kind of like a Gary van der Chuck saying is to be the creator rather than the consumer

because I mean just think think about all this shit you put into your brain in your body the typical person every day just fucking Netflix Instagram of Facebook just bucking feeding yourself like when is the last time you actually produce something of value you know yeah

and then I think this is funny cuz I'll comment this Kane and everything

for me there's two types of content

it's the same fucking everything as it was with food and dates and whatnot this the short term it entertainment it entertains me right now but it lets leaves me empty or separate hard to maybe digest but then leave something it leaves an idea is fruitful for is that is good content you know I have nothing against conditions right some talking all them but people who watch

keeping up with the conditions they can shut him content again entertained at the time being of watching it but then it got to get really nothing good value for them and it's a shame because I feel like there's a larger market for the first type of like junk food content everyone wants to click bait how to make your dick 12 inches bigger while shooting hundred dollar bills

you fun things you know corn votes to consume it yeah it entertaining but it leaves fucking nothing exactly

right kinda that difference between like happiness and fulfillment they were talking about earlier you're creating content in both cases but one is just kind of like this little like junk food oh yeah

you know easiest way for me to have to right now fuck yeah how you see how hard is for a lot of people to have a nice healthy salad just a solid fucking hard for me I love it right but it's the same thing one is gonna give you good for the long term what is going to get you okay for the time being a spike of joy but then tomorrow and affiliates right because you left with nothing is is taking you more than he's given you is always the same thing exactly is the content you can use the country you're consuming giving you more than intakes you

or not if the answer is not exactly taking me more stuff and consuming it and there is a market for it out there most definitely anyone listening to this right now like that that is the market that you're playing to those people who actually want to improve themselves and not eat the fucking Twinkie equivalent of media all the time you know and also if you produce content like that you tend to get a lot more of a loyal audience you know you tend to get an audience that actually fucking like so they actually care you know what you have to say if you come to town will come see you they'll come get your book sign whatever whereas if you're just you know an ass on Instagram you're not going to quite get that same love you know

that you're telling us why me something

about a month ago I had a conversation with a guy from here from time I just what what respect is called Brittany bond shout out here you should get hundred dollars over any she's doing things just gone to Malaysia you should get on the podcast I'll check it out very interesting woman

I had a conversation with him like I want to adopt this to you because you don't know me so you will just you don't get all the background all the things I write creative stuff alright business stuff and I write an article in the erotic apart I right it's a novelty exaggerated version of my worst self right what Brittany does no no, that's why I was telling her okay I was literally I wanted to know why she thought of it as a woman because everyone who's read that is dudes on the 20th and I know what to think about it funky love it that was on a forum it had 250,000 views 4000 volts five star thread in the biggest monies for him so he was a very very popular thread everyone loves the stories and put them on a fucking book and sell it but something didn't felt right I didn't want to put my name on it right because the stories were fine and have a lot of fun writing them because the city they set up this a lot of course you know like it's like like I said an overly exaggerated non real version of my worst self right and I started writing those stories right after that breakup and so I was very young with my ex saw everything was dreaming a bit through anger against woman right

and she told me something the that make the world a better place I mean I must say Is anyone who is reading those stories gonna feel inspired to be more of a dickhead towards woman or to be a better man

and that fucking hit me hard

it really hit me hard on like on my insides like because i mean i i have the option of make this a book and monetizing that become an alpha or published author I make money out of that it's already written like hundred something pages of stories and I know there is a public and all this is all people willing to buy the book there was 4000 people telling me pull this and she don't know you know something didn't feel right and then when she said that about good and bad content right I thought will that crack out of people's asses and they will love the sheet are their own selves and love it and share it with friends yeah it happened already I will associate lot of companies most likely

will I breed more tickets or will I breed good men say fuck

the decades right and and I thought I don't give a shit when she said and I say African kids they own choice to consume me right student choice to consume it was my choice posted to create it and put out there

