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Who Am I?

Sam Sebree is an ambassador for personal growth. In his angsty teenage years, he discovered the self development community. Improve virtually every aspect of your life? That’s crazy talk, Sam thought to himself as he inhaled another handful of flavor blasted goldfish. But as he started to take action towards a better life, it wasn’t long before he was hooked faster than Captain Blackbeard’s left hand. Years later, Sam strives to produce change in others similar to the identity level transformation which occurred within himself.

Here at The Mental Architect, we aim to break fulfillment down into a series of straightforward steps. Through a combination of information gathered from the great minds which have come before him, interviews with the great minds of our current day, and a heaping helping of his own twisted point of view, Sam aims to introduce fulfillment into the lives of anyone who is willing to embark on the path of action, education and ownership.