I gave it a thought lead idea marinade even though I didn't welcome Hey comment when she gave it to me like Yeah, right. And I thought about it for a month and just recently I deleted the thread I said well the story so I have them and I know what happened there and how I was so I can read back and say okay that was that was me I did the thread and I've family decided that that's it not writing any more of those stories I'm not going anywhere with that because of that is interesting Adam I don't want to put my face on that and I don't think he's going to inspire anyone to be a bit of a little while maybe with a novel through characters and the story you can leave some food for for to make the world a better place so that when I thought when you're saying with your podcast Do you want inspire people say that's fucking right wow wow money and good content and that content

very interesting so it sounds like there's another criteria you up for success that they haven't mentioned just raising the mental wavelength of the world some capacity not just not just wealth not just travel not just freedom but try to leave people

better than they were when the me Yeah exactly. Don't just completely sell yourself out thank you well that's that's the framework right when I'm interacting with you I'm gonna leave you better than I found you hopefully right in at least I'm gonna try to write then what happens is our what the outcome is out of my control Mm hmm. Input isn't it can be fucking tempting though I mean like making money on some bullshit some fucking dick pill add some shit like that

find some friends in your area goes 40 bucks a month to rip you off

those are the best affiliate marketing ads I it's hard to stay away from that will make money of Brussels sprouts couldn't make money abuse and people just couldn't doesn't resonate with Wham. Right so he was talking about good content about content that release

some money isn't everything yeah,

you can make money in a billion different ways. Is this a limited money on this on this planet?

Well, that's what I actually wanted to ask you about. Next was we were talking about that matrix of wealth that you were explaining to me the other night as Robert Robert Kiyosaki basic financial statement. Well, can you go over that I thought that was really fucking interesting in terms of the different ways that are able to make money.

So this is like, again, nothing original on this. If you've seen all the Robert Kiyosaki videos and you read Rich Dad Poor Dad You can skip the next three minutes

but essentially the one way I found in which I could stop the admissible and depending on my salary and the whole thing was when I when I understood cash flow and when I understood that you have inputs and you have outputs

and so you have in common then you have expenses and then you have assets and your liabilities and if you do things right you assets grow and money flows up and if you do things wrong you lose the money you can always negative right and a lot of people have an a negative cash flow pattern they have one income which is the salary and have a lot of expenses and then they have no assets might have some savings but that's really a non cash flow producing asset and then have a lot of depth like credit card Deb and retail Deb and a mortgage and all the things and I car I literally bought a bike three months ago or two months ago I couldn't even figure Remember to drove down from China duplicate it bro them a billion times and the meantime in it cost me fucking money that shit and now I see it for what it's worth. Can I rent a bike for 2000 baht which is $60 and have zero troubles yeah just like me everywhere on this town Yeah Do I need the funds to buy that I bought was a freaking love but embrace and it costs money do I need to know right Can I now while I'm trying to build my wealth sell the bike just rent the cheap and not have a liability I don't have to be an insurance in a row tax maintenance gas well yeah gotcha but you know what I mean so I took that one element of my financial statement now have no liability there and I'll have is a bike that I can take it back there you go no problem now can I use the money that I spent on the bike now what I'm going to get from sending the bike Can I buy something that makes money with that money yes it does yes a lot smarter than buying a mike so I think

and this is something that concluded to myself for my own money behavior is

how soon do you want to be cool how soon do you want to live the lifestyle of success and making it quotes here do you want to do it what you have when because that's going to slow you down all Can you wait a bit longer like how soon did I want the fancy bike I want it too soon I bought the fancy bike and then I fucked my cash flow right anyways just a bike but he literally proton twice a blue with the engine and indeed the whole trip to Poquette and that cost me a lot of money as well what could I just stay in check my and rent a bike and take those maybe thousand thousand and a half dollars that I spent between bike and Booker and stuff and by a side making $100 a month could have could have taken that $100 a month website and bring it to 300, $300 a month with no could have would have been a lot smarter Yes.

So now I think calyx start thinking in a cash flow positive man i i think this will be important to anyone listening that has abilities that make money that has skills that they can sell, that has money in the bank doing nothing for them or that has like expense behaviors that aren't smart that the mind know that they do it because it's the you know, the short term satisfaction on going in the weekend, it's been 100 bucks in the club can just not do it for a couple couple months, take their money saving by something that produces money for you. So at some point, you don't need to work your fucking job. Because you have a bunch of assets to make money for you. You're free. Yeah. Right. So

short term, long term?

Well, I think the thing that most people struggle with most, and I definitely do this personally, is Setting my sights on that thing that produces money. I mean, I most people have this vague concept or maybe researched, more and more detailed concept that you can invest your money, you know, put an instance but an index fund, and that that will give you a return on your money to some capacity. But it's really not the same principle or ideas, buying an affiliate site and pimping out and making some real money with that. So. So like, what are what are some ways that you found that you can spend money to make more money? Or how did you go about finding those ways? Like if someone's listening, and they have $1,000 $5,000

lying around? Maybe they're tempted to puking buy a new car and a motorcycle like that, where would you recommend they put that money instead? I'm,

I'm biased because Yeah, because I do affiliate marketing. Now, some people will say, or do e commerce and some other people will say, do crypto you know,

I personally and that's the way I do it. So my, my work is where my mouth is, you know what I mean?

I would learn the basics of managing a content website. So how do you do it? What research how do you create the content? What's a good layout for these type of content? And these are the type of content How do you rank that how do you monetize it through affiliate be Amazon or whatever, right, like build one site from scratch. So you lend the entire process obviously learned from the right sources I mentioned that at the beginning the podcasts and do the for a while so you get to the point that you know what you're doing right and then take the money and buy a site that you look at it and say I can do better instead of buying the frickin hundred to 50 motorcycle tempting by the site, make some money out of it, create a cash flow positive thing going on for yourself. And the thing is, if you buy a site for let's say $5,000 making about 150 to $200 a month regular 25 x right the month monthly profit is regular 25 to 2830 x

you buy a cipher five grants and you're a able to make the site that's making that's a $200 to make it to the $300 right

you enjoy every month the $300 right so over the course of let's say one year and a half you've got your money back

and then you're left with seven or $8,000 asset that you can sell again

there's very few businesses that give you the quick of return and is soft can easy to sell them right it's a lot harder to sell a house or to sell a physical business it's a lot of other things going on at the physical location and everything website you can sell it tomorrow listed tomorrow on Empire Flippers today after is gone and and actually the snowballs because the extra cash flow you saving that right and then you flip the site and you have a lot more money than you work with at the beginning and then you can buy another side and repeat process and that should really snowballs versus just buying the fancy bike today and keep on going to the job that may or may not make you happy right and then it's just that like if I want to get to 16,000 on affiliate good that's my freedom money so my fuck you money making money is about two times as much right but I want to have my freedom money 16 k a month. NET with affiliates. Because is very passive is very, very passive, right? You can have a few days managing the few bits that do need work and you could do nothing for months. Right. But when I get there

do I buy the fancy right now? Or do I put my money into that so I'm there maybe in two years time right so you know thinking you Yeah, what I love to keep the bike you know, and you know what I mean? Yeah, but it's actually costing me money every month. Yeah, could I just sell the bike and go to those six came on faster? Yeah So it's the same thing do you have a short term mindset or a longer term mindset? Are you able to enjoy your life while you play the long term game that's very important if you hate your life that's not good I can you find joy and things you through gratitude in realizing what you go on. What you fucking me, you know what I mean? This beautiful country that we live on and and people is super nice and the foolish rate and I wake up every morning and it's hard and it's not fucking snow. Anything said do I feel grateful about all those things I have right now in my life. Yeah. Does that help me go through every day? Yeah. Do I need the funds like No, no. Should I buy websites? Yes. So Vidya so clearly

you're very very pro passive income. Yeah. And I've chatted with a few you know, business mentors of mine and I've gotten gotten mixed reviews on the whole passive income thing It seems a bit controversial I get a lot of people in your camp with like, yeah, passive income, just Front Load the work and then I've had a few buddies Tell me

passive income thinking gotta be a trap you know, it can look tempting but where the real money is, is going balls to the wall with something and not being passive and working like crazy and building something really, really fucking awesome. Yeah,

would you agree with that like Yeah, that's true. That's true. Like it takes a long time to get to like say 20 k a month passive and it's never fully passive what means is that you systematized it and outsource it enough she doesn't require your input but there has to be some input right it has to be like a VA that create new content all I checked out the messages and the emails and the social media channels so the site doesn't die It was using for virtual assistant overdoses right and you have all the systems in place so that can run without your input that you might get a weekly report of what's going on your sides and say can you you have a look at this and you have a look at that and maybe you log in for an hour that is super passive is not 100% passive right uncle with ankle with working 10 hours a week on 20 websites right just have two or three assistance right

you know what I mean and it's very passive and then

the man who owns those sides a portfolio manager he was maybe an hour a week on them taking for some stuff he gets a report every month and then he knows all what's going on you know i mean

versus going full on in a business that's a lot more hands on as it relates to e commerce right a friend of mine starting an e commerce drop shipping business in the apparel industry in the span of six months made about six figures net profits see tonight is bank Gundam. That's a lot money keep telling us these fairy tales. Alexander

there's a few things that come into the equation that is a very systems oriented guy he went full on he quit his job at the time of doing it How about 20 k on the band he went full on and you know there was some savings there was little safety net there was enough money so you can scale there's a million things involved right now some people might think oh yeah let's just do drop shipping and they have to cash in the bank the one full on and the first day their skill should run on money

you're profitable but you're on a money because you didn't make any cash flow estimates and there's so many things involved Lee and if you fail how long How can you focus is not everyone hits it out the park like I'm at the present moment I'm failing at drop shipping I am barely breaking even I'm a happy about it yes because I don't rely on that to put food on the table right

just a quick overview what what is the breakdown and what drop shipping is exactly

very simple model you have a store right that is a supply the hassle this doc and then discuss them as customers come to your store and make a purchase right and then you message your supplier you give them the customers information and you place an order with the supply and the supplier sensing to the customer so you don't have to hold any inventory and you talk to your supplier most likely someone from China sense it direct to the consumer right you buy it you pay the supplier let's say $3 you sell it for 30 minutes it good deal is the logistics are always simple and it was all obviously an online store salsa that the cost of running super low or your cost of goods is low compared to what you're charging for because you presented it to the right market lady is the same product bus how you market it right you might get it right people right pricing with the right offer they're going to buy it at whatever price it is like I've been sold shirts that cost me $20 for $170 and it was selling them and making a profit The problem is because I didn't have enough money around to cash flow issues couldn't couldn't fulfill the orders because I didn't happen on money because that was paying off for the US and there's a lot going on but essentially is yeah you run ads to

our product is the same camp as the fulfilled by Amazon business

very similar info FBA you do have to buy the inventory you send it beforehand you send it to the Amazon warehouses and then the handle all the shipping and handling for you. But you do have to pay for the inventory in advance. Right and it takes a lot longer because you know you need to get samples and stuff and then you send it to Amazon and the verified you create the list and yada yada yada yada yada and then you start selling but then it just doesn't leave your ranking versus some drop shipping you create a store in a single evening the next day you're running ads so the next thing you get in traffic and if you get any cells the suppliers when I send it straight to the consumer so it's it's a lot quicker and more streamlined. Less middlemen involved setup I personally prefer drop ship investors FBI a lot yeah

I feel like people don't quite understand how much money is up for grabs on the internet. I didn't know until I started you know talking to people like you it's just it's just free money just whoever has the balls to go fucking go for it. Um, what would you say obviously you're biased because you love affiliate marketing and things like that. But But what what are the best streams of generating revenue on the internet right now in your opinion at a

time presence what I see a ecommerce has the highest upside with drop shipping from off multiple versions of e commerce is the one that still has the highest upside

just because the logistics I just talked about, he's so fucking simple to set it up as the overhead coast is, is minimal, or you can set everything up with a few hundred dollars. And then why would you have left to spend on ads? Because you do need that and you don't need to be the best fucking store out there. Because you're not competing. I love people say, oh, we're competing with Amazon, you're competing with vision. You competing with every other store? No, you're competing with whoever has the attention of the user at the right person moment. You said the ad when they see the ad who's got that person's attention. They don't Facebook whether we're doing all the stuff on their life, right? They don't fail they don't Instagram the CDI they click on it

that's it that's the moment you make the sale right you can make a sale that you can be competitive and get a cell there make a profit it's cost of goods plus cost of ads then taking that off the revenue you make a profit yeah it's big enough yet the super important Is it big enough Yeah, we should be going to super easy because you can get a product foot fucking they're cheap. And if you will, a marketing copy and you know who to sell it to. And the audience has enough money you know, disposable income you can meet up profits like 70, 80%

after cost of goods and after cost of ads. Now a lot comes to the execution

Can you suck at Facebook ads for a while while you get good and lose money on it? So you get good at it and you can make a shitload of profit right because there's a lot of little nuances when it comes to advertising that said use Facebook ads because it typically that effect that is Shopify Facebook ads valleys press right can you get different suppliers yeah can you do add someone else yeah can you use a different e commerce platform like magenta or woo commerce yeah does that three things set up shop fucking simply says I'll express to find suppliers Shopify to set up your store Facebook ads to get traffic that's all you fucking need to make millions in revenue literally but you need to do all things things right it's just the things now and you've got affiliate is you get Google you got a website and you got Amazon is that fucking simple you got a blog with content you got Google to get the traffic and you get Amazon to make their money off

over simple now the upside is a smaller I would say right you put a lot more in advance for an ex payout there's likely going to be smaller than e commerce but affiliate with a blog monetize through Amazon Associates Amazon affiliate blog once the set is kind of set and forget right so that's the upside you don't actively need to work get a drop shipping business ecommerce business once he said and it's running you have a shitload of things to run right you need to do all the fulfillment yet someone else ships the actual product but you need to send that to your supplier you got to make sure that the supplies actually sending all the orders you need to handle all the customer support you need to handle your ad account because it's not like SEO you rank let's get your ranking that's it you don't have anything else to do right Facebook as you need to be on top of your ads like check yards three to 10 times a day to cut the ads that Lucien so you don't lose money in advertising to launch new ads to test new audiences test new products, it's a lot of fucking work. Yeah, right. It's super exciting and once that but it's a lot of work and then you need to create all the systems so you can hire a VA that handles customer support so you don't have to do that anymore. Right then you create the systems and the trainings you can hire a VA that does the order fulfillment so you don't have to play anymore because when you need to fulfill 500 orders a day takes a fucking ton of time then you create the systems and the training so someone else can create the product listings for you inside your own website you know write copy

Same for email marketing and same for these and set up for all the little Cox involve into the into running a successful store right if you created systems and the training and you do that by hiring then it becomes massive

Allah lease more passive than he was before he mostly outsource all this stuff to foreign countries. Yeah, like communication issues ever.

Um, a

lot of people struggle vas because they think it's a magic bullet that you stand what to do. And they will do it

because they you know, that the profile in AdWords or in online jobs at pH they say the way experience on this and that doesn't mean they're going to do the way you do it saw found out the best way to get good results with vas is to understand that they don't live in your head. So you need to create as much and as thorough possible training as you can do document everything. So the person marketplace 20 possible vas, the one with the least amount of skill can execute it, right. Because you gave the person the right power, right knowledge to do it. Right. In your own terms. I how you find how is customer support, right? There's a million ways to do customer support to get customer happy. How do you do it? I do it this way. So this is my training. These are my checklist. This is my canned responses or whatnot. You use that good. And then yeah, if you know what to expect, and you paying, right. And you're treating people, right.

And you know how to get people who communicate with people don't have the communication skills, then yeah, you can effectively outsource it and everything will work out super important that they have the right attitude, right. The one to do stuff, they communicate effectively, if you have that everything else is just started off polishing the relationship and giving them enough do trust and value and, and training to the things right, right. I'm not native English speaker, right? My assistant is Indian English is actually his second language, right? So there's sometimes in communication that it feels funny, right? Because mine's just funny using this is funny, right? But he's a great guy. He's got a fucking great energy. He really wants to learn stuff and one work with me and learn stuff. And I'm happy to treat him. Well. I'm paying twice as much so that people will pay $3, I'm very happy to be your $9. Right? Very happy to be in seven or whatever it is, right? Because I want to do work with me for a long time, then things were kind of this that's the way quality is float to thing and you can pay a va $3 and not give them any training and they're gonna do a good job is what do you were again when you were serving?


So how did you learn most of this because in your defining success article he talked about like the importance of mentorship. So did most of your mentorship come from books because I know you're big fucking reader or did you actually like seek out actual mentors and like human proof designs like

what how'd you how'd you become such a fucking breadth of knowledge in this field I got very lucky in one sense that first started reading the right sources so the blocks that was learning how to do affiliate marketing from the way the right sources because there's a billion people in the in every single industry saying how you should do things most of them they'll have a fucking clue that just repeating someone else's words but it in English, the basic concept and then I started working for HPV and that was last year on February I did a before I flew to Thailand I got the job and I started like a week after that what that was great that was awesome and and I got very very lucky that they sponsored a lot of very high end training for me and for the other people hired like Digital Marketer fucking top dogs in the industry and they have Uber hire an extremely expensive training on everything and content on SEO on email marketing on e commerce from proper top dogs again like Ezra Firestone the entire course about e commerce he's very out and you know

Ezra Firestone teaches everything about e commerce inside Digital Marketer lab and I got lucky enough that Dom sponsored us that training again you know what I was talking about you get the right people with it I think even the right training you get good results right that's why he did so that's why I said I think like that a while I just got into this company I'm gonna get paid this much and for the first month The only thing I'm going to do is watch videos for an entire month while getting better regular salary it didn't make sense in my brain now makes a lot of sense and I thought he was really smart and and you know and this was a lot of feedback and I get to see what he's doing and where the industry's going because I'm kind of like under his wing you know by by the type of work that I do so that was really helpful you know working with them and HDD that was extremely helpful that I got me a long way right a lot faster than how they've been on my own literally doing shit testing ship by yourself is if you listen and you read and you do either but you don't actually do stuff you don't know what works you might know intellectually but you don't know internally by by actual results and then of course just fucking books because when when you really deep into this is an hour blocks from although all the people that are that I respect and I am I like but that's I am only they didn't want us of the industry like you know let's say something very niche link pillow in for SEO that's to a specific phone probably 90% of the people listen to the pockets to make any sense but when you're in the SEO industry and you need to rank shit you need to know what pillow links are and how to do them right this one or two guys two guys that would get the info from my dignity and just floating right so if I go to the blogs and I read them I'm getting for free mentorship because they put that content out there and it's for free in their blogs don't really need and I know them in person but I never spoke about these topics and better with them you know what i mean but that's why this is the fucking best area to be alive because everyone is putting out free content that has over high value us know who to listen to and who read this how you get free mentors everywhere and then of course books

money mindset I would say the two books that really changed me the most was one is a few money by Dan lock to fuck you money that was great and general mindset about life and what can be done and cannot be done and what excuses got zero excuses by Gabriel much it is an SEO guys build a agencies and tons of shared he is I will pay to get this wrong

I don't want to get wrong America I don't want to get one Central America and lives in Australia if I remember right and I respect him I really respect him and that book really changed the way I look at what what did you learn from that book specifically it really goes one by one listing all the typical excuses that we all have at least say once and and having a time is too hard it's too easy it's too complex is all of them right literally goes all of them and then he tells you a personal story and he was just an excuse how he broke it through and everything and and it's really eye opening is literally debunks every single fucking excuse that we humans have we use debunk all of them and then when you reap old excuses apart What are you left with you're left with truth you love what you want to do so I did the same fucking exercise I went through all my excuses I went through all my fears and I tried to rip them apart like okay here's what I want to go and he's a fucking fat excuse in the middle he's an obstruction right Casey nice that has one video about this you your dreams and everything that's in between is obstructions. If you don't have become the instructions and you put excuses on top of the obstruction that will never go so you will never reach your dreams so I think he published recently actually

also guide to get inspiration from case and I stopped and and I thought yeah, I have this abstraction between me and what I want to do right what is the excuse that I'm using not to become the instruction fucking go went to the books it's number 27. How did you break it down? Okay with these questions I made the questions to my problem and I was able to take the prominent part and move a little step forward and it takes it takes actual action on the excuse you need to fucking write down what's queues are you using so what excuses we're fucking you up the most um for me it's definitely the time one that's oh man I throw that around like a bucket made up candy my biggest one is I'm not good enough not good enough I'm not smart enough to go man I was a mechanic and then I fucking waiter How is that a waiter then never went to college gonna be able to make 10 came on with websites right that was my thinking two years ago How the fuck I'm not gonna be some Martin off to overdo the competition and do like these guys have been years it then they went to college and started business or they were like they like they fucking

it engineers that's the people I'm trying to measure myself with I'm just talking waiter English isn't even my native language How am I gonna do it you know what I mean does well nice it I'm just more I'm not as smart and you know does it or maybe small now can I grow Yeah Come my English get better yeah can I put the effort yeah can take the risk that that was you know that was pricing in our pricing it was soft rise need I took the biggest risk it possibly take so there was no way back for quitting a job quitting my job and taking 10 k in depth

oh not that debt I was even fire on near as zero savings to 10 Km dollars an hour $6 an hour that would take him

back now Fox now is either I build one website and I make it work or I'm going to go back to my sheet job but having to pay another

fee only pay that shit off

and I haven't seen haven't paid it does I don't give a shit about it takes me like 100 euros a month and I don't care about that so I rather still have music scandal and doesn't affect my fast slow down you know paying off the debt because I could do smart things without money right now but at the time I took it I was like I remember like I took the worst possible that like personal loan for personal purchases like a trip because I wouldn't say yeah what if you're a business person and I you know they asked you push a stupid like a boat eight K and that brought me to 10 k minus god damn euros so as a lot more knowledge and that was that was when you look at things that that was a stupid move. You know when you define how things are in a way that was a stupid move it was very ballsy It was very reckless and it was right to do work out

I'm a big proponent of emotional leverage and that

humans are capable of achieving great things but you need a massive I'm not recommending you do that by

Alexandra recommends everyone takes high interest loans as much as possible. If the number one have success. The second you make money just take more high interest loans. Check out his latest article. high interest loans. Bye.

But yeah, I've always I'm personally I've grown the most when I've had like, the most pain the biggest fire under my ass. You know, um, you know, I made the most money when I've had the least money and it was kind of a weird thing to say but or I've gotten in the best shape when I'm in the worst shape that that that type of idea. Yeah,

I think it worked for a lot of people and the bigger the 500 as it did, then they move right there like I tell you something I think of cities already mentally Sure. So something I think the worst possible thing that can happen to someone with ambition is to get a good job um that a comfortable job in a conflict is the worst possible thing that can happen to someone that has dreams of you know high end because you get comfortable and safe and you all of a sudden do not have a reason to pursue that because that would mean taking risks and you know there's life is so comfortable and so you and and really dislike my job was just good boys like staying on your life are pregnant you know you don't never break through I think the best thing that can happen is that you get a job the actually hate the major life invoking miserable because every single minute you're going to be trying to find an escape and trying to find a way to get out of it and never come back and for me what I ok I'm going to get saw out of it I'm going to go fucking in bed and I'm going to build this you know this website I'm going to work 14 hours like every single awake our during those first nine months until aside started making over one k a month and I got the job at HP doing the same stuff which is for someone else has been every single awake our working on my site like my friends will call me and you want to come because I was even away I was with my girlfriend at the time we would even like 3040 kilometers away from my hometown I will come and you want to come and spend the weekend he was a award by reading into work and I really need to get this website making money so I can live off of it and pay the monthly thing for the little stupid law

and the fire underneath my eyes with software can be and I didn't want to live in spending more so I want to fucking leave Spain and what am I good enough money to live in Asia that's what I always wanted to come here to Asia and I need to pay that shit so what works for you and it did function for me you know it worked to take out risky loans and work your ass off that's that's yeah yeah that's the output that end of the pockets bye bye

well man fucking so much goddamn value that you've given us there's one other thing I asked you about actually willing to share I've heard you have some wild hangover stories from from a from a trusted resource and yeah yeah It's alright if you don't want to talk about them well I know I was like

yeah I'm I'm the type of guy that

that just goes wild I don't know middle ground meat on the ground is not what works for me so I'm just probably got Now when I say that anyway so got him good at affiliate marketing when I said I left my job and it took 10 K and Debbie probably got already that middle ground it's not my thing like oh no no you you take a part time job and you build it on the side and then when you can replace your income you go falling and I say go falling so it's either you make it and you fucking die so yeah is the same you know when I go out and like yeah let's go out and have two drinks and how tonight yeah that's all cool and Donna was mentally yeah let's go out and and then something triggers in and just golf I like the other night we're willing to one tiny and and we went to this club and I wasn't really feeling going to the club post is we were then my button my friends wanted to like we you know what since we're here to this right we got five bottle of songs on it every three seconds I will put them on the taking the glasses off the table I'm putting the hands on top of it like dude stop it you're gonna kill it


remind me to never go out with you

then I go absolutely mega wasted a standard during pregnancy in the middle of dance floor Chad and all the girls I woke up the next morning with a few messages in my life the Father's house and then Wednesday yeah don't don't remember talking with them say no militia Donna remedy he saw me a video of me doing like conga style on underneath like some polls on the street and doing break dance on the street and me being seen at the 711 any of that Yeah, there's been plenty of those scenarios that I wake up like where the fuck

and it was just it was so crazy and show me the Beatles on myself like that's fucking nuts and I don't remember it's a

whole different situation Spain you guys fucking party over there I love

yeah that's true.

Yeah I mean that tends to be how it goes and entrepreneurs everyone does it and access no matter what you do yeah but fuck yeah thanks for coming on the podcast and find your shit Where's your blog Where's your Instagram Where's your everything um. Instagram there's not really that much and just pasta pictures for my family in a couple of friends

Facebook I'll handle my hands when I mean they're just on me and you can ask me anything and I right for the human proof designs dot com blog I tried to put a lot of content about topic of affiliate marketing making money online display ads because you also touched that lead generation pay traffic and overall mindset when it comes to building sheet online and that's pretty much been a guest and a few other blogs which is like you know one off stuff and that's about it I'm seriously considering doing like a podcast or a YouTube channel about everything that has to do with digital marketing bought in fully in Spanish for the people in Spanish speaking countries that want to do stuff and when I'm Bill stuff and you know because it's not like we make much money and spend sometimes and but they don't necessarily speaking English you know, so they can access the sources that I was fortunate enough to be able to access to because I spoke English and and yet seven fucking best content I possibly can do. will that happen? You might get an update if you speak Spanish. And

that's me. Man. If you started that I would learn Spanish. Just a fucking listen to it. Alright, Alejandro Meyer hands. Check them out on human proof designs. Learn how to be fucking rich and free and business and travel and everything you fuckin want. Your dreams can come true. look them up on human proof designs. Thanks so much for coming on man. Thank you. Absolutely man. Peace. Thank you for listening to the mental architect. I am your host Sam cb. If you enjoyed this episode, go on down to iTunes and smash that review button so hard that your finger falls off

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